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Xian Side Tours to Other Cities

LCT-XL-3D-01 : 3 Days Xian -Luoyang Tour

    Trip name: 3 Days Terracotta Warriors & Longmen Grottoes Tour

    Trip code: LCT-XL-3D-01

    Trip length: 3 Days

    Trip overview: Both Xi'an and Luoyang belong to China's seven great ancient capital cities and are noted for places of historical interest such as the Terracotta Warriors Museum, the Shaolin Monastery and the Longmen Caves. As the Shaolin Martial Arts have inspired people worldwide, it’s something you definitely won’t miss during your trip. In addition, we will lead you to explore Xi'an in a different way by tasting the local food in the evening, learning calligraphy in a tranquil place.

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LCT-XP-3D-01 : Xian & Pingyao 3-Day Tour

    Trip name: Xian and Pingyao 3-Day Tour

    Trip code: LCT-XP-3D-01

    Trip length: 3 Days

    Trip overview: Arrive in Xian and visit the most significant sight of all - the Terracotta Warriors Museum. Then, take a high-speed train to Pingyao to experience life dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Pingyao Ancient Town is one of only two towns that have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites as whole towns. Taking this tour will enable you to see every aspect of life in the Ming and Qing Dynasties from commerce to daily tasks. You will access one of the most famous compounds - Qiao’s compound to get an idea of how prosperous the economy was and how a business family ran their commercial empire.

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LCT-XLT-5D-01 : 5 Days Xian and Luoyang Heritage Tour

    Trip name: 5 Days Xian & Luoyang Heritage Tour

    Trip code: LCT-XLT-5D-01

    Trip length: 5 Days

    Trip overview: Take the chance to visit the two ancient capital cities of China - Xi’an and Luoyang. Visit the world-class UNESCO World Heritage - Terracotta Warriors Museum and Longmen Grottoes. Climb the mountain that is famous for its steepness. Be exposed to the whole of Chinese history by visiting the largest comprehensive museum in northwest China: the Shaanxi History Museum. Travel on the high-speed train to Luoyang and watch the martial art performed by the real monks.

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LCT-XC-6D-01 : 6 Days Xian and Chengdu Panda Tour

    Trip name: 6 Days Xian & Chengdu Panda Tour

    Trip code: LCT-XC-6D-01

    Trip length: 6 Days

    Trip overview: On this 6 day trip, you will have a chance to visit the cutest animal in the world - the Giant Panda and the world-class archaeological finding - the Terracotta Army and Horses. With your jet lag eased on the first day, you will start your tour by visiting the historic city - Xian and explore its rich history and culture by visiting the City Wall, Bell Tower and Hanyangling Museum. Take a high-speed train to Chengdu, and begin your amazing Panda tour and taste bud-challenging tour. Finally, visit Leshan city near to Chengdu to see the Giant Buddha before head for your next destination.

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LCT-XB-01 : 5 Days Xian- Beijing Boutique Tour

    Trip name: 5 Days Xian- Beijing Boutique Tour

    Trip code: LCT-XB-01

    Trip length: 5 Days

    Trip overview: This tour is perfect for people who only have 5-6 days but still want to visit the most famous sights in China. Arrive in Xian and visit the Terracotta Army first while learning about this charming ancient capital city of China. Then jump on a high-speed train to visit the current capital city of China - Beijing. Enter the Forbidden City and explore its background stories. Walk on the Mutianyu Great Wall and admire the war strategy and architectural intelligence of ancient people.

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LCT-XS-5D-01 : 5 Days Premium Tour between Xian and Shanghai

    Trip name: 5 Days Premium Tour between Xian and Shanghai

    Trip code: LCT-XS-5D-01

    Trip length: 5 Days

    Trip overview: Joining this 5-day Xian & Shanghai tour will enable you to visit the top-rated sights like the Terracotta Warriors Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, City Wall, Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Museum and enjoy a cruise on the Huangpu River. Watch a famous Tang Dynasty Dinner Show and enjoy a dumpling feast if you choose before heading to Shanghai to be amazed by its modern charisma. Visit Yuyuan and sit under a cool pavilion while watching water flowing quietly under the bridge. Enjoy a bird's-eye view of the whole of Shanghai from the World Financial Center. Visit a water town and and take a boat ride to gather unique lasting impressions of your holiday.

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