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Year of the Snake

Snake is the sixth zodiac in the 12 Chinese zodiacs. It’s associated with the earthly branch Si (巳), which corresponds to the hours 9-11 in the morning. In terms of Yin and Yang, the zodiac Snake is Yin.

Years of the Snake

Years of the Snake


Associated Element


Heavenly Stems


Feb.10, 1929 - Jan.29, 1930



Ji Si


Jan.27, 1941 - Feb.14, 1942



Xin Si


Feb.14, 1953 - Feb.2, 1954



Gui Si


Feb.2, 1965 - Jan.20, 1966



Yi Si


Feb.18, 1977 - Feb.6, 1978



Ding Si


Feb.6, 1989 - Jan.26, 1990



Ji Si


Jan.24, 2001 - Feb.11, 2002



Xin Si


Feb.10, 2013 - Jan.30, 2014



Gui Si


Jan.29, 2025 - Feb.16, 2026



Yi Si

Snake People’s Personality


1. Modest and progressive;

2. Keen-minded, brainy and adaptable;

3. Mysterious, gentleman-like, eloquent and sophisticated;

4. Imperturbable, specially-talented, and preserving;

5. Silent and discreet;

6. Self-conscious, insightful and sensible;

7. Money-pursuing.


1. Jealous, hard to get along with people;

2. Intolerant about people's betrayal;

3. Apathetic, possessive, and emotional;

4. Stubborn, suspicious and peacockish.

Characteristics of Snake Men

In life: snake men are quite jealous and show-off in daily life, they like to pursue fame and fortune, which make it hard for other people to get along with them. However, they are persistent, acute and brainy. No matter how critical the situation is, snake men can always remain composed and face bravely.

In relationships: snake men sentimental and emotional, their love life is often unstable. They treat their relationship very seriously and single-mindedly, but they can't bear any kind of betrayal.

In career: snake men are very independent and can always work wonders with their own power. However, their lack of cooperation often make them hard to be successful in the long run. Besides, snake men don’t usually tell people their hardships and failures, they just bury the experiences into their heart and try to do better next time.

Characteristics of Snake Women

In life: snake women like to chase after fashion and always try to dress well. They have a high standard when it comes to choosing friends. As they value power and wealth, they will try to marry someone powerful or rich if they themselves aren’t. They will be perfect hostess and try everything to help their husbands get better.

In relationships: snake women are sentimental. They like to enjoy the comfortable feeling with their partners and try everything to create such atmosphere.

In career: snake women are calculating and resourceful, they can often achieve a lot in career.

Snakes and Western Astrology Signs



The dashing Aries and lazy snake make a contradictory combination, which often cause problems.


Restrained, discreet, and steady.


Self-reflective and intuitive.


Hungry for peoples recognition and compliment.


Generous, but indolent.


Intuitive, intelligent, attractive, and unfettered.


Preserving, insistent, and demanding.


Acute, sagacious, and kind.


Concerned and curious.


Tasty, outstanding, composed, and proactive.


Clear-thinking, perceptive, optimistic, and confidant.


Elegant, observant, and intuitive.

Snakes and Five Elements

Wood Snake (1965, 2025)

Wood snake are lively and active. They are cordial, generous and like to chat and make friends. At work, wood snakes are hardworking, insistent, patient and never give up. In relationships, they are willing to make effort and treat their partners sincerely. After marriage, those snakes often keep some distance with their partners to preserve the fresh feeling.

Metal Snake (1941, 2001)

Metal snakes are intelligent, resourceful, perceptive, and long-sighted, and good at making plans and pursue them. They are also responsible and kind, and willing to help people in need despite their cold outlook.

Water Snake (1953, 2013)

Water snakes are emotionally unstable and don't know how to control their emotions. They often beam with pleasure if happy and became sad if anything bad happens. Being friends with such snakes are relatively easy as their feelings are easy to tell, but their changeable emotions also impose pressure to others. At work, water snakes are hardworking, and capable and usually maintain a good relationship with their colleagues.

Fire Snake (1917, 1977)

Fire snakes are honest, cordial, friendly, principled, and always give people a sense of security. They value friends very much and always try to help their friends in need without asking for any retribution. In relationships, they are devoted and know when to tolerate and concede. Therefore, fire snakes often have a stable and harmonious marriage life.

Earth Snake (1929, 1989)

Earth snakes are honest, sincere and diligent. They are not very smart, but they are optimistic, cheerful and very responsible, they can stick to one course and do their job. Therefore, earth snakes can still have a good life.

Snakes with Different Blood Type

Snakes with Blood Type A

Snake people with blood type A are mostly meticulous, logical, discreet, and step-by-step. They are important in a team, especially in critical moments. Besides, these snakes are charming and elegant, they can treat other people with sincerity and be considerate to others.

Snakes with Blood Type B

Snakes with blood type B are vigorous, audacious, humorous and sophisticated. They are diplomatically capable, well-informed, flexible, persuasive, changeable, and mysterious. People in front of them can’t hide anything as they can see through things.

Snakes with Blood Type AB

Snakes with blood type AB are talented, strategical, patient, perceptive, rational and controlling. They have a high requirement for materials and cultivation, and like beautiful things.

