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Our story

Welcome to Lilysun China Tours!
First of all, allow me to introduce myself and my business. I am Lily Sun, quite a simple and easy-to-remember name, as well as an absolute reflection of my personality. After graduation from Xi'an International Studies University, I became an English tour guide. For ten years I had nothing but praise for my guidance. I, too, am a traveler visiting many places in the world, and as a result, I know what tourers need and want. Coupled with this was and continues to be, my intention to treat my clients who travel across the ocean to visit China, as family members or close friends. Many of my clients keep in touch with me via e-mail and as a result we have forged life-long friendship.
Ten years after I began to work as a guide, I took their insistent advice that I should open my own touring business and 5 years ago launched Lilychinatours. My experience and knowledge continue to grow as does my love for the field of touring.
Today, the great work done by Lilytours would not be possible without my extraordinary team of co-workers. With them you are promised an exceptional experience be it in Xian, Peking or one of the other great sites China has to offer.
If you are a lover of history, nature or a traveler with time or budget constraints, a family with children or a senior, we endeavor to tailor a tour suited to your needs. "You require and we satisfy" is our working principle.