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Year of the Goat

Goat is the eighth zodiac in the 12 Chinese zodiacs. It’s associated with the earthly branch Wei (未), which corresponds to the hours 1-3 in the afternoon. In terms of Yin and Yang, the zodiac Goat is Yin.

Years of the Goat

Years of the Goat


Associated Element


Heavenly Stems


Feb.17,1919 - Feb.5,1920



Xin Wei


Feb.5,1943 - Jan.24,1944



Gui Wei


Jan.24,1955 - Feb.11,1956



Yi Wei


Feb.9,1967 - Jan.29,1968



Ding Wei


Jan.28,1979 - Feb.15,1980



Ji Wei


Feb.15,1991 - Feb.3,1992



Xin Wei


Feb.1,2003 - Jan.21,2004



Gui Wei


Feb.19,2015 - Feb.7,2016



Yi Wei


Feb.6,2027 - Jan.25,2028



Ding Wei

Goat People’s Personality


1.Introverted, soft, but doughty;

2. Discreet, stable, reliable, compassionate and sensitive;

3. Considerate, aggressive, and sociable;

4. Innovative, imaginative, creative, ambitious;

5. Filial, enduring, and persistent;

6. Frugal and kind.


1. Pessimistic, negative and too introvert;

2. Impractical and stubborn;

3. Indecisive, too sensitive and tender;

Characteristics of Goat Men

In life: Men born in years of the goat are friendly, compassionate and pessimistic. They like to make friends and cooperate with others. Facing a problem, goat men often see it negatively. They need other people to help them to disperse those unnecessary concerns.

In relationships: Goat men are born with a strong sense of compassion, and they are easily moved by lovely girls. Family and friends mean a lot, to goat men that they can’t even think of leaving them one day. If someone they are familiar with left them, goat men will feel sad for a long time.

In career: Goat men like to work in a relaxing and pleasant environment rather than a extremely competitive workplace. Therefore, they can't be working on jobs that have a high demand or require decision making.

Characteristics of Goat Women

In life: Women born in years of the goat are meticulous, capable, and elegant. They like to spend a lot of time on wearing makeups and dressing, they often clean their house very carefully to create a extremely comfortable home, and take good care of their families. Therefore, goat women are naturally good at decorating house.

In relationships: Goat women are very considerate but demanding to their loved ones. They are elegant, tender, meticulous and impractical. To their spouses, goat women are very attached, and take them as the most reliable person. Meanwhile, goat women are good at preparing for themselves. If there are some problems during the relationships, they will be prepared.

In career: Goat women generally have a good job, but their pessimistic and indecisive character often keep them confined to their own fields and miss opportunities.

Goats and Western Astrology Signs



Free thinking, rebellious.


Silent, quick-witted.


Emotional, negative.


Cheerful, optimistic, stubborn, and loyal.


Smart, imaginative, and passionate about art.


Showy, particular.


Argumentative, irritable, impulsive.


Solitary, creative.


Vigorous, clear-minded, creative.


Success and fame pursuing.


Emotional, clear-minded, novel.


Sensitive, observant.

Goats and Five Elements

Types of Tiger



Wood Goat

1955, 2015

Wood goats are prudent, kind, courteous, compassionate, and popular among their friends. As they often don't have families that can help them, wood goats must do everything on their own. Therefore, they are often alone or remain solitary in marriage, while their partners travel a lot. However, wood goats can still maintain a great relationship with their partners.

Metal Goat

1931, 1991

Metal goats are kind-hearted, ambitious, flexible outside, responsible, and principled. They can do things as planned and move forward step by step. However, metal goats are too stubborn to pursue novel course.

Water Goat

1943, 2003

Water goats are gentle, amiable, modest, responsible, value friends and willing to sacrifice themselves for friends. They are popular among their friends, but their generosity without thinking for themselves often make them suffer losses. In addition, the unique characters of water goats decided that they are suitable for technology industry or doing research.

Fire Goat

1967, 2027

Fire goats are mild and tidy, but they often worry a lot about the trivial things. Therefore, they need independent partners who can help them to straight things out. Meanwhile, fire goats are straightforward, righteous, and willing to help their friends in any conditions. However, they are also emotional and subjective, which makes it hard for them to run a business with other people.

Earth Goat

1979, 2039

Earth goats are upright, frank, and straightforward, they often say things without thinking. However, they are neither calculating nor have the intention in hurting anybody. Therefore, earth goats are quite popular among their friends.

Goats with Different Blood Type

Goats with Blood Type A

Goats with blood type A are kind-hearted, considerate, philanthropic and retiring. They like a peaceful and stable life and hate risks. If they decide to do one thing, they will make a detailed plan beforehand and proceed step by step, and never miss a part no matter how small that is. These goats are patient, persistent, modest and practical. They often have a specific goal to pursue. However, they lack the spirit of challenge and often limit themselves into their own small world. As a result, they miss a lot of opportunities.

Goats with Blood Type B

Goat with blood type B are reticent, emotional, upright, kind, honest but very introvert. They don't know how to control their emotions and often act differently to other people facing the same situation. They are silent for most of the times, unless they are with their good friends. In secret, these goats yearn for the colorful life outside, but their inferiority complex often keep these ideas within their own mind.

