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Terms and Conditions

By confirming a tour with Lilysun China Tours, you are acknowledging that you understand our respective rights and obligations. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. Upon booking your tour, we assume that you agree to all of our policies as well as our traveling style and modes.

l.Booking and Payment
Your booking would be confirmed by us sending you a confirmation paper with all necessary information on right after you made a non-refundable deposit. The required deposit is 100 USD for a single city tour, 200 USD for a double-city tour, and 30% for multiple city tours. After we receive your deposit, your tour will be tentatively confirmed until we send you a binding contract. Should we deem it necessary due to unforeseen situations to terminate the contract, your deposit will be refunded and the agreement terminated.
Once the deposit is paid, we issue an immediate confirmation. The only exception would be in the case of holidays. We provide high-quality, mainly tailor-made tours that require mutual confirmation on every detail. Until the confirmation, the itinerary, arrangements and quotes are subject to alteration. We reserve the right to change the itinerary, route or departure times due to unforeseen circumstances. On this, you will be advised immediately. Should you want to make alterations to the agreement during the tour, kindly consult with your tour counselor prior to making changes with your guide. 
Normally, the balance of payment must be paid in cash to your guide on the first day of the tour, preferably Xian guide. 

2. Cancellation Policy
Due to unforeseen circumstances, you may need to cancel your trip after you have made a deposit. 
No less than 2 weeks before your trip, you will lose your deposit;
Within 7 days - 13 days before  your trip, loss of 50% of your payment or just the deposit.
Within 6 day before your trip, loss of full payment or just the deposit.
According to the company policy, all the deposit are non-refundable. However, this deposit is fully transferable to other families or friends who travel with us in future.
For bookings that involves train tickets or flight tickets booking, these fees must be paid when the ticket reservations are made. Should a cancellation be made a few months before the trip, you would forego your deposit. However, we would refund the tickets minus the service fee charged by the airline or the train center. 

3. Validity of Information and Quote  
You are advised to check all the information and prices in the itinerary that we provide with confirmation. Should you find incorrect information in your confirmation, let us know as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience. In this regard you are advised to read the Inclusion and Exclusion Section carefully.  Lilychinasun China Tours reserves the right to correct inaccurate information.

4.Insurance Policy
For now, we only provide insurance for customers who travel with us for a minimum of five days and to multiple cities. Customers who are only staying in one city or a few days in China can purchase suitable travel insurance from Lilychinasun Tours. To obtain insurance one must fill out and submit the personal information form. 

5. Special Physical Conditions
Our potential customers are obligated to inform us in advance about illnesses or disabilities that could cause some inconvenience while traveling. Under some circumstances, a copy of medical records may be required. We will advise  you on the physical conditions of the tour in order that you can determine if it is unsuitable for you or members of your group. While we will tailor an itinerary suitable for various physical conditions and preferences, we maintain the right to remove any participants that we deem unable to meet the physical requirements of the tour. If dangerous or unforeseen situations occur due to concealment of physical conditions  we will not be liable for compensation. 

6. Non-adult Traveler 
Any traveler under 18 years old should be accompanied by at least one adult. Children under 1.2m are admitted to tourist sites free of charge, but for older children entrance ticket fees vary according to local regulations and policies. We will provide quotes on the prices of children’s admission fees.
Flight and train ticket prices are determined by regulation. A single train seat for a child is half the adult fare plus a service charge. Children between 1.2-1.5m, will be charged half the adult fee. Adolescents over 1.5m, are treated as adults with fees the same. Airline tickets for babies under 2 years old are free. Children from 2-12 years receive a 50% discount. Those over 12 pay the adult price.

7. Booking on Behalf of Others
If you are booking a trip on behalf of others, you will be responsible for providing all the required information for each traveler in your group. You will also be responsible for making the appropriate payments when due. In case of a payment dispute, you will be the person expected to handle the dispute.  

8.Special Requirements and Alterations
We ask that special requirements regarding accommodation, diet, vehicles, guides, wheelchairs, children boosts, flight seats, etc. be brought to our attention upon booking. Your price quote is closely related to those needs and preferences. While we will make every effort to fulfill your requests, given the actual situation and conditions in sites and cities visited, we cannot guarantee that every request can be met. Nor can we be responsible for inconveniences caused by flight delays, train cancellations, hotel disputes where you arranged the booking, or other forces that are out of our hands.

9.Optional Activities
 If a stranger approaches  you about purchasing tickets for optional activities in the name of LilySunTours, please bring it to the attention of your tour guide. Optional activities are excluded from the itinerary unless you have requested them from us.

The tour quote that we provide does not include international airfares. We are a sales agent for a limited number of domestic airlines. If we give you a price quote on one of those airlines, it will reference the current price at the time. That price may be subject to change at the time of booking. In regard to baggage, departures, delays or any other issues of concern you will need to check with the airlines. We are not liable for changes made by airline companies.

11. Images Policy
Most tourists take photos or videos during their tours. If your guide request copies of your photos, know that they may be posted on our website or other sites we use for marketing purposes. If you object to this use of your images, kindly inform us in advance to avoid disputes. 

12.Privacy Policy
While it is necessary to collect our customer’s personal information, it is only used to obtain necessary tickets for the trip. The information will not be shared with anyone that is not relevant to your trip. After the trip we destroy all the information you have provided.

If you have complaints during the tour, please bring them to our attention. We will take suitable measures to address them and rectify the situation as quickly as possible. We are not liable for claims or complaints raised more than 20 days after the trip. 

14.Smoking and Drugs
Smoking is strictly forbidden in the transportation vehicles and at the sites. Most hotels are smoke free as well. You will be expected to abide by their regulations. You may get a room where smoking is allowed by contacting the hotel in advance of your stay. If you need to bring drugs for medical purposes, it is best to consult with us ahead of the trip in order to know what kind of drugs are allowed. 

15.Passport & Visa
You will need to obtain your own visa for travel in China. Should you need help with this process, we can provide assistance as to what certificates are required for visa application.
In some places, Tibet for example, where a special entry document is required, we will handle it for you. 

16. Wifi Devices
Wifi devices are provided in the transportation vehicles. Outside of tour time, you will be responsible for data services or wifi devices. Hotels generally provide wifi services. If you are travelling in China for a long time, you are advised to buy a Chinese phone for more convenient contact.

17.Transportation Delay, or Missed
Should you have a delay that would make you late for a tour, kindly inform us immediately. We will attempt to adjust and rearrange your schedule. For any missed transportation, please let us know as soon as possible so we can amend the itinerary and get a refund for you.

18.Vehicles and Drivers 
We offer comfortable, air-conditioned cars or vans for your trip. While we have no laws or regulations regarding seat belts, we guarantee that each vehicle is equipped with seat belts. You are advised to wear them.  Note that our drivers have years of experience behind them. We expect nothing but kind and polite behavior from each driver we hire.

19. Forms of Acceptable Payment
Paypal: xiantourslily@gmail.com
Alipay / Wechat pay: 18629295068
Bank Transfer 
Bank Name: China Merchants Bank, Account Number 6225882901659752
(international): CMBCCNBS 
Payee’s Name: 
Bank Address: China Merchants Bank Tower No.7088, Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen, China.
Payee’s Address:
No. 9 Building, Room 1606, Changfengyuan Community
West Chang’an Road
City/State/ZIP:      Xi’an/Shaanxi/710061 
Country:                China