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  • Panda Keeper Program in Dujiangyan Panda Base(Panda Keeper Program)

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    This tour is specially designated for Panda Lovers! As the national treasure and friendship token to other countries, the Giant Panda always draws people’s attention and attracts a large amount of tourists. Chengdu serves as home to most pandas in China and it has launched a new program to realize many people’s dream of taking care of pandas, namely the Panda Keeper Program. This day tour will give you the opportunity to care for your favorite animal by cleaning their enclosures and making them cookies. It’s a lot like taking care of cute babies. If they are familiar with you, they might play with you!

  • 2 Days Chengdu Highlights Tour with Panda(Chengdu Highlights Tour)

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    This trip is perfect for people who only have 2 days in Chengdu but still want to cover all the major sights there. On this two day tour, you will head for the Panda Breeding and Research center to see the cute pandas, and then visit the Wuhou Temple before heading for Jinlin Street for food. On the second day, you will leave for Leshan city and pay a visit to the Leshan Giant Buddha whilst take a short cruise on the river.

  • 2 Days Classic Chengdu Tour(Classic Chengdu Tour)

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    If you have planned several days in Chengdu, you must take this tour. Besides the Pandas, most people come here for many other woth-visiting historical and natural sights Chengdu house. Chengdu used to be praised as ‘A Land of Abundance’, but do you know why? Come and visit the Dujiangyan Irrigation System to understand how this great work contributed to local agriculture. Then visit the Sanxingdui Ancient site to see how prosperous Chengdu used to be dating back to the Three Kingdoms Period. On the second day, you will climb Mt. Qingcheng and enjoy leisure time close to nature.

  • 14 Days Beijing - Xian - Chengdu- Yangtze River Cruise - Shanghai Tour(China Highlights Tour)

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    This 14-day long trip offers almost all the Chinese elements worth visiting covering Great Wall in Beijing, Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the Chinese national treasure Giant Pandas in Chengdu, Natural Views of the Yangtze River between Chongqing and Yichang, and the last stop modern Shanghai. Arrive in Beijing and ease your jet lag before exploring this amazing city. Then, take a high-speed train to Xian and pay a visit to the Eighth World Wonder. Leave for Chengdu where Giant Pandas are housed and take care of them if you apply for Panda Keeper Program. Take a cruise on the third longest river on earth - the Yangtze River and be immersed in the absolute beauty of the beautiful scenery on both banks. In the end, take a flight to Shanghai and explore this charming city for your last couple of days before heading back home.

  • 12 Days Beijing - Xian - Chengdu- Guilin - Shanghai Tour(12 Days Combo China Trip)

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    Arriving in the capital city of China, you will pay a visit to the most noted sites like the Forbidden City’s hidden halls and Great Wall in the first two days. Take a high-speed train southward to Xian, another ancient capital city, where you will dive into the culture of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses and take an interesting bike ride on the City Wall. Hop on another train and head for Chengdu, for an experience mixed with fun and food. Visit the Giant Panda Breeding Center whilst you enjoy the local Sichuan cuisine, which tastes nothing like the so-called Sichuan food back home. Take a flight to Guilin, a beautiful natural city. Enjoy a Li River Cruise and leisure time. Before heading back home, stop off in Shanghai to discover its tranquil temples and get a glimpse into local people’s lives.

  • 11 Days Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai Tour(11 Day Popular China Tour)

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    This trip not only covers the three triangle cities of Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, but also a picturesque wonder - Guilin. Arrive in Beijing and visit the most popular sights like the Forbidden City and Mutianyu Great Wall. Take a high-speed train to Xian and see the World Heritage Site - Terracotta Warriors Museum. Then, take a flight to Guilin, and enjoy a leisurely cruise on the Li River. Disembarking the cruise, head for Yangshuo and wander in the famous West Street. On the next day, drive to the Longji Terraces and visit a Miao minority family. Your last stop is Shanghai, another metropolis. You will visit the representative Jiangnan -style garden - Yuyuan Garden. Enjoy the view of Shanghai from the world’s third tallest building - the World Financial Center. At night, take a Huangpu River Cruise and enjoy the beautiful night view.

  • 1 Day Beijing Layover Tour(1 Day Beijing Layover Tour)

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    This trip is specially designed for people who only have one day or just a couple of hours layover in Beijing who still want to pay a visit to local sites. Your private guide and driver will meet you at the airport upon your arrival and navigate you to the city center to visit some major sites like the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square; or the Mutianyu Great Wall. After the tour, your guide will escort you back to the airport and bid you farewell.

  • Kungfu Show in Red Theater(Kungfu Show )

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    When speaking of Kung fu or martial art, many people think of China. It’s hard to eliminate the stereotype that all Chinese can practice Kung Fu. The fact is not every Chinese person is capable of practicing Kung Fu. Most of them don’t. Perhaps earlier than any other practitioners, Bruce Lee opened the eyes of the Western world to the fascinating practices of Chinese martial arts; now the worldwide followers of the various related disciplines are in the millions. If you are sick of just sitting in front of the screen to see it you are most welcome to join this experience and see with your own eyes how Kung fu is performed.