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  • 1 Day Hiking Tour from Simatai to Jinshanling Great Wall( 1 Day Simatai to Jinshanling Great Wall)

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    This day tour will take you to hike on two of the most famous wild sections of the Great Wall. On this 6-hour hike, you will be rewarded with stunning natural views, great service from your guide and a true insight into local people’s lives.

  • Beijing Cooking Class(Beijing Cooking Class)

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    The half day cooking experience will reveal the secrets of Chinese cuisine and enable you to learn how to make authentic Chinese food under the guidance of a professional chef coming from 5-star hotels. Besides the cooking skills, you will go to a hustling local market and get acquainted with various ingredients. In the end, you will enjoy what you have made and get a present from us.

  • Shanghai 2-Day Package with Zhujiajiao Water Town(Shanghai 2-Day Package)

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    Spend two full days exploring this charming modern metropolis. Visit the Yuyuan Garden and enjoy the serenity of this delicate yet elaborate garden, a typical old southern private garden. Then, stroll in the former French Concession and learn about a little history of modern China. In the afternoon, you will leave for the World Financial Center and have a bird’s-eye view of the whole city following the amazing museum tour. Finally you will round off this day trip with a leisure cruise. The next day starts with the highlight of this trip -Zhujiajiao Water Town. Thereafter you will visit Tianzifang Street where you can stroll and enjoy at your leisure.

  • 6 days Shanghai -Suzhou - Hangzhou Trip(6 Days Shanghai and Surrondings Tour)

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    Arriving in Shanghai you will explore Shanghai with your guide. Visiting a Shikumen in the French Concession gives a glimpse into the short period of time when foreigners lived in this city. Be rewarded with the best view of the whole city from the on the World Financial Center. Visit the Shanghai museum and learn more about Shanghai history. Next, you will head for Suzhou and Hangzhou to discover these two Jiangnan-style cities. Enter the Master of Nets Garden and have a peek at how private gardens look. Then, ride a boat on the West Lake and listen to the legendary love story between Bai Niangzi and Xu Xian.

  • 4 days Shanghai -Zhangjiajie Trip(4 days Shanghai -Zhangjiajie Trip)

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    If you have several days in Shanghai and haven’t figured where to visit, this tour is designed for you! After visiting the traditional sights in Shanghai including the Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Museum, Jade Buddha Temple and the Bund, you will take a flight to Zhangjiajie and be away from the bustle of the city to clear your mind.

  • 4 Days Shanghai - Huangshan Tour(4 Days Shanghai - Huangshan Tour)

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    This tour is designed for people who want to see the true modern China and then enjoy an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to the natural world. In Shanghai, you will learn about modern Chinese history in the French Concession and local bazaar, and then go to the tallest building in Shanghai to enjoy a full view of the whole city. Then, take a high-speed train and head for Huangshan to savour a natural wonderland. Be immersed in the foggy mountain, you might feel like you've entered a fairyland. Descending the mountain, you will visit a famous, local village like Hongcun Village. Featured with distinct Hui-style architecture, the calm and serenity of these villages and country life is therapeutic.

  • 4 Days Li River and Terraces Tour(4 Days Li River and Terraces Tour)

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    It’s said that Guilin has the most stunning natural landscapes under heaven. It has attracted thousands of visitors each year with its unique charisma. This trip will take you around the city and its surroundings to explore the most authentic ethnic life. On the first day you will depart for the Longji Terraces Field. In another location it would just be an ordinary rice field, but here it’s art. Set against the backdrop of magnificent mountains, the terraces look like colorful sitting dragons. On the second day, you will take the Li River Cruise and enjoy the authentic Guilin views. This day will consume a lot of memory in your camera. The next day, you will find yourself in the picturesque Yangshuo countryside and enjoy the fresh air and clear your mind. Before leaving this place, you will head for the Reed Flute Cave and see the amazing work God has done to finish this tour on a high note.

  • 11 Days Silk Road Trip(11-day Silk Road Trip)

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    This fortnight long trip will unveil the mysteries and legends of the Silk Road in China. Commencing from the very beginning of this road, Chang’an (present day Xi’an), Terracotta Army and Horses will make up your first highlight. An overnight train will take you to Zhangye to catch a quick glimpse into authentic life back in the Hexi Corridor and admire the spectacular Danxia landform. Switch to another train to access the last outpost of the Han Dynasty - Jiayuguan City, you will pay a visit to one of the most significant forts, Jiayujian Fort, and learn its hidden stories. Depart Jiayuguan, your next destination is Dunhuang, another highlight of this trip. The Mogao Grottoes resonate with tourists with their exquisite artworks and great religious impact. The last part of your trip begins in Turpan, a land of abundance specially famed for its Hami melons, grapes, and other sweets fruits. One of the must-see sites is Flaming Mountains, which is very interesting if you are familiar with Journey to the West. Your second-last city will be Urumqi where you will find peace in your heart and mind exploring the Heavenly Lake. Take a flight to Kashgar to wander in the local market and watch locals bargaining. At this point, your two week’s travel comes to an end and you will return home with a head full of history and culture and phone filled with fantastic pictures.