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Year of the Ox

Zodiac Ox ranks the second in twelve Chinese zodiacs. It matches the Chou in the twelve earthly branches, thus zodiac ox is also referred as Chou Ox (丑牛).

Years of the Ox

Years of the Ox


Associated Element


Heavenly Stems


Jan.24 1925 - Feb.12 1926



Yi Chou


Feb.11 1937 - Jan.31 1938



Ding Chou


Jan.29 1949 - Feb.16 1950



Ji Chou


Feb.15 1961 - Feb.4 1962

Metal (Gold)


Xin Chou


Feb.3 1973 - Jan.22 1974



Gui Chou


Feb.19 1985 - Feb.8 1986



Yi Chou


Feb.7 1997 - Jan.27 1998



Ding Chou


Jan.26 2009 - Feb.13 2010



Ji Chou


Feb.12 2021 - Jan.31 2022

Metal (Gold)


Xin Chou


Jan.31 2033 - Feb.18 2034



Gui Chou

Oxes’ Personality


Hard working, persevering, strong-willed, go getting, honest, reliable, responsible, caring, modest, discreet, just, practical, and enduring. Being kind and honest is the lifelong nature of oxes. They have deep patriotism, ambition and values both career and family.


Tend to be self-contemptuous, impulsive, hard to listen to others, unsocial, lack of adaptability, reticent, stubborn, subjective and arbitrary. When ox people get really stubborn about something, they won't listen to anyone. This is their unique bullheaded temper.

Characteristics of Ox Men

Ox men like to created their own cognitive system and pursue their course to the end. Most ox men are composed and easy to gain trust of others. They can act honestly and hardheadedly. In addition ox men are very confident, but they look down to others and often lack humor and passion.

In daily life, ox men are very honest and principled. They have a regular lifestyle and stayed calm and awake every second. They value any promise they made and take effort to fulfill it.

In relationships, ox men are very serious and practical. They don't easily accept other people's favor. Once they do, it's hard for them to give up.

In career, the graceful exterior of ox men can gain the trust of their leaders. They can be very responsible and trustworthy. They can be very disciplined and impose too much pressure to other people.

Characteristics of Ox Women

Ox women have rich inner emotions, love life and don't like to compromise. They are destined to fight all their life. Most ox women are mild, clam, smart and quick-witted. They don't usually get into a rage unless in terms of principle. They love to try new things, but they don't usually stay interested for long time. Therefore, ox women are always trying to create and enrich their lives.

In daily life, ox women always keep their houses neat and clean, and their checkbooks balanced. As they don't stay interested in one thing long, ox women are always looking for new ways to fulfill their life.

In relationships, ox women are mild, prudent and enduring. They can devote themselves to the other half. Their valuing family make them ideal wife for a family.

In career, ox women are always diligent and hard working. They value career very much and tend to pursue their career.

Oxes and Western Astrology Signs



persistent and restraining


silent, prudent and patient


stable, thoughtful and unusual


decisive and preserving


authoritative, opinionated, and strong


discreet, clear, eloquent, and independent


perfection pursuing, efficient and authoritative


slow and thorough


passionate, eloquent, honest, generous and ambitious


traditional, indecisive, conservative, and inconsiderate


strong, caring, and flexible



Oxes and Five Elements

Types of Ox



Wood Ox

1925 and 1985

Strengths: active, righteous, unselfish, and caring;

Weaknesses: too strong, straightforward.

Fire Ox

1937 and 1997

Strengths: clever, thrifty, and practical;

Weaknesses: short-sighted, intolerant, and indecisive.

Earth Ox

1949 and 2009

Strengths: self-knowledgeable, responsible, and grateful;

Weaknesses: too sensitive and face-saving.

Metal (Gold) Ox

1961 and 2021

Strengths: people person, introverted, and enduring.

Weaknesses: indecisive and suspicious.

Water Ox

1913 and 1973

Strengths: realistic, preserving, ambitious and practical.

Weaknesses: subjective and too silent.

Oxes with Different Blood Type

Oxes with Blood Type O: they are self-disciplined and have strict requirements on others, making them uneasy to get along. However, these ox people are hard working, honest, preserving and ambitious. They have strong sense of business.

