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Year of the Tiger

Tiger is the third zodiac in the 12 Chinese zodiacs. It’s associated with the earthly branch Yin (寅), which also corresponds to the hours 3-5 in the early morning. In terms of Yin and Yang, the zodiac  Tiger is Yang.

Years of the Tiger

Years of the Tiger


Associated Element


Heavenly Stems


Feb.13, 1926 - Feb.1, 1927



Bing Yin


Jan.31, 1938 - Feb.18, 1939



Wu Yin


Feb.17, 1950 - Feb.5, 1951

Metal (gold)


Geng Yin


Feb.5, 1962 - Jan.24, 1963



Ren Yin


Jan.23, 1974 - Feb.10, 1975



Jia Yin


Feb.9, 1986 - Jan. 28 1987



Bing Yin


Jan.28, 1998 - Feb.15, 1999



Wu Yin


Feb.14, 2010 - Feb.2, 2011



Geng Yin


Feb.1, 2022 - Jan.21, 2023



Ren Yin


Jan.19, 2034 - Feb.7, 2035



Jia Yin

Tiger People’s Personality


1.Stubborn and tough. Tiger people are stubborn, tough, even arbitrary sometimes. They love to take chances and challenge themselves, and get more ambitious with the difficulties mounting before them.

2.Passionate and brave. Tiger people are courageous and enthusiastic towards everything.

3.Audacious and bold. Tiger people can express their feelings boldly to other people and sometimes appear too bossy.

4.Trustworthy. Tiger people values their promises and strive to keep them, and never regret.

5.Confidant and leading. Tiger people are confidant, resolute and strong-willed. They usually have an temperament that impart stateliness without being angry, which makes them have a strong leadership quality.

6.Active and honest. Tiger people love to participate in all kinds of activities and help people in need. They are frank and honest, which can help them easily get trust from other people.


1.Rebellious and conceited. Tiger people are confidant, but they may get over-confidant and become too arrogant to coordinate with others. They also like to be alone and sometimes appear a bit extreme.

2.Too authoritative. Tiger people can be quite authoritative and don't allow others to challenge themselves. Some tigers even treat their life partners autocratically, which often cause unpleasant family life.

3.Too stubborn. Tiger people often have a wide range of friends, but they don't usually get too attached to them. They are stubborn and pursue their course by all means, which can cost them friends along the way.

4. Impatient and short-sighted. Tiger people may not think in the long run. They can easily get impatient with things, especially in long-term investments. They like to enjoy the benefit sooner.

5. Unprepared. Tigers are not good at preparing for things, which may cause some problems when anything bad happens in the future.

Characteristics of Tiger Men

Men born in years of the tiger are stubborn, tough, arbitrary and adventurous. They like to take risks, often seem a bit show-off, but they are trustworthy and always keep their promises. In daily life, tiger men are macho males, they lack romance and don't know how to flirt, which often cause problems in family. In relationships, tiger men are uncomfortable to express their feeling no matter how deep they love the other one. Their strong jealousy and possessiveness often cause disputes. In terms of working, tiger men are very capable, they can find opportunities to fully exert their talent and capability and make a career as long as they keep patient.

Characteristics of Tiger Women

Tiger women are usually outstanding in all aspects. They are brave, diligent and attractive. They have a quick temper, but their hearts are tender and they love to make friends. In relationships, tiger women always take good care of the elders, educate their children well, and properly deal with the relations between relatives. In work, tiger women are audacious and dare to challenge themselves. No matter how hard the situation, they always find a way and succeed.

Tigers and Western Astrology Signs



Rigorous, talented, impatient


Hardheaded, steady, deliberate


Active in thinking


Vigorous, a lit sensitive


Self-confidant, arrogant, pretentious


Responsible, sometimes a little overreaching


Pretentious, attention-seeking


Extreme, impatient, challenge-seeking


Obstinate, mysterious


Ambitious, compassionate


Creative, inventive


Contradictory, emotional

Tigers and Five Elements

Types of Tiger



Wood Tiger

1914 and 1974

Strengths: they are cooperative, diplomatic, and prudent;

Weaknesses: they lack deep thinking and tend to undertake duties beyond their capabilities.

Metal Tiger

1950 and 2010

Strengths: they like to live and work in peace and contentment, make friends and value their family.

Weaknesses: they are obstinate, power-seeking and lack romantic sense.

Water Tiger

1962 and 2022

Strengths: they are receptive about new things and can gain achievement in handicraft and art if they work hard.

Weaknesses: They are self-centered, loft, and dignified, which make them hard to accept advice from other people.

Fire Tiger

1926 and 1986

Strengths: they are uninhibited and dont usually act, but  when they do act, they often surprise and impress everyone. They attach great importance in present things and act fast to deal with problems.

Weaknesses: they have a weak will power and too impulsive.

Earth Tiger

1938 and 1998

Strengths: they are hardworking, objective, persistent and adventurous.

Weaknesses: they have strong desire, and are easily tempered.

Tigers with Different Blood Type

Tigers with Bood Type A

These tigers are free-spirited, vigorous, caring and emotional. They have their own principles and like to adhere to them. They are always active and vigorous, and naturally engaged with people. However, they can be quite emotional sometimes, which often surprise people a lot. Tigers with blood type A care too much their success in career, sometimes, they neglected other people's feelings.

Tigers with Blood Type B

Tigers with blood type B are honest, unreserved and willing to share their ideas with their friends. Their two dreams are sharing life details with friends and make friends everywhere. They are lucky, but their lack of plan and deep thinking before acting often make it hard for them to continue one course for a long time. If they work as salesmen or jobs with challenges, they will be motivated to do better. In relationships, these tigers are generous and dedicatory.

