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  • 1 Day Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking Tour(1 Day Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking Tour)

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    This hiking tour is specially designed for people who absolutely adore hiking and outdoor activities. Even if you are not that much of a mountaineer, you can still enjoy this trip by taking cable car up and toboggan car down whilst admiring the breathtaking views this grand architecture can offer. We will arrange a tour guide who specialize in mountain hiking and who is genuinely passionate about outside work. He will take you through every step and introduce to you how this miraculous work was

  • 5 Days Beijing - Zhangjiajie Tour(5 Days Beijing - Zhangjiajie Tour)

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    Arrive in Beijing and make the best of these 2.5 days visiting the major sites in Beijing covering Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Mutianyu Great Wall, and the Summer Palace. Then, take an afternoon flight to the paradise of Zhangjiajie. As a natural treasure, Zhangjiajie is filled with rare herbs and trees. Traveling here, you must visit the Yuanjiajie forest park and marvel at the spectacular rock formations and peaks. Take the Bailong Elevator built on the cliff and walk on the Glass Bridge to see the foggy mountains, peaks and trees. This is the very highlight of this trip. Then go down to the Baofeng Lake, take a boat ride and watch the local minority youth singing and dancing.

  • 5 Days Premium Tour from Beijing to Shanghai(Beijing & Shanghai Premium Tour)

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    Joining this 5-day Beijing & Shanghai tour will enable you to visit two of the top cities in China. In Beijing, you will spend two days visiting all must-see sites like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Then, you will ride on a high-speed train to Shanghai. Visit Yuyuan and sit under a cool pavilion while watching water flowing quietly under the bridge. Travel to the top of the World Financial Center and have a birds-eye view of the whole city. Visit a water town and take a boat ride to add to your special holiday memories.

  • 7 Days Beijing - Pingyao Tour(7 Days Beijing - Pingyao Tour)

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    Arrive in Beijing and spend two full days visiting all the major sites including the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Take a high-speed train and head for Pingyao. Pingyao Ancient Town is one of the only two towns that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site as a whole town. Taking this tour would enable you to see every aspect of life in the Ming and Qing Dynasties from commerce through to daily life. You will access one of the most famous compounds - Qiao’s Compound to get an idea of how prosperous the economy was and how a business family ran their commercial empire.

  • 5 Days Beijing - Chengdu Tour(Great Wall & Panda Tour)

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    Arrive in Beijing and spend two whole days visiting the most important sites from the Forbidden City to the Mutianyu Great Wall. Then, take a high-speed train heading southward to Chengdu. Participate in the Giant Panda Keeper Program learning how to take care of the pandas. You will make cookies for them and clean up their enclosures. On the last day, visit the Giant Buddha in Leshan city and taste Chengdu cuisine on Jinli Street.

  • 3 Days Beijing Discovery Tour(3 Days Beijing Discovery Tour)

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    Spend three days discovering the charm of this amazing city. Follow your personal guide to explore the mysterious life of ancient Imperial Families in the Forbidden City and Lama Temple and then climb the hill in Jingshan Park to have a bird’s- eye view of the whole palace compound. Walk along the grand Mutianyu Great Wall and have an idea how ancient soldiers protected their home and resisted the invaders. Visit the Temple of Heaven and learn how emperors protected their subjects and pleaded for a good harvest. Stroll in Tiananmen Square and the old Hutong alleys to contrast the drastic change of the city.

  • 2 Days Beijing Expedition Tour from Tianjin Port(Expedition Tour from Tianjin Port)

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    Are you still vexed about what to do when you arrive at Tianjin port for a 2 day stopover during a cruise? Do you want to visit Beijing in this short time of period, but can’t find the right agency to help? Well, this 2-day Beijing expedition tour is specially designed for you! Lilysun China Tours will arrange a high-quality private transfer service to host you right from disembarking your cruise to the end when you board again. During this trip, you will cover all the most important sites in Beijing including the Forbidden City and the Mutianyu Great Wall. In your free time, you are advised to visit Beihai Park and wander in the old Beijing Hutongs.

  • Day Tour to Forbidden City and Great Wall(1 Day Beijing Essence Tour)

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    Explore the three most important sites in one day. Skip the line and have more time to closely scrutinize the Forbidden City, and learn about the Ming and Qing Dynasties’ royal life. Visit Beijing’s landmark Tiananmen Square and recollect the historic events that happened there. Drive outside of the city and walk along the Mutianyu Great Wall. Take a cable car to the top and a toboggan or cable car down.