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Year of the Monkey

Monkey is the ninth zodiac in the 12 Chinese zodiacs. It’s associated with the earthly branch Shen (申), which corresponds to the hours 3-5 in the afternoon. In terms of Yin and Yang, the zodiac Monkey is Yang.

Years of the Monkey

Years of the Monkey


Associated Element


Heavenly Stems


Feb.6,1932 - Jan.25,1933



Gui Shen


Jan.25,1944 - Feb.12,1945



Jia Shen


Feb.12,1956 - Jan.30,1957



Bing Shen


Jan.30,1968 - Feb.16,1969



Wu Shen


Feb.16,1980 - Feb.4,1981



Geng Shen


Feb.4,1992 - Jan.22,1993



Ren Shen


Jan.22,2004 - Feb.8,2005



Jia Shen


Feb.8,2016 - Jan.27,2017



Bing Shen


Jan.26,2028 - Feb.12,2029



Wu Shen

Monkey People’s Personality


1. Self-motivated, obstinate, competitive, cheerful, confidant, social and sophisticated.

2. Vivacious, quick-witted, agile, and flexible.

3. Creative, talented, eloquent, and expressive.

4. Curious, good at seizing opportunity.

5. Kind-hearted and understanding.


1.Half-hearted, impatient, and impractical.

2.Too sophisticated, hypocritical, and short-sighted.

3.Self-conceited, over-confidant and opportunistic.

4.Vain and exaggerating.

Characteristics of Monkey Men

In life: men born in years of monkey often seem to be acceptant about other people's ideas, in fact, they always stick to their own plans, which seems a bit self-conceited. They are playful, impatient, short-sighted. No matter what kind of things they do, monkey men often end up leaving it unfinished. Besides, they are vain and over-confidant. Even if they did achieve something, their outlook often make it hard for other people to believe.

In relationships: monkey men are good at guessing their partners' heart. When they court someone, they will be very generous, frank and caring, and they can adjust their behaviors based on their partners' characters. Therefore, they can maintain a close relationship with their partners.

In career: monkey men are usually creative and eloquent. They like to talk and make coherent stories. Therefore, works that require high creation and artistry ability would be suitable for them. In addition, monkey men don't really want to be boss, they just want to work alone and freely in their favorite field.

Characteristics of Monkey Women

In life: women born in years of monkey are lively, they hate the monotonous life style. In most cases, monkey women dress well, remain beautiful, and often attend all kinds of social activities. They also take time to work on their own hobbies. Therefore, monkey women are typical urban women.

In relationships: monkey women have a high standard when it comes to choosing their spouse. They like their partners to be attractive, individualized, and vigorous. Monkey women are pretty calculating themselves in relationships, therefore, their partners must be both calculating and devoted.

In career: monkey women are clever, innovative, eloquent, and talented. Although there are setbacks in their career, monkey women can always adjust their attitude and mental state, and move toward their goal.

Monkeys and Western Astrology Signs



Smart, talkative, considerate, honest, compassionate, but like to gossip.


Enthusiastic, steady, and loyal.


Very vigorous, intelligent, and very creative.


Perceptive, composed, open-minded, and good at solving problems.


Strongly possessive, jealous, and metaphysical.


Graceful and narcissistic.


Talented, eloquent, and manipulating.


Strategical, quick-witted, lively, and self-centered.


Honest, selfless, and like free lifestyles.


Too sensitive, stressed, and serious.


Solitary, perceptive, profound.


Individualized, elegant, and understand what they want and how to get it.

Monkeys and Five Elements

Types of Tiger



Wood Monkey

1944, 2004

Wood monkeys are lively, compassionate, and punctual, and like to help friends. They are hardworking and always try to finish every task. However, wood monkeys are not confidant, they often need encouragement from their friends and families.

Metal Monkey

1920, 1980

Metal monkeys are often clever, eloquent, impatient, obstinate and confidant. Therefore, they are suitable to start their own business. However, these monkey people are also mischievous and like to play tricks, which often keep them from achieving bigger success. If they can get assistance from other people and be careful about their weaknesses, metal monkeys can be very outstanding.

Water Monkey

1932, 1992

Water monkeys are intelligent, quick-witted, and like to show off. They are the natural leaders, but their arrogance and aggression often cause resentment from others and hinder their work.

Fire Monkey

1956, 2016

Fire monkeys are ambitious, business-minded, but impatient, adventurous and dissatisfied with the reality. Therefore, they are suitable to leave their hometown and go to places with more opportunities.

Earth Monkey

1968, 2028

Earth monkeys are optimistic, frank, and persistent. They don't have a family that can help them to achieve greatness, therefore, earth monkeys are suitable to start their own business and be successful on their own. There may be some difficulties in their young ages, but they will have a better life after middle age.

Monkeys with Different Blood Type

Monkeys with Blood Type A

Monkey people with blood type A are stable, practical, and laggard. Once they find the people they love, they will treat them well and become very reliable. However, unlike other monkeys, these monkey people are slow-witted, they often fail to keep up with other people's mind.