Snakes with Blood Type O

Snakes with blood type O are discerning, sensible, inner-directed, decisive, but cunning, utilitarian, ambitious, controlling and conquering. These snakes have a high demand of life quality and value money, sometimes even seem a bit chinchy.

Snakes’ Love Compatibility

Each zodiac has its own characteristics. Love compatibility of Chinese zodiacs take these characteristics, five elements, and the horoscope into account to predict the best and worst matches. Refer to following table for snakes’ best matches.
























Good Matches: Dragon and Rooster

Bad Matches: Tiger, Rabbit, Goat, Pig

Lucky and Unlucky Things for Snake People

Lucky Things for Snakes

Lucky Numbers: 2, 8, 9

Lucky Colors: red, light yellow, black

Lucky Flowers: orchid, cactus

Lucky Directions: northeast, southwest, south

Things to be avoided

Unlucky Numbers: 1, 6, 7

Unlucky Colors: white, gold, brown

Unlucky Direction: northwest

Suitable Jobs and Careers for Snakes

Best Career for Snakes


Snakes have a meticulous thinking, they can move forward boldly once they decided. Although they seem frank, snakes are actually very doubtful and aesthetic. They are very suitable to engage in fields like art, culture, aesthetics and literature.

Comperes and Athletes

Snakes are alert ad flexible. They can engage themselves in field with high competitions like being compere and athlete.

Leaders and Managers

People born in years of snake have their own unique way of working. They just do things based on their own thoughts and rarely care about other people's thoughts. Such kind of people can be decisive and assertive managers and leaders who are able to point out a clear direction for subordinating people in ambiguity.

Best Business for Snakes: Clothing Business

If snake people do business, they are suitable for high-margin or highly competitive businesses like garment business. Snake people often have a unique aesthetic ability, they can choose and design clothes based on the trending fashion. Therefore, the best business for snakes are clothing business.

Who is the Best Business Partner for Snakes?

Snake and Rat

Average partners. They can work for a shared goal, but such cooperation cant last for a long time.

Snake and Ox

Good partners. They can understand and get along with each other, and finally benefit from their coordination.

Snake and Tiger

Bad partners. They hate and doubt each other and have conflicts, which will hinder their teaming.

Snake and Rabbit

Average partners. They can work together for mutual goal, but not in a very satisfyingly way.

Snake and Dragon

Great partners. They are compassionate with each other and willing to form a harmonious, beneficial and yielding union.

Snake and Snake

Good partners. They are the similar kind of people who can form firm union to achieve a shared course.

Snake and Horse

Bad partners. Their conflicts and disputes make them have nothing in common.

Snake and Goat

Average partners. They can work together in some levels.

Snake and Monkey

Bad partners. Snakes and monkeys neither understand each other nor are willing to communicate. If any of them distrust the other or hold some selfish thoughts, there will be big disputes between them.

Snake and Rooster

Great partners. Snakes and roosters are good combinations in both marriage and work. They can trust, understand and support each other.

Snake and Dog

Average partners. Although there are deep disputes between them and they cant actually understand each other, snakes and dogs are willing to dress their divergence peacefully.

Snake and Pig

Good partners. Snakes and pigs dont have big conflicts, instead they respect each other and can work together for their shared benefits.

How to Build Relationship with Snakes?

1.Give Them What They Want

People born in years of snake are hardworking all their life for their goals. They have a plan and a purpose and will try everything to fight for them as long as they deem worthy. To get along with snakes, the easiest way is to give what they want and become the best assistant they need. In this, they will not only try to be with you, but to maintain a long-term relationship with you.

2.Listen to Them

Snake people are actually picky, frank and honest, they will give you a lot of suggestions if they really trust you, which may seem a little nagging. If you have such a friend, you must understand that they meant well and be patient about their advice.

3.Do Your Part of Duty Well

Snake people are cautious, wise, composed, rational and pursue perfection in everything. They neither care about other people's rumors nor inquire people's privacy. They just want everyone to do their part of duty well. Therefore, to be friends with snakes, you need to do you part.

Snakes’ Fortune in 2020


Year 2020 is a relatively good year for people born in years of snake in wealth. Working snakes will be assisted by other people, their working efficiency will be improved and their ability of dealing with company matters will be enhanced significantly. Therefore, snakes will be appreciated by their leaders and be promoted with raised salary. However, this year is not a good year for snakes to do investments, especially for risky items that require large amount of money. Snakes need to manage their money well and save more and spend less.


Year 2020 is an auspicious year for snakes in career. For salary snakes, they will gain support and assistance from their colleagues and superiors, especially in critical moments. Their work will go well this year. If they can grasp the opportunity and work hard to maintain it, they will progress a lot in the end. For snake businessmen, this year will be a good year to find more suitable partners and make a career.

Love & Romance

Year 2020 is not a good year for snakes in terms of love and romance. Single snakes will meet a lot of setbacks when they find their life partners, which may hurt their feelings and dishearten them. For snakes who already have a life partner, they will have a rather indifferent relationship. Snakes tend to immerse themselves in their own thoughts and memories, and ignore their partners' feeling, which will cause problems. It's suggested that snakes check their own behaviors constantly and open their heart to their spouse and communicate more.


In 2020, snakes will have an average year in terms of health. They need to exercise more and balance the work and rest. As snakes are quite busy this year, they must take care of themselves and avoid being worn out.

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