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  • Half Day Terracotta Army Tour with Local Cave House Visiting( Terracotta Army Tour with Cave House)

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    On this half day trip, you will visit the most important sight in Xian and then head for a local cave house and learn about this old living form. In the morning, your guide will lead you to the must-see sight Terracotta Warriors Museum and where you can dive into the Qin culture. Replete with history and culture, you will pay a visit to a local cave dwelling family and explore the reasons why such a living style is still in use nowadays. At the end of this trip, you will be transferred back to your hotel.

  • Half Day Layover Tour to Terracotta Army and Horses(Layover Tour to Terracotta Army )

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    This half day tour is designed for people who only have a half day transit in Xian between flights. A round-trip hassle-free private transfer service from and to the airport is provided. Your personal guide will meet you at the airport upon your arrival and you will go straight to the Terracotta Warriors Museum. Filled with all kinds of knowledge regarding the great mausoleum and the Qin empire, you will be transferred back to the airport and be ready for your next flight.

  • 1 Day Private Tour to Han Yangling Museum and Yuanjiacun Village(Day Tour to Museum and Rural Village)

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    This day tour will take you to the Xian suburbs and offer you the most authentic glimpse into local life whilst presenting the only underground museum in China. It’s well-known that Xian served as the capital city in 13 dynasties, of which the Han Dynasty was one of the most important phases in Chinese history. In the Han Yangling Museum, you will learn all about the Han Dynasty and the role of the city of Xian during this great time. Following that, you will navigate your way to the Yuanjiacun Village where the authentic rural lifestyle is still best preserved.

  • Half Day Terracotta Army Tour with Mini-warrior Making Experience(Warriors Tour with Experience)

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    As you admire the grand Terracotta Warriors and Horses formations, a question may strike you, how did ancient Chinese people manage to accomplish such a masterpiece using primitive techniques? That’s when we will take you to a local cave dwelling where these techniques are best preserved. All the mystery will be unveiled and you can try your hand at making miniature versions of these great soldiers.

  • 3 Days Hiking Tour From Jiankou, Gubeikou to Simatai West(Jiankou to Simatai Great Wall Trekking)

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    The wild wall at Jiankou to Gubeikou displays the ruined and original condition of the wall. Mutianyu, Jinshanling and Simatai vary from tower to tower. Immerse yourself in the rural life of China and learn about the locals. You will be rewarded for your effort and determination on the Great Wall of China.

  • Beijing Acrobatic Show(Beijing Acrobatic Show)

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    Acrobatics is a skill with a long history in China. After thousands of years development, this performance has become more precise and daring. In this show, you will see how flexible the human body can be and you will admire some of the highlights like traditional lion dancing, stunning bicycling, fire stunts and contortion acts.

  • 2 Days Hiking Tour from Jiankou Section to Simatai West Section(2 Days Jiankou Section to Simatai )

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    This hiking trip requires fitness, strength and energy from you. It’s specially designed for people who like to challenge themselves and absolutely love nature. An experienced tour guide will be appointed to guide you through the undeveloped parts of the Great Wall and enjoy the wildness of nature. You will also be invited into the home of a local family where you will gain deep insight into their lives by spending a night there. Five to six hours of hiking on Day 1 and 3 hours the next day should satisfy your desire to get close to nature and be rewarded with spectacular views.

  • Beijing Opera(Beijing Opera)

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    The Peking Opera, regarded as the quintessence of Chinese culture, is a traditional style of Chinese theatre performance with a rich history of more than 200 years. As the soul of the Chinese national culture, it has inspired the ethos of the Chinese people and grown in immense popularity among Chinese theater-goers and even foreign audiences.