Monkeys with Blood Type B

Monkeys with blood type B are outgoing, straightforward, vigorous, energetic, emotional, enthusiastic, confidant and responsible. They can be passionate about anything, but they can't stick to one thing for a long time. In addition, these monkeys often make decisions and do things only based on their own interests, which is pretty selfish sometimes.

Monkeys with Blood Type AB

Monkey people with blood type AB are outgoing, active, quick-witted, rational, sensitive and versatile. They often have an extraordinary performance in the crowd.

Monkeys with Blood Type O

Monkey with blood type O are optimistic and easy-going. No hardship or setback will break their mind, and no stress will affect their feelings. Therefore, monkey people are often the most cheerful people among their friends. However, monkeys are often playful, irresponsible, and impatient, which make it hard for them to be leaders.

Monkeys’ Love Compatibility

Each zodiac has its own characteristics. Love compatibility of Chinese zodiacs take these characteristics, five elements, and the horoscope into account to predict the best and worst matches. Refer to following table for Monkeys’ best matches.
























Good Matches: Ox, Rabbit

Bad Matches: Tiger, Pig

Lucky and Unlucky Things for Monkey People

Lucky Things for Monkeys

Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 8

Lucky Colors: white, gold, blue

Lucky Flowers: chrysanthemum, alliums

Lucky Directions: north, northwest, west

Things to be avoided

Unlucky Numbers: 2, 5, 9

Unlucky Colors: red, black, gray

Unlucky Direction: east

Suitable Jobs and Careers for Monkeys

Best Career for Monkeys - Venture Capital

Monkey people are quick-witted, adventurous and like to show off. They are good at dealing with all kinds of problems and manipulating people. Therefore, monkey people are suitable for careers like diplomacy, journalism, entertainment, business, or writing.

Monkey people are also impulsive and smart. If they have people that can help them in analyzing the conditions, they will seize the good opportunity and make a fortune in venture capital.

Best Business for Monkeys - Babiesrus / toy shop

Monkey people are lively, active, energetic, enthusiastic and humorous. They can be good friends with kids and young parents. Thus, engaging in baby stuff or toy business will be great for monkeys.

Who is the Best Business Partner for Monkeys?

Monkey and Rat

Great partners. They are attractive to each other and can achieve a lot if they cooperate.

Monkey and Ox

Bad partners. They cant understand each other.

Monkey and Tiger

Bad partners. There is no common goal or interest that keep them working together. Instead, they will just doubt and compete.

Monkey and Rabbit

Average partners. Though they have different goals and cant really comprehend each other, they can tolerate each other.

Monkey and Dragon

Best partners. They can coordinate very well.

Monkey and Snake

Good partners. They have certain kind of attraction to each other that can keep them working together.

Monkey and Horse

Good partners. They can understand each other in certain levels can work for a shared goal.

Monkey and Goat

Bad partners. They are totally different kind of people.

Monkey and Monkey

Good partners. They have the similar personality and can understand each other perfectly.

Monkey and Rooster

Average partners. They can communicate in certain point, but its hard for them to maintain a long time relationship.

Monkey and Dog

Good partners. They respect each other and make a great team.

Monkey and Pig

Great partners. The mutual interests between them will bind monkeys and pigs together.

How to Build Relationship with Monkeys?

1.Guide Them

Monkey people are usually flexible, active, they don't have a clear goal and fixed idea about their future. If you want to get along with monkey people, you need to guide them when they are confused and help them to work towards the purpose.

2.Find Shared Topics

Monkey people are cheerful and talkative. When they are talking, you can’t interrupt them and spoil their moment. If you want to be part of the conversation, you can make comments on the topics that they are interested in.

3.Learn Their Habits

Monkey people are easy-going and emotional. They are competent in works that requires good communication and creation ability. Therefore, to work with monkey people, you need to learn about their habits and respect their decisions.

Monkeys’ Fortune in 2020


Year 2020 is relatively an auspicious year for monkeys in terms of wealth. For monkey people engaging in business, it's easy for them to maintain a good performance as last year. However, if they want to open new business sections, monkey people need to be careful as their relationships with their peers, partners or employees may have significant impact. They need to work on their relationships. In general, monkey people can make money in 2020, but whether they can keep it long is up to their birth date. For monkeys born in lunar April and May, they will make a fortune if they try. For monkeys born in lunar October and November, they will make money, but also spend more. For monkeys born in lunar March, September and December, they will make a considerable amount of money, but all these money will leave them eventually.


Year 2020 is a great year for monkeys in terms of career. They will meet a lot of promotion opportunities. However, there are will be a lot of competitors for the same promotion. There is a good chance that monkeys will miss the promotion if they can't maintain a good relationship with their colleagues. For monkey people planning to change a working environment, they can try some jobs outside their hometown.

Love & Romance

In 2020, single monkey people will meet a lot of potential partners. If they can't handle them well, there might be some problems. For monkey people already in a love relationship, they will have a unstable relationship even if they try to make it work. For married monkeys, they need to care more about their spouse and reignite the love sometimes.


Year 2020 is a smooth year for monkey people. They won't have serious diseases, but some small illnesses like toothache and skin allergy may come to them. Meanwhile, the problems in relationships will also affect monkey's health and make them irritable. Therefore, monkey people need to do more exercise and be more tolerating about people around.

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