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Year of the Rabbit

Rabbit is the fourth zodiac in the 12 Chinese zodiacs. It’s associated with the earthly branch Mao (卯), which corresponds to the hours 5-7 in the early morning. In terms of Yin and Yang, the zodiac Rabbit is Yin.

Years of the Rabbit

Years of the Rabbit


Associated Element


Heavenly Stems


Feb.2, 1927 - Jan.22, 1928



Ding Mao


Feb.19, 1939 - Feb.8, 1940



Ji Mao


Feb.6, 1951 - Jan.26, 1952

Metal (Gold)


Xin Mao


Jan.25, 1963 - Feb.12, 1964



Gui Mao


Feb.11, 1975 - Jan.30, 1976



Yi Mao


Jan.29, 1987 - Feb.16, 1988



Ding Mao


Feb.16, 1999 - Feb.4, 2000



Ji Mao


Feb.3, 2011 - Jan.22, 2012

Metal (Gold)


Xin Mao


Jan.22, 2023 - Feb.9, 2024



Gui Mao

Rabbit People’s Personality


1. Considerate, tender and thoughtful.

2. People person, eloquent and sharp.

3. Capricious, conservative and composed.

4. Like simple love life.

5. Communicative and discreet.

6. Take family first.

7. Kind-hearted, compassionate and accommodating.


1. Philanthropic thinking may cause romantic dispute.

2. Lack of decisiveness.

3. Kind and soft on the surface, but stubborn in the heart.

4. Creative but not good at delving deeper into things.

5. Too prudent to confide in others, tend to evade from reality, and too conservative to lose opportunities.

Characteristics of Rabbit Men

In daily life: Rabbit men value their family very much, they like to clean up the courtyard, decorate their house and try to share all kinds of chores with his wife. They are kind to their friends and colleagues, but they don't like to confide in others. Facing the thorny problems, rabbit men tend to escape and avoid making formal promises or getting involved too much.

In relationships: rabbit men love simple love life. They are philanthropic to everyone and indecisive, which often cause misunderstandings. Besides, they are gentle and kind to their loved ones, but perfunctory to other people, sometimes even a little ruthless.

In career: Rabbit men are good at dealing with the political matters and working in government departments. However, their changeable emotions can cause problems to their career. They are also lucky in business and financial fields. Their sophisticated and keen character, and negotiation skills can gain them profit.

Characteristics of Rabbit Women

In life: rabbit women yearn for simple relationships with others. They are smart, sharp, self-protective and pay a lot of attention to their images in front of the public and maintain politeness facing their opponents. Even if they have no big ambition, rabbit women can still make their simple life beautiful. Comparing to women in other zodiacs, rabbit women are more insecure and emotional.

In relationships: rabbit women are composed, tender, kind and pure as lotus. It’s not easy for them to fall in love with someone, but once they do, they will put all their heart.

In career: Rabbit women can begin well and end well, which make them good scholars.

Rabbits and Western Astrology Signs



Robust, capable, and value useful traditions.


Security-seeking, imaginative, and creative.


Exciting, appealing, and curious.


Treat family first, generous, and loyal.


Graceful, smart, and charming.


Extremely discreet, quiet and like solitude.


Taste and elegance pursuing, nostalgic, suspicious and squeamish.


Seemingly calm, cultured, and respected, but money and power-seeking.


Emotional and pessimistic.


Intelligent, lively and ambitious.


Have strong curiosity, objective and knowledge-pursuing.


Discreet and silent.

Rabbits and Five Elements

Types of Tiger



Wood Rabbit

1975, 2035

Wood rabbits are clever, sharp and always seem lively and cheerful. The fact is they are sophisticated and calculating. Meanwhile, they are emotional and clinging about relationships. Failing to get the person they love can be very painful for them in a long time. In addition, wood rabbits tend to be selfish and think less for other people.

Metal Rabbit

1951, 2011

Metal rabbits are kind, conservative and have good relationships with others. They don't like vicious competition with others, but tend to be friends with competitive people.

Water Rabbit

1963, 2023

Water rabbits are gentle and tender, but also persistent and adaptive to different environment. However, they don't have strong principles and are easily influenced by other people. In addition, they tend to get attached to people they trust and become too despondent if they lose such attachment. Lastly, water rabbits like to enjoy and spend a lot of money in unnecessary entertainment.

Fire Rabbit

1927, 1987

Fire rabbits are generous, clever, earnest and have unique views. Not only are they good at using talents, but cultivating talents. Thus, fire rabbits are good teachers.

Earth Rabbit

1939, 1999

Earth rabbits are straightforward, frank and ambitious. They have high expectations about work, which drives them to work hard and mind trivial things carefully. But they will lose interest if they need to deal with trivial things for a long time.

Rabbits with Different Blood Type

Rabbits with Blood Type A

Rabbits with Blood Type A are tender, mild and modest to everyone. They are good at hiding their feelings and opinions, and stay discreet. They know they have to pursue happiness and work for good future. Thus, they are willing to take effort in getting what they want. In addition, these rabbits can work along with almost anyone without getting too attached. They only confide to people they trust and know for a long time.

Rabbits with Blood Type B

Rabbits with Blood Type B are sophisticated, smart, humorous and charming. They are people persons who can be very accommodating to others, which help to gain them a lot of supporters and admirers. Plus, they can understand people and delve deeper into other people’s thoughts. However, these rabbits can be too sophisticated to leave an impression of dishonesty.

