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Year of the Dragon

Dragon is the fifth zodiac in the 12 Chinese zodiacs. It’s associated with the earthly branch Chen (辰), which corresponds to the hours 7-9 in the morning. In terms of Yin and Yang, the zodiac Dragon is Yang.

Years of the Dragon

Years of the Dragon


Associated Element


Heavenly Stems


Feb.23, 1928 - Feb.9, 1929



Wu Chen


Feb.9, 1940 - Jan.26, 1941

Metal (Gold)


Geng Chen


Jan.27, 1952 - Feb.13, 1953



Ren Chen


Feb.13, 1964 - Feb.1, 1965



Jia Chen


Jan.31, 1976 - Feb.17, 1977



Bing Chen


Feb.17, 1988 - Feb.5, 1989



Wu Chen


Feb.5, 2000 - Jan.23, 2001



Geng Chen


Jan.23, 2012 - Feb.9, 2013



Ren Chen


Feb.10, 2024 - Jan.25, 2025



Jia Chen

Dragon People’s Personality


1. Pioneering, optimistic and ambitious.

2. Earnest, responsible, honest, decisive and outgoing.

3. Strong, vigorous, ideal and romantic.

4. Frank, preserving and perfection-pursuing.

5. Have strong faith.


1. Domineering, arrogant, and proud.

2. Weak-willed, lack of flexibility and emotionally unstable.

3. Narrow-minded, self-conceited, crave for greatness.

4. Lack of persistence.

Characteristics of Dragon Men

In life

Men born in years of dragon are generous, responsible, honest, confidant and pioneering, which often draw a lot of friends and admirers to them. They enjoy their single life as they can focus on career and work single-mindedly. However, dragon men are impatient and hope to achieve fame and wealth overnight, which may make their previous efforts in vain.

In Relationships

Dragon men either marry early or remain single. If you want to be dragon's girlfriend, you have to be his confidant first and support him in both career and life. The special lady dragon men are looking for must be conversable and understanding. Thus, you just need to keep up with their thoughts and support them, you will win his heart, respect and love.

In Career

Dragon men are born with strong entrepreneur spirit. When you have problems in the workplace, you can always take advice from them. They will offer you ideas and solutions and help you to analyze the situation. They are natural career consultant.

Characteristics of Dragon Women

In Life

Women born in years of dragon are a little condescending and have high self-esteem, but they don't like people treat them like saints. All they ask is respect and they like to work for it. Dragon women rarely wear strong makeups, they like to remain natural and dress simply and seriously. They advocate that men and women are equal and women should engage themselves in politics. They can get really irritated in cases of sexism. In workplace, dragon women are competitive, capable and can’t do not tolerate any kind of oppression. They have the ability to compete with men and even do better.

In Relationships

Dragon women are passive in terms of relationships, but their generosity and self-discipline often attract may men. Therefore, they don't actually lack boyfriends. After getting married, dragon women can usually be happy.

In Career

Dragon women are typical modern professional women. They take efforts to balance their family life and career, but their strong dedication to work often occupy too much of their time, leaving less time for their family. To better balance the family and work, they need to reevaluate their polarized thinking and make choice sometimes. Generally speaking, dragon women often get married after they achieve in career.

Dragons and Western Astrology Signs



A complex of courage and strategy, advancing and demanding.


Down-to-earth doers, capable, ambitious and adventurous.


Deliberative, decisive, and complicated.


Capable, vigorous, curious, preserving, responsible, and authoritative.


Sentimental, responsible, and life-demanding.


Attractive, competitive, but self-conceited.


Manipulative, very competitive and ambitious.


Ambitious, aggressive, resilient, and courageous.


Gentleman-like, generous, frank and admirable.


Strange, novelty-pursuing, hate ordinary things.


Knowledgeable, persistent, and thorough.



Dragons and Five Elements

Types of Tiger



Wood Dragon

1964, 2024

Wood dragons are reticent, passive and don't like to communicate with others, which cost them some friends. However, they are talented, capable, and can eliminate other people' doubt in action. If they meet bosses that can appreciate their talents, they will impress everyone.

Metal Dragon

1940, 2000

Metal dragons are straightforward and dutiful. They like simple family life and can usually enjoy a good late lives with both fame and fortune. However, metal dragons are emotional and unsophisticated, which may hinder their personal development.

Water Dragon

1952, 2012

Water dragons are righteous, ambitious, preserving and value reality. No matter in life or at work, they can do well relying on their own strength. However, water dragons lack independence, they can be easily affected by others and just follow the mainstream. In relationships, they are humorous and attractive.

Fire Dragon

1976, 2036

Fire dragons are intelligent, able and good at integrating and making use of resources and succeed. They are lucky in relationships and can get people's favor easily. However, fire dragons' lack of principles often turn them into weathercocks, leaving people with unreliable impressions.

Earth Dragon

1928, 1988

Earth dragons are hardworking, aspirant, and compassionate. They are very patient with things and understand how to use their strengths. Facing difficulties, earth dragon won't quit halfway. Instead, they will stick to the course until they finally succeed. Besides, earth dragons are philanthropic and concerned, but sometimes, they can easily get lost with their mind.

Dragons with Different Blood Type

Dragons with Blood Type A

Dragon people with blood type A are generally rational, calm, outgoing, open-minded, and generous. They are passionate, brave and do things based on logic and priority. However, they are not very flexible and lack the ability to see through things.

