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Year of the Horse

Horse is the seventh zodiac in the 12 Chinese zodiacs. It’s associated with the earthly branch Wu (午), which corresponds to the hours 11-13 at midday. In terms of Yin and Yang, the zodiac Horse is Yang.

Years of the Horse

Years of the Horse


Associated Element


Heavenly Stems


Jan.30, 1930 - Feb.16, 1931



Geng Wu


Feb.15, 1942 - Feb.4, 1943



Ren Wu


Feb.3, 1954 - Jan.23, 1955



Jia Wu


Jan.21, 1966 - Feb.8, 1967



Bing Wu


Feb.7, 1978 - Jan.27, 1979



Wu Wu


Jan.27, 1990 - Feb.14, 1991



Geng Wu


Feb.12, 2002 - Jan.31, 2003



Ren Wu


Jan.31, 2014 - Feb.18, 2015



Jia Wu


Feb.17, 2026 - Feb.5, 2027



Bing Wu

Horse People’s Personality


1. Cheerful, romantic, enthusiastic and optimistic;

2. Heroic and righteous;

3. Active, recalcitrant, active and straightforward;

4. Open-minded, liberal, and kind;

5. Oratorical, intelligent, and ideaed;

6. Persistent, talented and agile;

7. Image-conscious.


1. Hot-blooded, enduring, but short-tempered;

2. Hate loneliness and crave for applause and compliment;

3. Immodest and hate being restrained;

4. Like involve in arresting course but often fail to make it to the end;

5. Vain and bad at financial management.

Characteristics of Horse Men

In life: men born in years of horse are energetic, confidant, kind, generous and optimistic. They like to participate in all kinds of activities and make friends, but they are impatient and short-tempered. When they attend social events, they often wear bright colored clothes in peculiar styles to attract spotlight. Besides, horse men also like sports. They have dexterous limbs and an elegant body.

In relationships: horse men can easily fall in love, but they can get out pretty easily as well. Although they expect to fall in love at first sight, horse men actually doubt the depth of such love and prefer the love process of turning friends into lovers. Once they fall in love, they can be very sensitive and lose themselves. In addition, horse men often fail to stick to one person, therefore, there is a big chance they may get a divorce in their life.

In career: horse men are decisive and enthusiastic. Once they decide to do something, they  will put all their energy into it. They also like to participate in multiple kinds of activities and work on different fields simultaneously, which often wear them out. In such case, horse men will hide themselves deep so that no one can detect their weariness.

Characteristics of Horse Women

In life: In the family, women born in years of horse are typical wives, daughters, and mothers. They care about their husbands, honor their parents and adore their children. Years of laboring in family can't break them, only make them stronger and want to devote more to their family.

In relationships: horse women, like horse men, are sentimental and sensitive in relationships. They devote all themselves to the people they love without regret. However, their effort is often not rewarding.

In career: horse women are strong-willed, hardworking, diligent, and talented. They love what they do and readily devote all their energy into their career. Even the simple and boring work will turn out to be interesting in their hands. Besides working, they like to place one or two flowers in the office to create a relaxing working environment. In addition, horse women are compassionate, they can stand in other people’s shoes and maintain a good working relationship.

Horses and Western Astrology Signs



Pushful, vigorous, proactive, enthusiastic, and kind.


Hardworking, talented, intuitive, and reflective.


Contradictory, composed, intelligent, unique, and humorous.


Romantic, dignified, peaceful, and untouchable.


Fearless, decisive, ad persistent.


Talented, creative, and self-conceited.


Graceful, educated , rebellious and stubborn.


Bright, observant, lively, disciplined, social, talented and persuasive.


Energetic, caring, and officious.


Nice, caring, and short-tempered.


Versatile, talented in languages, sensitive to numbers.


Perceptive, human, devout, and unique.

Horses and Five Elements

Types of Tiger



Wood Horse

1954, 2014

Wood horses are clear-minded and audacious, they can make outstanding achievement in almost everything they engage in. If they can learn philosophy from great mentors and pay attention to their self-cultivation, wood horses are likely to be leading figures in a country. Besides, they are very imaginative and insightful. The down side is that wood horses are short-tempered and emotional. In some cases, they only start strong and finish weak.

Metal Horse

1930, 1990

People born as metal horse are kind-hearted and candid, they are popular among their friends and like to help people in need. However, metal horses are straightforward and they can offend others without knowing it. They also dont like to accept critics from other people. Unanimous public opinion only drive them to go the other way in the course they believe in. For them, the most important thing is to reach the goal.

Water Horse

1942, 2002

People born as water horses are very talented and capable, but peculiar and emotional sometimes. If they can overcome their weaknesses, water horses will succeed in career. Besides, water horses are nice and considerate.

Fire Horse

1966, 2026

People born as fire horse are straightforward and tolerating. They are born smart, lively, and enthusiastic, but they are too proud to listen to others. If they can be a little modest and control their temper, fire horses will gain respect and trust from others.

Earth Horse

1978, 2038

Earth horses are optimistic, kind, and righteous, they like to make friends. They are also responsible and appreciated by their boss. Although they are short-tempered and make mistakes once in a while, their boss still trust them.

