Beijing Cooking Class

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Beijing Cooking Class

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LCT-BJ-Cooking Class

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1 Day


Trip overview:

The half day cooking experience will reveal the secrets of Chinese cuisine and enable you to learn how to make authentic Chinese food under the guidance of a professional chef coming from 5-star hotels. Besides the cooking skills, you will go to a hustling local market and get acquainted with various ingredients. In the end, you will enjoy what you have made and get a present from us.

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  • 1 person
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  • 3-8 people
  • Over 9 people

* Note: This price is per person.

1.Get close to the authentic Beijing life by visiting a local market;
2.Enjoy a private cooking class under the instruction of a professional chef from 5-star hotel;
3.DIY your own lunch or dinner at a quiet Siheyuan in Hutong;

4.Make famous Chinese dishes like Kongpao Chicken, Maopo Tufu, Dumplings, Hand-pulled noodles, etc.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1 Cooking class

    There are two cooking classes available each day. You may choose to participate in the lunch time (11:00-15:30) or dinner time (1700-21:00).

    If you only book this tour with us, please advise in advance if you need a private transfer service to the meeting point (Fangjia Hutong). In case you booked other day tours with us, private transfer service is free for you.

    The tour is divided into three parts.

    Part 1: Visit Local Market

    This market used to be a state-own grain shop where all the staff and managers are Beijingers. Different from the bustling noisy market, this place is very tranquil and clean. We will introduce all kinds of daily necessities like staples, flours, eatable oils, vegetables, condiments, meats, herbs, etc. to you. Through this short trip, you will know about the real life of a common Beijinger.

    Part 2: Cooking Experience

    Each cooking class would teach you 5 traditional dishes including dumplings. You will learn the cooking skills from a professional chef that come from famous 5-star hotels. He will introduce various culinary culture and customs in different areas of the country, explain seasonings and condiments that you will use, and share some interesting personal stories. Each and every one would be able to participate and practice. The chef will also show you his impressive cutting skills. There will be a guide aside to help you with any communication barriers.

    Part 3: Enjoy Lunch/Dinner

    After the cooking experience, your chef will do the fry or some final touches on the dishes you prepared. Then, lunch/dinner shall be served. You will enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal that includes meat, vegetables, cold dish and warm dish in different flavors.

    After the meal, you will receive a special gift from us.

    Cooking with a Chinese Cook    Making Meal

Additional Information

What’s included:

English-speaking guide;
Professional chef from famous hotels;
All the ingredients or materials necessary for the class;
Beverage and refreshments.

What’s not included:

Transfer service;

Tip for the guide and chef.

Good to know:

1.As Lilysun China Tours is capable of providing Beijing city tours, you will get a free private transfer service from / back to your hotel if you booked a half day trip on the same day as well.
2.If you only want this experience with us, please advise in advance if you need a private transfer service from and back to your hotel;
3.The price mentioned above is the group price. Please contact us in advance if you want a private class just for you;
4.If you booked a half day trip before or after the cooking class, your private guide won’t accompany for this activity as there is a guide who specializes in cooking waiting for you in the kitchen.
5.Please advise in advance if you have certain food allergies.
6.This activity can also be arranged for special occasions like your birthdays.


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