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Year of the Pig

Pig is the last zodiac in the 12 Chinese zodiacs. It’s associated with the earthly branch Hai (亥), which corresponds to the hours 9-11 at night. In terms of Yin and Yang, the zodiac Pig is Yin.

Years of the Pig

Years of the Pig


Associated Element


Heavenly Stems


Feb.4,1935 - Jan.23,1936



Yi Hai


Jan.22,1947 - Feb.9,1948



Ding Hai


Feb.8,1959 - Jan.27,1960



Ji Hai


Jan.27,1971 - Feb.24,1972



Xin Hai


Feb.13,1983 - Feb.1,1984



Gui Hai


Jan.31,1995 - Feb.18,1996



Yi Hai


Feb.18,2007 - Feb.6,2008



Ding Hai


Feb.5,2019 - Jan.24,2020



Ji Hai


Jan.23,2031 - Feb.10,2032



Xin Hai

Pig People’s Personality


1.Single-minded, persistent, straightforward and upright.

2.Innocent, kind-hearted, sincere, and generous.

3.Curious and have a strong learning ability.

4.Optimistic, and compassionate.


1.Weak-minded, dependent and self-indulgent;

2.Irritable, short-tempered and impulsive;

3.Jealous, playful, and short-sighted.

Characteristics of Pig Men

In life: men born in years of pig are too soft-hearted to manage family finance. But they are enthusiastic about things and caring to friends, which win them a lot of friends. In addition, pig men like to do things personally and be responsible.

In relationships: pig men like gentle and caring women. They like to be taken care of. Although they are deceived multiple times, pig men still believe such women.

In career: pig men are suitable for almost all kinds of jobs. They are honest and responsible. However, pig men can easily lose their confidence if they encounter some setbacks.

Characteristics of Pig Women

In life: women born in years of pig can bear hardship with no complaint. They value their family very much and always keep a tidy and clean home. Meanwhile, pig women have a high self-esteem and respect others. They can put all their energy into things they seem worthy.

In relationships: Pig women are gentle, mild, and lovely women, they often make people want to protect them. However, they are actually unruly and stubborn inside. During relationship, pig women tend to be emotional and passive.

In career: pig women are hardworking, confidant and lucky in career. If they can grasp the opportunity, they will be successful in career.

Pigs and Western Astrology Signs



Pleasant, kind, generous, and quiet.


Self-centered, persistent, and wealth-seeking.


Versatile, prudent, proud, and busy.


Weak-minded and pursue luxury.


Funny, humorous, and friendly.


Optimistic, cheerful, and lively.


Loyal and loving.


Extreme, self-centered, and tasty.


Observant, perceptive, and simple.


Modest, confidant, and ambitious.


Brave, self-motivated, tolerating, and clear-minded.


Sensitive, mild, and nice.

Pigs and Five Elements

Types of Tiger



Wood Pig

1935, 1995

Wood pigs are open-minded, easy-going, friendly and helpful. They often help others with all their power. During work, they will have someone special to turn to and made a career. In life, wood pigs are economically rational people, they don't overspend.

Metal Pig

1971, 2031

Metal pigs are honest, self-aware and persistent. They don't easily make promises, but once they made, they always keep them. During work, metal pigs are strong-willed, they will stick to the things they believe in. In marriage, metal pigs are considerate and caring.

Water Pig

1923, 1983

Water pigs are smart, cheerful, and content. They don't usually compete with other people, instead, they know how to converge their ambitions and protect themselves. Although, water pigs seem simple and honest outside, they actually know what they want and strive for it. Therefore, water pigs are very independent.

Fire Pig

1947, 2007

Fire pigs are hardworking, responsible, subjective, and persistent. They are good at making small money, which unfortunately can't make them rich. In addition, fire pigs are irrational in consumption. They often buy a lot of things they don't actually need.

Earth Pig

1959, 2019

Earth pigs are responsible, dutiful, and caring. In life, they treat their parents and families with love and care. In work, they work hard at their job. Therefore, earth pigs are quite lucky all their life.

Pigs with Different Blood Type

Pigs with Blood Type A

Strengths: simple, honest, modest, responsible, reliable, patient, and persistent.