Tigers with Blood Type AB

Tigers with blood type AB are optimistic, confidant and realistic, they don't actually take interest in religion and philosophy, but they act like they know everything and like to criticize others. Luckily, they are also caring and like to make friends, other people usually don’t mind their remarks. They are also curious and like to try different things. However, their impatient character always make them hard to complete one thing. In relationship, they are active in seek love and grasp their loved ones bravely.

Tigers with Blood Type O

Tigers with blood type O are very similar to leos who are bossy, frank, emotional. They are adventurous and righteous, but their lack of prudence and ignorance of real situation often make their good intention misunderstood and cause problems. Meanwhile, they are over-confidant and egoistic so as to miss good opportunities. Therefore, they are not good at doing humdrum jobs. If they can be patient and think before act, they can be leaders. In terms of romance, they are quite persistent. Once they are in love, they often put all their heart into their relationship and put work and study aside. However, if the relationship broke, they always act like nothing happened.

Tigers’ Love Compatibility

Each zodiac has its own characteristics. Love compatibility of Chinese zodiacs take these characteristics, five elements, and the horoscope into account to predict the best and worst matches. Refer to following table for tigers’ best matches.























Good Matches: Dragon, Horse and Pig

Bad Matches: Ox, Tiger, Snake, and Monkey

Lucky and Unlucky Things for Tiger People

Lucky Things for Tigers

Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 4

Lucky Colors: gray, blue, white, and orange

Lucky Flowers: cineraria and anthurium

Lucky Directions: east, south, and southeast

Things to be avoided

Unlucky Numbers: 6, 7, 8

Unlucky Colors: gold, silver, brown, and black

Unlucky Direction: northwest

Suitable Jobs and Career for Tigers

Best Career for Tigers

The best career for tigers is politics. Tigers are considered the king of the forest. They are born with stateliness and leadership ability. In politics, they are like fish in the water and can best exert their leading abilities. Having a successful politic career is not easy, but tigers often take it as an interesting game and enjoy the process.

Best Business for Tigers

The unwillingness to fail of tigers make them good at pursuing a business stubbornly. Meanwhile, tigers are active and love outdoor activities. Thus, business involving sports goods might be suitable for tigers. They can take their interests into the work and make money out of it.

Advice for Tigers on Investment

Do not invest in business you can't manage or don't know about. Be careful about your friends and do not make investments just from the sense of justice. Before making any investment, you need to observe the credit and financial status of your friends and take advice from someone else. In this way, your chance of losing money will be reduced.

Who is the Best Business Partner for Tigers?

Tiger and Ox

Not so good partners. They neither have mutual interests, nor care about each other.

Tiger and Tiger

Bad partners. They have severe disputes and competition on things. The deep misunderstanding between them make them hard to work together.

Tiger and Rabbit

Not so good partners. They hold certain kind of hostility and reserve towards each other, which makes it difficult for them to work in the long run.

Tiger and Dragon

Not good partners. They dont have much conflict and can tolerate and company each other. However, they dont have many shared topics.

Tiger and Snake

Good partners. They may compete for the dominating position, but they respect each other and can solve their disputes and achieve greatness.

Tiger and Horse

Bad partners. They are suspicious and apathetic to each other, which make it hard for them to work together.

Tiger and Goat

Not so good partners. They dont resist or compete each other, but still, they cant form a solid partnership.

Tiger and Monkey

Not so good partners. Their personalities are very different and they dont have mutual interests.

Tiger and Rooster

Not so good partners. They cant be honest with each other, which often cause misunderstandings and make both sides unpleasant.

Tiger and Dog

Good partners. They can understand each other perfectly and achieve success together.

Tiger and Pig

Good partners. They can be happy partners both in business and marriage,

How to Build Relationship with Tigers?

1.Play with Tigers

Tigers are mostly smart ad unrestrained, they love adventure and challenge themselves. If you can keep up with their pace, play and take adventures with them, you can be good friends with tigers. In addition, tigers are never people who walk the chalk, they want freedom and do whatever they want. To get along with them, you just need to accompany them to do what they like.

2.Be Honest

Most of the tiger people are enthusiastic and cheerful, they are positive towards everything. People around them are often impacted and become relaxed as well. Meanwhile, tigers values honesty between people. To get along with them, you need to be honest to them. Of course, some compliments about their strengths will satisfy tigers' vanity.

3.Do Better Than Tigers

Tiger people like to conquer and challenge. If you are outstanding in some fields, they will make you their goal and try to catch up with you, even conquer you. They will keep good relationship with you and learn from you.

Tigers’ Fortune in 2020


In 2020, tigers have a good career and progress overall. As tigers are not born very intelligent, their progress are limited even after a long time of endeavor. It's still satisfying for them. They just need to improve the work efficiency and care less about the promotion, everything will be good.

Love & Romance

In 2020, tigers will meet someone they like, but it's just unrequited love. They neither know the other person's feeling, nor brave enough to ask. Therefore, they just suffer in silence and can not get out of it.


In 2020, tigers can keep the income and expense balanced by and large. They can only take care of themselves with the money they made. Any unnecessary or unexpected big expense will impose financial pressure to tigers. Therefore, not spending money is saving money.


In 2020, tigers are busy with all kinds of things and unwilling to do exercises, which make their physical condition unsatisfying. It's suggested tigers go outside and practice whenever possible.

Tiger people have their unique characteristics, anyone who have a tiger as friend or partner are lucky. They are cheerful, enthusiastic and honest, which will make their shortcomings not worth mentioning.

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