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  • 8 Days Beijing-Tianjin Discovery Tour(8 Days Beijing-Tianjin Discovery Tour)

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    This 8-day tour will take you to visit the Beijing and Tianjin city. You will explore the hidden parts of the Forbidden city, get on the Jingshan park and have a full view of the palace, learn how to make the authentic Chinese dishes under the guidance of a professional chef, and experience the traditional Chinese handicraft. After that, you will go to Tianjin and discover the charm of this city and be greatly impressed by the Porcelain House. When you back to Beijing, you will admire the “Northern Water Town” - the Gubei Water Town and its neighbour Simatai Great Wall before your departure.

  • 7 Days Golden Hunan Tour to Fenghuang, Zhangjiajie and Changsha(Fenghuang - Zhangjiajie - Avatar Trip)

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    This 7-day tour will take you to dive deeper in Hunan province by visiting the mysterious Fenghuang Ancient Town, picturesque Zhangjiajie and the hometown of Chairman Mao - Changsha.

  • 7-day Chengdu Relaxing Tour(7-day Chengdu Relaxing Tour)

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    As one of the laid-back cities, Chengdu has lived up to its reputation. In this 7-day trip, you will have a full experience of slow life in Chengdu. Take a day to join the Giant Panda Volunteer Program, you will understand how meticulous the nurses have to be about the giant panda. Then, you can immerse yourself in the rich culture of Sichuan cuisine and actually try to make several dishes under the instruction of a professional chef. In the following days, after living like a local person in the Renmin’s Park, Jinli Street and Kuanzhai Alley, you will get close to nature and relax even more in Mt. Qingcheng and Tea Plantation.

  • 8-day Beijing - Kaifeng -Dengfeng - Luoyang Tour(Great Wall and Longmen Grottoes Tour)

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    This 8-day tour will take you to four ancient cities of China - Beijing, Kaifeng, Dengfeng and Luoyang. In Beijing, you will explore the magnificent Forbidden City and its recently opened parts, hike on the breathtaking Mutianyu Great Wall, admire the high-rise CCTV New Tower, enjoy thrilling acrobatic show, and if time permits, taste authentic Beijing Roast Duck. After visiting Beijing, you will take the train to Kaifeng where you will pay your respects to Governor Bao Zheng and walk in the picturesque Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden. Then you will head to Luoyang via Dengfeng city and be totally awed by the Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin Temple and the inspiring Zen Music.

  • 8-day Shaanxi Adventure Tour(8-day Shaanxi Adventure Tour)

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    There is a folk belief that ancient treasures can be found in literally every inch of the Shaanxi soil. The fact is Shaanxi Province isn’t just about history and culture; it also boasts the various spectacular natural landscapes like precipitous and physically-challenging Mount Huashan, magnificently surging Hukou Waterfall, unique and locally-featured Yan’an Cave Dwellings, and one of most significant nature’s creations - Valley of the Waves in Jingbian. This trip will take you to not only visit the world-famous Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum but, most importantly, bring you to go outside Xian city and enjoy the grand views northern Shaanxi has to offer!

  • 1 Day Private Tour to Yuanjia Village and Local Cave Dwelling(Day Tour to Yuanjia Village and Local Cave House)

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    Besides historical sights and concrete modern complex, Xian can also offer you a new experience of rural life. This day trip will lead you to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and freshen up in Yuanjia Village and Cave Dwelling. Yuanjia Village is one of the villages that Ming and Qing Dynasty style folk house still well preserved. In the afternoon, you will head for a featured local dwelling - cave house. You will be surprised of such kind of dwelling standing the test of time.

  • Private Xian Night and Food Tour by Tuk Tuk(Private Xi'an Night & Food Tour )

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    If you have a little bit more time between some regular city tours in Xi’an and at the same time you love foods very much, then this tour is a ticket for you to see how different the city is at night and to make you a real gourmet by trying amazing local food. Served as capital of China for more than 1,200 years, the city was the home of many emperors and different religions as well as the terminus of world famous Silk Road. With the introduction of various kind of spices and flavorings from western regions, Xi’an food get its own special style and taste. Join in this tour, you could get a close touch to the famous Xi’an food and local people’s life without missing some historical and cultural monuments in town.

  • Terracotta Army Day Tour with Local Food Exploration(Terracotta Army Tour with Food Exploration)

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    Are you vexed for not having enough time to admire the profound history and culture in Xian while exploring the authentic local food? This day trip will offer you an opportunity to visit one of the most significant archeological excavations in Xian while taking you to the hidden paths of the city where the authentic Xian food is available.