Goats with Blood Type AB

Goats with blood type AB are introvert, silent and solitary. They don't like to share their feelings and opinions with other people, instead, they like to remain alone. They are obsessed with cleanliness and often make sure everything around is clean and tidy. In other people's eyes, these goats are mild, silent and nice, but when they get angry, they can be pretty unimaginable. They often live as they like and remain indifferent to things that aren't concern them. Therefore, many opportunities slip away from them without them even knowing.

Goats with Blood Type O

Goat people with blood type O are composed, discreet, well-behaved and considerate. They always think for others and rarely quarrel with people. Therefore, these goats often seem to be sufferers. Besides, they are introvert and respectful. They may wear a broad smile before people, goats with blood type O are actually suffering inside. They are just too discreet to expose their feelings. In career, they are hardworking and diligent. However, they are too prudent and suspicious of people, which cause them a lot of good opportunities.

Goats’ Love Compatibility

Each zodiac has its own characteristics. Love compatibility of Chinese zodiacs take these characteristics, five elements, and the horoscope into account to predict the best and worst matches. Refer to following table for Goats’ best matches.























Good Matches: Rabbit, Horse, Pig

Bad Matches: Ox, Dragon, Snake, Dog

Lucky and Unlucky Things for Goat People

Lucky Things for Goats

Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9

Lucky Colors: green, red, purple

Lucky Flowers: carnation, primrose, Alice flower

Lucky Directions: east, southeast, south

Things to be avoided

Unlucky Numbers: 6, 7, 8

Unlucky Colors: gold, brown, black

Unlucky Direction: west

Suitable Jobs and Careers for Goats

Best Career for Goats: Publishing

The best suitable career for goats must be works that require a thoughtful and exquisite mind like artists, writers, advertisers, and philosophers. In addition, simple and stable works like typists and teachers are also suitable for them. The best career for goats is publishing, in which goats can better apply their strengths.

Best Business for Goats: beauty business

Goats are tender, kind-hearted, courteous and have a good taste. If they engage in beauty business, they are likely to be successful. The beginning may not be smooth, but the patient goats will stick to it and increase their credit.

Who is the Best Business Partner for Goats?

Goat and Rat

Bad partners. There is misunderstanding between them that can be turned into hatred. Even the smallest dispute will cause problem between them.

Goat and Ox

Bad partners. They are apathetic to each other. During work, there is a good chance they cant cooperate.

Goat and Tiger

Average partners. Their lack of understand will keep them from coordinating, but they wont argue publicly.

Goat and Rabbit

Good partners. They are close, have mutual topics, and can make a great combination in both marriage and business.

Goat and Dragon

Average partners. They have common benefits that can keep them work together.

Goat and Snake

Average partners. If they have the shared interests, they will work hard together.

Goat and Horse

Great partners. They are very attractive to each other. Therefore, they can work together.

Goat and Goat

Good partners. They are similar people and have the similar expectations, which will make them cooperate well.

Goat and Monkey

Bad partners. There is little common ground between them.

Goat and Rooster

Bad partners. There is no common points between them, but a lot of misunderstandings.

Goat and Dog

Bad partners. They cant work together for the inharmonious relationship.

Goat and Pig

Great partners. They can understand and reply on each other.

How to Build Relationship with Goats?

1.Do Not Overlook Them

Goat people are very sensitive and afraid to be overlooked. Therefore, if you have a goat friend, you must not overlook them. If you make a promise to them, please remember to keep your promise. Otherwise, the sensitive goats will be very disappointed.

2.Make Them Feel Safe

Goat people are nice to everyone, even to people they aren't familiar with. But that is just courtesy, they won't open their heart unless you make them feel safe enough.

3.Do Not Urge Them

Goat people have their own rules and methods in dealing with things. They don't like others to interfere. Therefore, you can't urge them even if you are anxious. Otherwise, the goats will be under great pressure and may become too emotional to finish the work.

Goats’ Fortune in 2020


Year 2020 is not a very good year for goats in terms of wealth. There will be a relatively large amount of expense on banquets, feasts and dinners that make it hard to goat people to save money as they planned. For goats engaging in investments, there might be some problems in cash flow this year. If these goats can't control it sooner, they will suffer more. Thus, year 2020 is not a good year for big investment. Even if goats want to make some small investments, they need to decide after consulting relevant persons. For goat businessmen, they need to make sure their business go smooth.


Year 2020 is not a very good year for goat people in terms of career either. For goat people of office workers, it's hard to get a promotion or salary bump this year. They will remain where they were last year. For goat people that are already leaders, they need to lay low and maintain a good relationship with their colleagues and subordinates. For goat people of businessmen. they need to focus on the quality of their products and develop steadily. If they can listen more to their employees, these goats may get unexpected results.

Love & Romance

In 2020, the unstable situations in wealth and career will impose great difficulties in goats' love and romance life. Luckily, goat people will get support and encouragement from their spouses. For single goats, they need to go out and meet people, or improve and prepare themselves for finding a great partner. For people already have a partner, it's a good year for them to move to next step like getting married, or having a baby. While for married goats, it's a good year to leave their work once in a while and accompany their spouse.


In 2020, most of the goats will be stressful, anxious and even depressed due to the excessive work. They can be crushed if they continue like this for a long time. Therefore, goat people need to let go of the life and work troubles sometime and relieve their minds. They can go out with their families or friends to adjust their emotions. In addition, for goat people who work in the office, they need to use their leisure time to exercise and keep a regular life style.

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