Oxes with Blood Type B: they are cheerful, invigorating, tolerant, quick-witted, logical, creative, and willing to offer and help. Such oxes are easy to gain trust of their leaders and succeed. However, they can be fickle about things.

Oxes with Blood Type A: they are practical, steady, enduring, responsible, logical, generous, open-minded, loyal and have strong sense of morality and family responsibility.

Oxes with Blood Type AB: they are optimistic, quick-witted, sophisticated, and adaptable. Such oxes don't usually offend others as they can accommodate their behaviors based on occasions. They value knowledge and have talents in organizing and leading. They can be good diplomats.

Oxes’ Love Compatibility

Each zodiac has its own characteristics. Love compatibility of Chinese zodiacs take these characteristics, five elements, and the horoscope into account to predict the best and worst matches. Assuming you are an ox, refer to below table for your best matches.























Best matches: Rat, Snake and Rooster;

Worst matches: Tiger, Dragon, Horse or Goat.

Lucky and Unlucky Things for Ox People

Lucky Things for Oxes

Lucky Numbers: 1, 9, 19, 91

Lucky Colors: red, blue, purple

Lucky Flowers: tulip, evergreen, peach blossom

Lucky Directions: southeast, south and north

Things to be avoided

Unlucky Numbers: 3, 4, 34, 43

Unlucky Colors: white, green

Unlucky Direction: west.

The Best Careers for Oxes

The most distinct personality is reliability, which means ox people can gain trust from their leaders easily. However, ox people can't be complacent. Although ox people may seem to be simple, silent and introvert, they actually have indomitable character and logical mind. When the opportunity presents, ox people will show their strong, confidant and fearless nature to steer. Usually, ox people don't fully understand other people's feelings. They are not very romantic. Thus, ox people should have careers that requires steady and long lasting perseverance.

The suitable occupations for ox people are husbandry, hardware, pharmacy, tea trade, politics, real estate, intermediary agencies, and consulting works.

The best career for oxes: home decoration and building material services.

Who is the Best Business Partner for Ox?

Ox and Rat Good partners in both marriage and career.

Ox and Ox Average partners who have mutual interests, but no deep understanding.

Ox and Tiger Bad partners who can’t understand and trust each other.

Ox and Rabbit Average partners, have mutual interests and can work harmoniously together.

Ox and Dragon Average partners, respect each other and can work together for mutual benefits.

Ox and Snake Good partners in both marriage and business.

Ox and Horse Bad partners, hard to communicate with each other.

Ox and Goat Bad partners, have conflicts.

Ox and Monkey Average partners, no obvious conflict, but not suitable to pursue the same course together.

Ox and Rooster Good partners in both marriage and career.

Ox and Dog Bad partners, no mutual feelings and interests.

Ox and Pig Average partners, can work together, but not for long time.

How to Build Relationship with Ox?

1.Fight Together with Oxes

Ox people are almost fighting all their life. They are positive and responsible for both career and family. They tend to work hard on every matter. To build relationship with such oxes, you have to fight and strive together with them and become their partners.

2.Follow the Rules

Ox people value rules and lead a regular lifestyle. You have to follow the rules like them to get along. Meanwhile, ox people have long-term nervous tension, if you can help them to relax once in a while. They can become nicer to others.

3.Check Their Thoughts

Ox people don't usually reveal their unsatisfactory thoughts in both family and career life. Thus, if you want to get along with them, you need to check their thoughts once in while to make sure everything is ok.

Oxes’ Fortune in 2020


In 2020, Ox people won’t have too much income, but won’t be too bad at wealth. If they can manage their wealth well, they can stay balanced. It’s not recommended for ox people to invest big in 2020.


Year 2020 is an auspicious year for ox people’s career. No matter what business they are in, they will work well. They can overcome any obstacles.

Love and Relationships

In 2020, oxes will have a unstable relationship. For single ox people, you might meet someone. For ox people in love relationships, you need to balance the relationships between your love partners and your work or study. While for married ox people, you might undergo a lot of stress and your partners don’t actually understand you. You need to relax and adjust yourself.


Year 2020 is an auspicious year for ox people’s health. They won’t have big health problems, just some small illnesses that can be easily treated. You need to do more exercise and eat healthy.

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