Dragons with Blood Type B

Dragon people with blood type B are energetic and lively. They can easily mingle with friends and families. At work, they stress efficiency and like to do things quickly. Their strong coordination and diplomacy can make them leader-like.

Dragons with Blood Type AB

Dragons with blood type AB are born with the capability in handling interpersonal relationships. They are active in various social occasions. Besides, they are smart, competitive and flexible, and change with the overall environment.

Dragons with Blood Type O

Dragon people with blood type O are born with majestic grace. They are responsible, efficient, strong-willed, independent, have clear goals and don't give up easily. To friends and colleagues, these dragons are kind, generous, and like to work with others and become leaders.

Dragons’ Love Compatibility

Each zodiac has its own characteristics. Love compatibility of Chinese zodiacs take these characteristics, five elements, and the horoscope into account to predict the best and worst matches. Refer to following table for Dragons’ best matches.























Good Matches: Rat, Monkey and Rooster.

Bad Matches: Ox, Goat, and Dog.

Lucky and Unlucky Things for Dragon People

Lucky Things for Dragons

Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 6

Lucky Colors: gold, silver, hoary

Lucky Flowers: bleeding heart vine, larkspur, hyacinth

Lucky Directions: west, north, northwest

Things to be avoided

Unlucky Numbers: 9, 8, 3

Unlucky Colors: red, green, purple, black

Unlucky Direction: southeast

Suitable Jobs and Careers for Dragons

As people born in years of dragon are naturally meticulous, they are not suitable to engage in rigid works that only need labor, but with no thinking. Works requiring creative and thinking abilities are suitable for them, like art, politics, or academies.

Best Career for Dragons: architecture

The best career for dragons is architecture. Dragons are confidant and like to achieve greatness. By constructing grand buildings, dragons can realize their dreams.

Best Business for Dragons: hardware business

Dragons are lucky all their life. They are suitable to do hardware business like have a hardware store.

Who is the Best Business Partner for Dragons?

Dragon and Rat

Great partners. They can work together for success and happiness.

Dragon and Ox

Good partners. They respect each other and can cooperate for a mutual course.

Dragon and Tiger

Average partners. If they can overcome divergence and understand each other, dragons and tigers can coordinate.

Dragon and Rabbit

Average partners. They have mutual interest, but can only tolerate each other for some time.

Dragon and Dragon

Good partners. They dont have big conflicts, which make it possible for them to work together.

Dragon and Snake

Great partners. They can understand each other and work harmoniously.

Dragon and Horse

Average partners. They respect each other, but both have strong sense of competition. Unless they can communicate constantly, they cant get along at work.

Dragon and Goat

Average partners. They have some mutual interests, but dont really care about each other.

Dragon and Monkey

Great partners both in work and family.

Dragon and Rooster

Successful partners in both work and family.

Dragon and Dog

Bad partners. They have strong conflict and dont trust each other.

Dragon and Pig

Average partners. They dont have big conflicts, still, they cant cooperate for long time.

How to Build Relationship with Dragons?

1. Don't Steal Their Thunder

Dragons have strong self-esteem. They give everything careful thinking and weigh gains and losses all their life. Therefore, the best way to get along with them is to save their face and avoid stealing their thunder. In this way, dragons won't go against you.

2.Show the Real You

Dragons may seem arrogant, they are actually generous and friendly. To get along with them, you need to show the real you in front of them and don't try to lie as they can tell instantly.

3. Be Calm

Dragon people are nice, humorous and like the lively environment. They are sophisticated and impatient outside, but sensitive inside. Thus, you need to be calm when expressing your feelings and ideas. Only in this way can they listen to you.

Dragons’ Fortune in 2020


In 2020, dragons are quite lucky in wealth. Their female supervisors will provide advice for their career and business. Dragon engaging in cosmetics, clothes, beauty industries are even luckier. To gain more wealth, dragon businessmen need to contact the clients personally and maintain a good relationship with all them.


In 2020, dragons will go upward in career. Common working dragons are likely to be appreciated and raised by their female bosses. Dragons in business with clients dominated by women will have a better performance. Dragons planning to change a working environment need to consider more before making any decisions. Therefore, dragons can express themselves a little more to get attention from their superiors and increase the chance of promotion.

Love & Romance

Year 2020 is an auspicious year for dragons in terms of love and romance. Single dragons will meet someone special in blind date set by their female seniors. They may not hit it off with their dates right away, but if they try a little longer, things will get better. Dragons already in relationships need to consolidate their love foundation and avoid meeting their partners’ parents too early. Married dragons may get disputes over problems caused by their female elders, whom they should try to avoid making contact.


In 2020, dragons' health problems are mostly related to emotions. They can easily get paranoid and stressed out over some trivial things. Especially for dragons born in lunar March, June, September and December, they can get very nervous and have insomnia. Therefore, travelling outside may be good for them.

As dragon is the totem of Chinese nationality, ancient Chinese people related it with emperors. In modern times, people don’t consider dragon very sacred, but still it’s an auspicious zodiac. In every dragon years, there are always more babies than any other years. It also echoes with the saying “望子成龙” (hoping one’s children to be dragons, meaning hold great expectation of one’s children).

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