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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Lily Sun China Tours is fully committed to protecting the personal information that our clients share with us. The strict standards of security and confidentiality that we follow are fully explained below. By booking a tour, consent is given to our use of personal information for purposes of setting up and expediting a  trip. If you have any concerns about how we collect and use your personal information, please bring these concerns to us before you book the trip. 


Why do we collect personal information?
A client’s personal information is needed when it comes to booking train, flight or site tickets. Some sites permit only one entry ticket per person. With passport booking, we are able to obtain whatever number of tickets a client needs at a given site. Note that on entering these sites, it will be necessary to show a passport for identification purposes. 

What kind of information do we collect?

When a client books a multiple city tour with us, we require that they send us their email address, gender, age, passport copy, hotel names and addresses, flight and train information. While we only disclose the necessary personal information to the ticketing agencies, we can’t guarantee how or if they will choose to use that information for their own purposes. 


How do we collect information from clients?

We collect information through email, telephone and our website. We track our interactions with clients  in order to facilitate bookings. In some circumstances we need to collect the client’s information from a third party. If so, and with the consent of the party, we will only use that information to facilitate bookings. 


How do we use the information?

We use our clients data for the purpose of setting up and facilitating tours. Names, hotel and ticket information are only given to guide drivers in order to assure a smooth experience. Passport information will be given to the Train Station Center or Customer Service Sites in order to book tickets in advance.


How long does we hold a client’s information?
Unless a client requests that personal information be erased right after use, we hold it for as long as a trip is in progress. 


What happens when a web visitor links in to other websites from ours?

When a visitor links to another website from ours, their personal information is no longer in our hands only. We are not responsible for what use that website may make of a visitor’s information.


How do we collect and use information from visitors to our website?

We have a visitor monitor that automatically collects the visitor’s IP as they browse our website. We use this information internally to analyze visitor interests so that we can improve our service and products. Occasionally, we may contact a visitor by phone or social media to request feedback.


From time to time we may modify our privacy policy. However, whatever changes are made, the essence of the current policy will remain the same. If you have questions regarding our privacy policy, we are available for consultation.