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Year of the Dog

Dog is the eleventh zodiac in the 12 Chinese zodiacs. It’s associated with the earthly branch Xu (戌), which corresponds to the hours 7-9 in the evening. In terms of Yin and Yang, the zodiac Dog is Yang.

Years of the Dog

Years of the Dog


Associated Element


Heavenly Stems


Feb.14,1934 - Feb.3,1935



Jia Xu


Feb.2,1946 - Jan.21,1947



Bing Xu


Feb.18,1958 - Feb.7,1959



Wu Xu


Feb.6,1970 - Jan.26,1971



Geng Xu


Jan.25,1982 - Feb.12,1983



Ren Xu


Feb.10,1994 - Jan.30,1995



Jia Xu


Jan.29,2006 - Feb.17,2007



Bing Xu


Feb.16,2018 - Feb.4,2019



Wu Xu


Feb.3,2030 - Jan.22,2031



Geng Xu

Dog People’s Personality


1.Upright, great-hearted, helpful and value friendships and families;

2.Discreet, dutiful, modest, loyal;

3.Honest, simple, compassionate;

4.Hardworking, ambitious, smart, and dedicated;

5.Quick-witted, agile, and humorous.


1.Irritable, dependent, and worrisome;

2.Impractical, critical, lack of execution and judgement;

3.Suspicious and self-reclusive.

Characteristics of Dog Men

In life: men born in years of dog are honest and straightforward. They always make people feel that they are enthusiastic and energetic. The fact is they are sensitive inside.

In relationship: dog men are caring and loyal to their spouse and friends. They like to spend a lot of time in maintaining those relationships.

In career: dog men are responsible and prudent in work. They always try their best to apply their talent and perform well.

Characteristics of Dog Women

In life: dog women are emotional, social, brave, upright, loyal, and independent. The don’t pursue fashion, but they have a unique appreciation of aesthetics. Most of the dog women like outdoor activities and nature.

In relationships: dog women are loyal, warm, dedicated and caring. They don’t usually express their feelings, they just like to be there for others silently.

In career: women born in years of dog are hardworking, steady, and persistent. They don’t have a high ambition, all they want are a stable job and a simple life.

Dogs and Western Astrology Signs



Kind, honest, incalculably, straightforward, hardworking and disciplined.


Enthusiastic, competent, lack of confidence and captious.


Lively, frivolous, loyal, and altruistic.


Sensitive and nice.


Subjective, enduring and loyal.


Upright, responsible, and hardworking.


Altruistic, idealistic, dignified, intelligent, and modest.


Kind-hearted, sincere, and clear-minded.


Adventurous, enthusiastic, sincere, loyal and respectful.


Conservative, eloquent, charming, mysterious, and humorous.


Considerate, caring, and helpful.


Soft outside, adamant inside, and stressful.

Dogs and Five Elements

Types of Tiger



Wood Dog

1934, 1994

Wood dogs are very independent and dignified. The like to undertake all the works by themselves. Only after middle years can they realize the importance of friends.

Metal Dog

1970, 2030

Metal dogs are conservative, introvert, and steady. They are suitable for works with less creation required.

Water Dog

1922, 1982,

Water dogs are strategical, clear-minded and disciplined. They know exactly what they want and how to get it. Therefore, water dogs are often accomplished at a young age.

Fire Dog

1946, 2006

Fire dogs are ideal, ambitious and aggressive. They dont have a family that can help them in career, so they just do it on their own. Luckily, their hard work often pays.

Earth Dog

1958, 2018

Earth dogs are persistent in both relationship and works. Once they decided something, they will put everything they have to achieve the goal.

Dogs with Different Blood Type

Dogs with Blood Type A

Strengths: honest, reliable, loyal, grateful, upright;

Weaknesses: too straightforward and blunt.

Dogs with Blood Type B

Strengths: persistent, steady, upright, talented, and caring;

Weaknesses: stubborn, capricious, and insensitive.

Dogs with Blood Type AB

Strengths: Tender, kind, meticulous, sensitive, helpful, hardworking, responsible, modest, generous, and caring.

Weaknesses: serious, unfriendly, intimidating, too discreet, and indecisive.

