Xian & Pingyao 3-Day Tour

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Xian and Pingyao 3-Day Tour

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3 Days

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Arrive in Xian and visit the most significant sight of all - the Terracotta Warriors Museum. Then, take a high-speed train to Pingyao to experience life dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Pingyao Ancient Town is one of only two towns that have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites as whole towns. Taking this tour will enable you to see every aspect of life in the Ming and Qing Dynasties from commerce to daily tasks. You will access one of the most famous compounds - Qiao’s compound to get an idea of how prosperous the economy was and how a business family ran their commercial empire.

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* Note: This price is per person.

1. Walk in the Pingyao Ancient Town and learn about the delivery business in old China.
2. Taste unique Shanxi dishes and snacks.
3. Learn about the Qing Dynasty architecture by visiting the Qiao’s Compound.
4. Visit the Terracotta Warriors Museum and learn about the Qin Dynasty history.
5. Learn how to make dumplings in Xian if you wish.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1 Terracotta Warriors Museum, City Wall, Muslim Quarter

    09:00: With a friendly smile, your tour guide will meet you in your hotel lobby. Your day tour commences. You will head for the Terracotta Warriors Museum first.

    09:50: Arrive at the Terracotta Warriors Museum. Your guide will explain every detail of this museum, its history and other interesting facts. You will be fed with tons of knowledge. Being the most significant excavation of the 20th  century,  the Terracotta Army is a must-see sight for people coming to Xian. You will not only admire the craftsmanship of the different statues and ancient weapons in the three pits, but you will also learn about the motivation and significance of why this mausoleum was so grandly built.

    12:30: Savour the most authentic local lunch (lunch is for your own account). Xian is one of the famous food cities in China. For lunch, you will be faced with a variety of choices such as a Chinese Hamburger, Baozi (steamed stuffed bun), Spicy soup, Tofu Jelly, Deep - fried dough sticks, Pita Bread Soaked in Mutton Soup, Biang Biang Noodles, Guokui, to name but a few.

    13:30: Depart Terracotta Warriors and return to the city. It takes about 50 minutes to get back to the city from the Terracotta Warriors museum, during which time you can have a little rest and be prepared for the afternoon tour.

    14:20:  Visit the Ancient City Wall in a style that suits your preferences. You can either walk or ride a bike, or even take a golf cart (golf carts and bikes for your own account). This City Wall is the best preserved and most complete wall that has survived through China’s long history. It is about 12 meters high, 12 to 14 meters wide across the top and 15 to 18 meters thick at the base. The entire circumference is about 13.7 kilometers. It can take a while if you choose to walk the whole way around.

    16:00: Get off the City Wall and take a stroll in the Muslim Quarter. Learn about all kinds of folk art and taste various snacks here. This block is famous for its various foods and is regarded as a tourist spot for the tourists coming from all around the world, but is also especially popular with the locals in the summer where you will find them gathering for snacks and amusement.  In addition to Beiyuanmen Street, Daxuexi Street and Xiyangshi, there is also a large area including Dapiyuan, Dongyangshi, Beiguangji Street and Qiaozikou which old Xian locals call “Fangshang”. Here you will find the true Xian lifestyle if you are willing to explore.

    17:00: Head back to your hotel.

    Terracotta Warriors Museum    City Wall

Day 2 Rishengchang Draft Bank, City Wall, Ming Qing Street

    07:00: Your local Xian driver will be ready in your hotel lobby to take you to the Xian North Railway Station to catch train G2506.

    11:28: Arrive at Pingyao train station and meet your local Pingyao guide.

    11:40 - 12:40: Enjoy a Pingyao-style meal at a nice local restaurant (lunch is for your own account) before beginning your exploration.

    13:00 - 18:00: Wander in the ancient town. Visit the precedent of modern Chinese banks - Rishengchang Draft bank. Take a nice walk on the well preserved Ancient City Wall. Explore the defense system with your professional local guide and get a panoramic view of the ancient town. Afterwards, drive to the business street - Ming Qing Street, the Wall Street of ancient China. The whole street retains its original layout. On both sides of the street, Ming and Qing Style residences and shops are located, many of which are over a hundred years old.

    18:00:Check in to your Pingyao hotel.

    Pingyao City Wall Ming and Qing Street

Day 3 Confucius Temple, Ancient Country Government, Qiao’s Compound

    09:00: Meet your guide at the hotel lobby and start your last day tour.

    09:50  - 12:00: Continue your stroll in the ancient town to the Confucius Temple and Ancient Country Government. There are a few Confucius Temples in China, but the one in Pingyao is the oldest one discovered. It’s also the only Confucius temple that was built in the Jin Dynasty. You will find the largest Confucius statue and statues of other philosophers of Ru. Then, you will go inside the Ancient Country Government and learn how ancient officials lived and worked.

    12:50 - 15:00: Visit Qiao’s Compound. An enclosed castle-like compound with an area of 4175 sq meters, comprised of 6 big yards, 20 small yards and 313 rooms. There are no other houses or mansion neighboring it, just some streets. This compound belonged to a local family named Qiao, who made their way in commercial business, particularly in the banking business. From this compound, you can see ancient Chinese architectural concepts.

    15:50: Drop-off at the Pingyao train station where you will return to Xian.

    18:29: Your Xian driver will be waiting at the Xian North Railway Station on your arrival. Then, you will be transferred back to your Xian hotel.

    This Xian & Pingyao tour will come to an end.

    Qiao's Compound   Old Bank in Pingyao

Additional Information

What’s included:

Air-conditioned vehicles with experienced driver.
Licensed Chinese- English bilingual speaking tour guide.
Entrance fee for sights mentioned.
Bottled water.
2nd class train tickets between Xian and Pingyao.

What’s not included:

Personal expenses or private entertainment items at sights.
Tips or gratuities for guide and driver if we did a good job (recommended)

What to take:  smile and a relaxed, enthusiastic attitude.

Good to know:

1. As our customer, your time is very valuable to us. We will never take you to any factories or shops for shopping.
2. For lunch, we will take you to a nice local restaurant, where you can enjoy the local food at a fair price. Please inform us about your food preferences in case you have any allergies.
3. A regular day tour will last 8-9 hours. If you want a tour with a duration exceeding the working period of our tour guide and driver, we need to charge you for your extra hours at the standard rate of 100 RMB per hour.
4.The tour we provide you is based on days, not the hours. A regular day tour will last 8-9 hours. In case you only need our service for between 6 hours to 8 hours in one day, we will consider it a day tour.
5. Please be aware that your itinerary can be changed at anytime. Whenever you want to adjust it, we will help you with that.
6. What we provide are high-quality private tours, you will only be with your families or friends. There are no other people joining your tour.
7. Wheelchairs are available, please advise prior to your trip in case you need any.


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