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  • Lily Sun

    After graduating from the university, when Lily Sun the founder of Lily's Private Tours became a tour guide she found her destiny. Loving the communication with people from other cultures, learning about their lives and customs as well as setting up meaningful tours became her passion. Early on she determined to serve her clients as best she could. More than ten years later, understanding those needs as well as taking care of each client as though they were family became one her most important goals. Her attention to detail coupled with her devotion to her clients, sets the standards as well as inspires the people who work for Lilysun China Tours.

  • Michael

    Before joining our team in 2014, Michael worked as a national tour leader for an Australian company. He traveled around the country leading groups from all over the world. With his deep knowledge of local history, he is one of the pillars of our team in Xian. His flexible personality along with his excellent English, contribute to the continuing positive feedback he receives from our customers. “Michael is such an awesome guide always willing to try to accommodate us with whatever we want to do.” Additionally, he has a reputation for being a great foodie. If you are interested in the best and authentic food of Xian, Michael is the guide for you.

  • Dennis

    Dennis, who grew up in southern China had an interest in history, politics, folk culture and storytelling from his youth. His early work as an adoption coordinator ignited an interest in leading children and family tours. Guiding offered him the opportunity to share his culture within the context of local Chinese, daily life. Along those lines he enjoys cooking at home and exploring the history behind the different cuisines of China. Known for his great sense of humor, he delights his clients when sharing all of the above.

  • Vivian

    Vivian a professional English-speaking guide from Beijing began work as a tour guide in 2003. From 2010-2014 she worked in both the United States and Europe guiding thousands of visitors from over ten countries. An expert on Beijing, she guides her clients through its history with an emphasis on ancient folk customs. She is also an expert on Beijing’s famous culinary scene. An experienced photographer, with your permission, she can help to record the precious moments and scenes along your trip. She has gained well-deserved, unanimous praise for her warm and sincere service.

  • Cathy

    Cathy, a former international tour leader joined us in 2016. The work of guiding tours to more than 30 countries provided her with a mind-opening experience of different cultures. So passionate with her guiding, she has been evaluated as, “sensational, informative, fun and entertaining which made the tour a most enjoyable experience as well as the highlight of our trip to China.”

  • Jackie

    Jackie, a certified senior English-speaking guide in Xian who been leading tours for over 15 years joined Lilysun China Tours in 2015. Prior to joining the team he worked at Yaozhou Kiln Museum as a Museum guide. The people, culture and history of Northwest is a specialty.  
    People who travel with him call him “a walking encyclopedia” Jackie is a great guide for students and overseas Chinese as well as those who want to dive deeply into understanding of Chinese culture.

  • Rebecca

    Rebecca Ruan is a local expert on Beijing. As a young child admiring people who spoke fluent English, she determined to become fluent as well. After graduating from the university , she stepped into tourism as a professional English tour guide. Here her interest in culture wedded with her passion for service, and guest satisfaction became her goal. She has gained a reputation for taking good care of everyone who travels with her. 

  • Helena

    Helena, an experienced tour guide in Beijing has been an English-speaking guide for over 10 years. Knowledgeable, flexible, and patient, she is always available to help her clients with whatever issues that may come up. When she is not guiding she practices Tai chi, Qi Gong, meditation, and time providing, painting. A vegetarian with a passion for cooking, she can be especially helpful for vegetarian and vegan tourists. Having learned much about other cultures she has developed an understanding of where her clients are coming from as she guides them through traditional Chinese culture.  

  • Alice

    Alice, after graduating from the university became a translator. Along with her translation work she followed her interest in exploring other cultures. That work provided the perfect transition to becoming a professional tour consultant. She joined Lilysun in 2016 as a specialist on Xian as well as other parts of China. Her language skills have enabled her to help thousands of travelers. She has earned a well- deserved reputation as a caring, responsive and patient guide who will address any problems that may arise on a tour.

  • Jack

    Jack is not a guide, but as our technical engineer he is a very important member of our team. Mainly responsible for the technical maintenance and SEO of our website, the result of his work is the first way that many of our clients come to know about Lilysun China Tours.