Weaknesses: lack of creation and action, not good at talking, unsophisticated, and too enduring.

Pigs with Blood Type B

Strengths: frank, generous, honest, bold, approachable, simple, and optimistic.

Weaknesses: negligent, blunt, and too simple.

Pigs with Blood Type AB

Strengths: strong-minded, frank, rational, objective, upright, meticulous and responsible.

Weaknesses: too stubborn to accept new things.

Pigs with Blood Type O

Strengths: brave, simple, kind-hearted, generous, vigorous, and organized.

Weaknesses: lazy, impatient, hotheaded and too stubborn.

Pigs’ Love Compatibility

Each zodiac has its own characteristics. Love compatibility of Chinese zodiacs take these characteristics, five elements, and the horoscope into account to predict the best and worst matches. Refer to following table for Pigs’ best matches.























Good Matches: Goat, Tiger, Rabbit

Bad Matches: Monkey, Snake

Lucky and Unlucky Things for Pig People

Lucky Things for Pigs

Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 8

Lucky Colors: yellow, gray, brown, gold

Lucky Flowers: hydrangea, pitcher plant, marguerite

Lucky Directions: southeast, northeast

Things to be avoided

Unlucky Numbers: 1, 3, 9

Unlucky Colors: red, blue, green

Unlucky Directions: east, west

Suitable Jobs and Careers for Pigs

Best Career for Pigs: teaching

Pig people are simple and honest, they don't like to compete with others. Therefore, they are not suitable for competitive business world. Instead, public work teaching might be more suitable for them.

Best Business for Pigs: catering business

Pig people are good at food studying. If they engage in catering business, they will provide the dishes with good taste, aroma and color.

Who is the Best Business Partner for Pigs?

Pig and Rat

Good partners, can work and share the collective benefits.

Pig and Ox

Average partners, understand each other in certain points.

Pig and Tiger

Great partners, have the similar ambitions and interests.

Pig and Rabbit

Great partners, cooperative to each other.

Pig and Dragon

Average partners, have some commons and only work for mutual benefits.

Pig and Snake

Bad partners, misunderstand each other.

Pig and Horse

Average partners, the small conflicts wont hurt their cooperation.

Pig and Goat

Great partners, harmonious in both marriage and work.

Pig and Monkey

Great partners, have the same interests and goals.

Pig and Rooster

Good partners, they can work together whenever needed.

Pig and Dog

Great partners, there is no big dispute that can hinder their work relationship.

Pig and Pig

Bad partners, the conflicts between them keep them from coordinating with each other.

How to Build Relationship with Pigs?

1.Guide Them

Pig people are often confused about life. If you want to befriend them, you need to be acute and perceptive and guide them to through their confusion.

2.Be Simple and Straightforward

Pig people are sensitive, they tend to over think a lot of things. Thus, to get along with pigs, you need to be straightforward and simplify things for them.

3.Be Euphemistic

Pig people are generous, tolerant and emotional. They are not good at rejecting people. Therefore, you need to be soft and euphemistic when communicating with pigs.

Pigs’ Fortune in 2020


Year 2020 is an auspicious year for pig people in terms of wealth. Pig people in business can give full play of their business ideas, expand the market and make a fortune. However, they also need to be careful about the big amount of investment. For pig people just starting a business, they must be careful when it comes to choosing a partner. For self-employed pigs, they must do a full research about the market before making next move. Besides, pig people will have a relatively large expense in dating, gift giving and banquet, they need to make a financial plan.


In 2020, pig people will have a good career. There will be a lot of opportunities for them to apply their talents. For pig people new in workplace, they need to focus on learning new skills. For pigs planning to change jobs, it's recommended they stick to their current job and improve their working skills first. If they insist in changing, a full investigation about the job market must be done. For pigs engaging in business, they will make a career this year as long as they focus on promotion, production development, and service quality.

Love & Romance

Year 2020 is not a very good year for pig people in terms of love and relationship. Single pigs will meet a lot of people, but they can't find their special one. For pigs already in relationship or married, they need to communicate and enhance their love foundation.


Year 2020 is a relatively good year for pig people in terms of health. They won't have serious diseases and the small illnesses won't bother them either. Nevertheless, pig people still need to have a regular life style and do more exercise.

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