2 Days Hiking Tour from Jiankou Section to Simatai West Section

Trip name:

Jiankou Section to Simatai West Section

Trip code:

LCT-BJ-2D - Jiankou-Simatai

Trip length:

2 Days

Trip overview:

This hiking trip requires fitness, strength and energy from you. It’s specially designed for people who like to challenge themselves and absolutely love nature. An experienced tour guide will be appointed to guide you through the undeveloped parts of the Great Wall and enjoy the wildness of nature. You will also be invited into the home of a local family where you will gain deep insight into their lives by spending a night there. Five to six hours of hiking on Day 1 and 3 hours the next day should satisfy your desire to get close to nature and be rewarded with spectacular views.

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* Note: This price is per person.

1. Untouched sections of the Great Wall at Jiankou & Simatai West
2. Restored sections of the Great Wall at Mutianyu & Jinshanling
3. Accommodation and food at a local farmer’s guesthouse
4. Stunning photo opportunity of the Great Wall
5. Hotpot lunch

Detailed itinerary

Day 1 Beijing - Jiankou - Mutianyu (5 hours, 10 km hiking)

    We will pick you up at 8 am at your hotel in Beijing and then drive to the Olympic venues for a 20-minute walk. Select your favorite sandwich at Subway for your lunch on the Wall and then drive to Jiankou (2.5 hours). We will start hiking at 11 am. You will hike on both restored and original walls. Shorts are not recommended since you will meander through jungles and bushes. We will drive to Gubeikou in late afternoon and stay at a local farmer's guesthouse.

    Jiankou to Mutianyu offers a wonderfully satisfying experience of the Wall. It has superb scenery, dense vegetation and many fine watch-towers in an excellent restored section which is about six meters broad. The brickwork is elaborate, with crenelations on both sides and finely curved eaves on some watch-tower roofs. There are decorative gables with animal statues, and tablets bearing calligraphy above some entrances. The first one hour goes straight up to reach the wall, and then continues along the unrestored towers. The wild Wall to the west is the original Ming Dynasty wall with fine stonework, and there are almost no other people. You will be rewarded when you approach Zhenbeilou Tower, where you will have a breathtaking view of Jiankou section.

    There will be a sharp contrast when you arrive at Mutianyu section with the restored wall and towers. We will provide you with water and snacks and you need a day pack to carry these items. We will stay at a traditional local farmer's guesthouse at Gubeikou village which played an important role in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD) in defending the capital. There’s a chance to walk around the village and try home-made local farmer's food.

    Meals: picnic lunch, dinner

    Accommodation: local farmer's guesthouse at Gubeikou village


Day 2 Jinshanling - Simatai West (3 hours, 5 km hiking) - Beijing

    We will drive to Jinshanling in 20 minutes after a typical farmer's breakfast, and start the hike at 8am. This is your opportunity to take amazing photographs. At this time there are usually no other tourists on the wall, you have the wall to yourself. It will take about 3 hours hiking on the wall. We will get off the wall near the Kylin Tower and then drive back to the city.

    This section offers arguably the finest hiking anywhere on the Great Wall. It is extremely photogenic, with over 15 watch-towers, and steep gradients that give constantly changing perspectives and wide, open views. There is fascinating variety in the watchtowers here. Some have two storeys, others three. Some have flat roofs, others rounded and others again are pitched with upturned eaves. This section of the wall is wild, ruined, preserved and original. On a clear day, it is difficult to fail to take good photographs here. We will organize a unique Hotpot lunch when we return to the city. Hotpot is originally from Sichuan Province and is now popular all over China. You can choose a Plain or Spicy one as you like. This is also a good opportunity to practice your chopstick skills. We will drop you off at your hotel after lunch and your adventure ends here.


Additional Information

What’s included:

Comfortable air-con vehicle with experienced driver
Fully-escorted personal expert English-speaking hiking tour guide
Entrance fees for all sections of the Great Wall as listed
One night twin-shared accommodation at a local farmer’s guesthouse
Unlimited bottled water, snacks, meals as listed in the itinerary
A certificate of completion for hiking on the Great Wall of China

What’s not included:

Travel insurance
Cable car, chairlift, toboggan (slideway) or any other additional local facilities
Personal expenses
Tipping of hiking guide/driver recommended for good service on a 2:1 ratio separately

What to take:
comfortable boots, sunscreen, sun-glasses, first aid kit, lip balm, cap

Good to know:

1. Please prepare a day pack to carry water, snacks and other items.
2. Travel insurance is optional and is the sole responsibility of travellers. It is strongly encouraged to have coverage for injury or accident.
3. There is no toilet along the path on the Wall. There are toilets at the entrances of Jiankou, Mutianyu, Jinshanling and Simatai West, otherwise be prepared to commune with nature. Please prepare before hiking and always carry toilet paper for yourself.
4. Unlimited bottled water is stored in our car/van every day.
5. We will bring trekking poles in our car/van so please tell your guide if you need one.
6. You will be followed by local farmers when starting the hike on Day 2. The farmers will give you help along the way, as their reward they hope to sell some souvenirs. If you don’t like this, you have to say NO firmly at the beginning (MAYBE LATER does not work in Chinese culture) or just ignore them and not speak a word with them; otherwise they can be persistent and follow you all the way on the Wall.
7. It’s recommended that you prepare some snacks before your departure from Beijing if you don’t like snickers.
8. As responsible travelers, we “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”.
Customized pick-up & drop-off:
9. If you plan the hike on the first or last day of your visit to Beijing, we can include a customized pick-up or drop-off at the following points (which points???) without additional cost. It’s safe to store your luggage at our car/van.


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