Dogs with Blood Type O

Strengths: loyal, smart, brave, optimistic, upright, meticulous, rational, and social.

Weaknesses: emotionally unstable, impatient, indecisive, dignified, and competitive.

Dogs’ Love Compatibility

Each zodiac has its own characteristics. Love compatibility of Chinese zodiacs take these characteristics, five elements, and the horoscope into account to predict the best and worst matches. Refer to following table for Dogs’ best matches.























Good Matches: Tiger, Rabbit, Horse.

Bad Matches: Goat, Dragon, Rooster, Ox.

Lucky and Unlucky Things for Dog People

Lucky Things for Dogs

Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9

Lucky Colors: green, red, purple

Lucky Flowers: rose, oncidium, cymbidium orchids

Lucky Directions: east, southeast, south

Things to be avoided

Unlucky Numbers: 1, 6, 7

Unlucky Colors: blue, white, golden

Unlucky Direction: north, west

Suitable Jobs and Careers for Dogs

Best Career for Dogs: steel industry

Dog people are suitable for jobs that requires face-to-face contact with people and high ability in dealing with things straightforwardly like nursing, accounting, computer operation, public service, and law. However, the most suitable career for dog people is the steel industry. This career is simple, stable and require a lot of persistence, which is perfect for dog people.

Best Business for Dogs: home decoration and furniture.

Dog people are tasty, romantic and enthusiastic. They have a unique appreciation about decorations, which will be very helpful for them in home decoration and furniture business.

Who is the Best Business Partner for Dogs?

Dog and Rat

Good partners, trust, respect, and rely on each other.

Dog and Ox

Bad partners, apathetic to each other.

Dog and Tiger

Great partners in both marriage and work.

Dog and Rabbit

Good partners in both marriage and work.

Dog and Dragon

Bad partners, cant trust each other.

Dog and Snake

Good partners, respect each other.

Dog and Horse

Great partners in both marriage and career.

Dog and Goat

Average partners, can tolerate each other.

Dog and Monkey

Good partners, respect and trust each other.

Dog and Rooster

Bad partners, have misunderstandings.

Dog and Dog

Good partners, can work for a mutual goal.

Dog and Pig

Average partners, have no serious misunderstanding but cant work for long.

How to Build Relationship with Dogs?

1.Be Composed

Dog people are often impulsive and impatient. To get along with them, you need to be calm and composed when they are hurried. In this way, you can help them to resume their calmness as well.

2.Be Honest

Dogs may have a short temper, they are actually upright, enthusiastic and frank. If you want to be friends with dogs for a long time, you need to be honest with them.

3.Be Sincere

Dog people hate tricks and hypocrisy. If you have a dog friend, you must be sincere and authentic with them.

Dogs’ Fortune in 2020


In 2020, dog people mostly earn money from their work. In this case, they need to be careful when they invest. For working dogs, they need to work harder and increase their chance of promotion and salary bump. For dogs engaging in business, they need to stick to their policy of sustainable development and control their cost.


Year 2020 is an auspicious year for dog people in terms of career. Some dog people will have a promotion or raise in salary. Although there may be some trivial problems during their work, dog people will deal with them quickly and complete the task on time. As long as they patiently do their job, dogs will have an outstanding performance. For dog people considering to change a working environment, it’s not recommended they quit without thinking everything over. For dog people in business, this is a good year to expand their business scale and be innovative. For dog people in politics, they will have some promotion chances.

Love & Romance

Year 2020 is a great year for dogs in terms of love and romance. For single dogs, they will have plenty of chances to meet their ideal partners. However, they can’t be rushed, instead, they need to start the relationship from friendship. For dog people already in a love relationship, they will be happy with their partners. There is a good chance they will get married and have a baby. While for married dogs, they will be happy with their spouse despite the small quarrels over daily trivia.


In 2020, dog people are stable in terms of health. There won’t be big disease to bother them, but dog people still need to stay away from the dangerous facilities and entertainment devices to avoid unnecessary injuries. Besides, dog people need to have a regular life style and avoid staying up late. For working dogs, they need to learn how to release their mind from work.

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