Horses with Different Blood Type

Horses with Blood Type A

Horses with blood type A are very patient and enduring. They are doers, but they don't usually care about their performance, which make them progress little even if they have worked a lot. Besides, these horses are short-tempered, arbitrary, and selfish.

Horses with Blood Type B

Horse people born in blood type B are cheerful, lively, frank and outgoing. They always bring happiness to their friends. These horse people are optimistic no matter what. Therefore, they have a lot friends who are always there for them.

Horses with Blood Type AB

Horse people born with blood type AB crave for freedom all their life. They can abandon everything for a free, colorful life. Besides, they are pure and kind-hearted, often condescending to people below them. In work, they always like to show off and try to prove themselves. However, these horses are often overly ambitious and miss a lot of opportunities.

Horses with Blood Type O

Horse people born with blood type O are cheerful, free, extravagant and vain. They have a lot of friends, but no confidant. Besides, these people neither care about money nor are able to manage their money. In career, they just want to be free and do what they like. Therefore, they often miss great opportunities. If they can work harder and be more patient, such horses will succeed.

Horses’ Love Compatibility

Each zodiac has its own characteristics. Love compatibility of Chinese zodiacs take these characteristics, five elements, and the horoscope into account to predict the best and worst matches. Refer to following table for Horses’ best matches.
























Good Matches: Tiger, Goat

Bad Matches: Rat, Ox, Horse, Rooster

Lucky and Unlucky Things for Horse People

Lucky Things for Horses

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 7

Lucky Colors: yellow, green

Lucky Flowers: calla lily, jasmine

Lucky Directions: east, west, south

Things to be avoided

Unlucky Numbers: 1, 5, 6

Unlucky Colors: blue, white

Unlucky Direction: north and northwest

Suitable Jobs and Careers for Horses

Best Career for Horses: tourism.

Horse people are very flexible, playful and like to travel a lot. Meanwhile, they have a delicate thinking and talent in organizational capabilities. Therefore, horses are suitable to work in tourism development and management.

Best Business for Horses: gallery

Horse people have a strong intuition of artistic appreciation. Even if they can't paint themselves, they can still discover many masterpieces. Besides, horse people are eloquent and persuasive. All these qualities make horses great businessmen in gallery.

Who is the Best Business Partner for Horses?

Horse and Rat

Bad partners. They hate each other.

Horse and Ox

Bad partners. They are very different persons.

Horse and Tiger

Great partners in both marriage and business. They can trust and rely on each other.

Horse and Rabbit

Average partners. They dont have much common ground, can only work together for a short time.

Horse and Dragon

Average partners. They respect each other and can work in certain levels.

Horse and Snake

Average partners. There is misunderstanding between them, but they can still work together if they both remain polite.

Horse and Horse

Great partners. They are similar people and have similar interests.

Horse and Goat

Good partners. They are attractive to each other and willing to help with each other s course.

Horse and Monkey

Average partners. They can only work in certain points.

Horse and Rooster

Bad partners. There are misunderstandings between them that keep them from cooperating together.

Horse and Dog

Great partners. They can make a great team.

Horse and Pig

Average partners. There are big conflicts and small commons between them.

How to Build Relationship with Horses?

Comply with Their Thoughts

Horse people are enthusiastic, cheerful, friendly, but controlling. They can't bear people they do things different than themselves. If you want to get along with them for a long time, you need to comply with their thoughts.

Be Modest Around Them

Horse people are very proud and competitive. They don’t like people who steal their thunder. Therefore, you need to be modest and discreet around them. Otherwise, horses will take you as enemy.

Be Honest

Horse people are generous, cheerful, social, humorous and frank. They can get along with almost everyone. The secret is that they don't play tricks or gossip around. Even if they disagree with other people's deeds, horses will often be frank about it. Thus, if you have a horse friend, remember to be honest to them.

Horses’ Fortune in 2020


Year 2020 is a relatively turbulent year for horse people in career. For working horses, they will have some problems with relationships, like quarreling with their colleagues, which will hurt their image in the company and affect their promotion. If they can pay more attention in handling relationships among colleagues, horses will have a rather good work life. For horse people new to the workplace, they need to lay low, get familiar with their work quickly and improve their working skills to prepare for promotion. For self-employed horse people, they must be careful this year. Facing the business opportunity, they need to check it very carefully before making any decision.


In 2020, the unstable work life will also affect horse people's wealth. The stress from both work and colleague relationships may drive horses to resign. However, this year is not a good year for horses to change job. If they must resign, horses may not find a suitable job right away. For horse people just graduated from school, they must not hold a high expectation about job. Instead, they need to work hard and improve their skills first.

Love & Romance

Year 2020 is an auspicious year for horse people in terms of love and relationship. For single horses, they will meet a lot of people. They just need to consider before jumping into decision. For horses already in relationships, they will get along with their spouse well. However, horses may bring the work problems to home and take out on their spouse, which may cause unpleasure between them. It's suggested that horses handle their work problems in office and give all their time to their family.


In 2020, horse people need to care about their body and exercise more. The problems at work may affect their health. Therefore, horses need to deal with their pressure in time. If possible, traveling will be very helpful for them.

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