Rabbits with Blood Type AB

Rabbits with Blood Type B are graceful, attentive and independent. They like to travel alone and experience the beauty of nature. They neither like complicated relationships nor get attached with people unless they know them for a long time. Their independence can affect their relationship with other friends and colleagues.

Rabbits with Blood Type O

Rabbits with Blood Type O are generous, friendly, elegant, compassionate and eloquent. They are good at making friends and like to help people in need. However, their compassion to friends and colleagues often make them forget about caring their families.

Rabbits’ Love Compatibility

Each zodiac has its own characteristics. Love compatibility of Chinese zodiacs take these characteristics, five elements, and the horoscope into account to predict the best and worst matches. Refer to following table for rabbits’ best matches.





















Good Matches: Rat, Goat, Monkey, Dog, and Pig.

Bad Matches: Snake and Rooster.

Lucky and Unlucky Things for Rabbit People

Lucky Things for Rabbits

Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9

Lucky Colors: red, blue, pink, and purple

Lucky Flowers: snapdragon, plantain lily, nerve plant

Lucky Directions: east, southeast, south

Things to be avoided

Unlucky Numbers: 1, 7, 8

Unlucky Colors: dark brown, dark yellow, white

Unlucky Direction: northwest

Suitable Jobs and Careers for Rabbits

Best Career for Rabbits

People born in years of rabbit can engage themselves in breeding, corp farming, education, religion, medicine, culture, army, judiciary, and politics.

Best Business for Rabbits

Rabbit people have a wide range of friends, which makes them good at doing business involving human relationships.

Who is the Best Business Partner for Rabbits?

Rabbit and Rat

Not good partners. Rabbits will lose their business acumen if cooperating with rats.

Rabbit and Ox

Not good partners. Rabbits and Oxes dont trust each other.

Rabbit and Tiger

Good partners. Rabbits and tigers respect and admire each other. In fact, rabbits can help tigers to achieve a lot, but rabbits need to tolerate tigers temper.

Rabbit and Rabbit

Good partners. Rabbits can understand each other and work pleasantly together.

Rabbit and Dragon

Good partners. Rabbits can help dragons making decisions.

Rabbit and Snake

Good partners. If they can cut some chatting and practice, they can achieve success.

Rabbit and Horse

Average partners. Horses are doers, they can work together with rabbits if the latter quit joking with the former.

Rabbit and Goat

Great partners. Rabbits can make goats work harder and provide key insight to their course.

Rabbit and Monkey

Bad partners. They can only disrupt each other s plans.

Rabbit and Rooster

Good partners if rabbits can make cooperation as their first and most important principle.

Rabbit and Dog

Best partners. The wise and objective rabbits and loyal dogs can make great combinations.

Rabbit and Pig

Successful partners. Pigs are lucky in wealth, and rabbits capability will help pigs to make more fortune.

How to Build Relationship with Rabbits?

Admire Rabbits

People born in years of rabbit are suspicious and hard to trust anyone. They like to be admired and complimented. Therefore, to get along with rabbit people, you need to pay your compliments.

Be Honest

Rabbits are mild, restrained, sensitive and insightful. They can see through people's mind. Therefore, to maintain a good relationship with rabbits, you need to be honest.

Support Rabbits Wholeheartedly

Rabbits may seem calm, they actually have a fiery heart. They always keep distance from people they are unfamiliar with. To get into their heart, you need to understand, respect their personalities, and support them no matter the situation. Your long-term support will be very rewarding.

Rabbits’ Fortune in 2020


Year 2020 is not an auspicious year for rabbits to get rich. In fact, they may lose money, especially for those rabbits who are not good at managing money. They need to develop reasonable consumption habits and check their financial conditions constantly. Meanwhile, rabbits need to be careful about their expense in relationships and consider more before spending too much or lending money to friends. Besides, it's not a good year for rabbits to make big investments. Instead, they can do some stable investments based on professionals' advice. For rabbit businessmen, it's a year with a lot of changes. They need to pay close attention to the market and their competitors, and be aware of their own weaknesses and always seek help from professionals. In terms of taxation, rabbits need to be careful and abide by the laws and regulations strictly.


In 2020, rabbit people will have a relatively good career. With the help of others, rabbits' careers will go smoothly and lay good foundation for future development. For rabbits with rich working experience, promotion opportunities will be presented, they just need to grasp them. While for some rabbits, it is a good year to change a different working environment. For newly hired rabbit people, they need to show their talents to people and cooperate with other colleagues. For rabbits in business, this year is a good year for growth. However, they need to be careful about details.

Love & Romance

In 2020, rabbits' romantic relationships are unstable. There may be a third wheel involved to endanger their relationships. In such case, rabbits need to keep communicating with their partners and eliminate the misunderstandings. For rabbits in good life conditions, they need to have a correct view about love, keep some distance with others if they already have a romantic partner, and avoid any behavior that may cause misunderstanding. For married rabbits, there is a bigger chance they will have more dispute with their life partners, but none of those dispute will affect their love. If they can have a baby this year, their marriage will be more successful. For single rabbits, they need to get out and make friends to add their chance of meeting someone special.


In 2020, rabbit people won't have major diseases, but some minor discomforts. For rabbits in good health condition, those discomforts are not worth mentioning. While for rabbits in not so good health conditions, the minor discomfort can still be challenging. Therefore, they need to do more exercise and eat healthy. For working rabbits, they need to avoid staying up too late and drinking too much in social activities, make reasonable schedules and be careful not getting too tired. For rabbit elders, they need to do regular physical examinations and engage themselves in conversations with other people as much as possible.

Rabbit people are kind, generous and friendly to everyone. Having them as friend or life partner is a lucky thing.

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