Xian Night View Tour to Big Wild Goose Pagoda

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Xian Night View Tour to Big Wild Goose Pagoda

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XA-Night Tour

Trip length:

3 Hours

Trip overview:

Xian has recently become an online celebrity city in China, one of the major reasons being its splendid night views that draw many tourists. Taking this three hour trip will enable you to enjoy the most glamorous part of Xian at night. The City Wall may seem old during the day time, but it is very modern at night under the shower of colorful lights. Going south, you will be deeply attracted by the majestic view of another must-see sight - the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Surrounded by crowds moving around, elders practicing Chinese calligraphy on the ground with big brush, middle-aged folks dancing and singing, you will have a mixed feeling of being in the old times. Following the lead of your guide, you will go to the Tang Dynasty Sleepless City to be further astonished by the great night view.

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  • Group size
  • 1-8 pax

* Note: This price is per person.


1. Follow your guide and find better spots for night view appreciation;

2. Be immersed into the majestic night scene of this ancient city;

3. Enjoy a splendid Fountain Show at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda;

4. Learn about some famous Tang-era poets, physicians, politicians, etc.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1 Night View

    Picked up from your hotel at 18:00, you will commence this amazing night tour.

    Your first sight is the City Wall. Built in the Sui Dynasty, Xian’s Ancient City Wall has endured a lot up and downs. It was always there to protect the Xianese whenever there was an invasion. Nowadays, it has retired from its protection duty, yet still functions as a cultural symbol of Xian. At night when all lights are on, the common-like City Wall becomes lively again.

    After visiting the historical city wall, you will drive to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. While visiting the Pagoda you should not miss the Fountain Show at the largest fountain square in Asia, which is located in the north square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The glamorous and sensual show is worth the trip and draws crowds from their other activities. Once the music begins, the water spout spreads instantly like a blooming flower. The shape changes with the music, making people feel like singing. After the fountain show, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda becomes the major scene again. You will see middle-aged locals dancing, singing, playing, practicing calligraphy or shuttlecock, etc. Some young people may prefer to visit the gift shops, ghost houses or restaurants.

    Adjacent to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, you will find the Tang Dynasty Sleepless City. Right opposite the great Monk Xuan Zang, you will see the sculpture of Jian Zhen, another famous monk in the Tang Dynasty. Instead of travelling to India for the Buddhist scriptures like Xuan Zang, Jian Zhen is known for making 6 attempts to reach Japan to spread Buddhism and promote cultural communication between the two nations. Moving on from Jian Zhen’s sculpture, you will encounter other celebrities like physicians, poets, calligraphers, and emperors. With an introduction from your guide, you will have a thorough understanding of the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

    You will be transferred back to your hotel to absorb your experiences.

    Big Wild Goose Pagoda    Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Additional Information

What’s included:

Public transport costs
Licensed Chinese- English bilingual speaking tour guide.
Bottled water.

What’s not included:

Personal expenses or private entertainment items at sights.
Tips or gratuities for guide if he/she did a good job (recommended)

What to take:  smile and a relaxed and enthusiastic attitude.

Good to know:

1.There will be a lot of crowds at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, please follow your guide closely.
2. This tour only gives a glimpse from the outside. If you wish to go inside anywhere you will need to pay for tickets and keep in mind that the time allocated for your next sight will need to be reduced. Any extra time will incur compensation for your guide.
3. If you wish to enjoy local snacks or experience some activities during the tour, please pay for this on site.


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