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Ultimate Local Tips for Xian

8 Basic Xian Facts

1.Xi’an is the capital city of Shaanxi Province.
2.Xi’an served as the capital for 13 dynasties in Chinese history, including the famous Han and Tang Dynasties.
3.The history of Xi’an city is a microcosm of Chinese history, which can be revere at the Shaanxi History Museum.
4.Xi’an is the starting point of the world-famous Silk Road.
5.Xi’an is home to numerous historical events and sights.
6.Xi’an is a food paradise.
7.Xi’an is growing to be a major hub for culture, industry, and education in northwest China.
8.The best time to visit Xian is Spring and Autumn.

Xian City

Sightseeing in Xian

Must-see Sights

1.The Terra Cotta Army, one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in 20th century, is the No.1 sight you must visit.

2.The towering Big Wild Goose Pagoda dating back to 1,300 years ago is still standing in the southeastern city, witnessing much ups and downs of Xi’an in the past thousand years.

3.Biking on the Ancient City Wall will be a chance for you to feel the pulse of the Xian city.

4.The Great Mosque stays quietly in the middle of the hustling and bustling warren-like Muslim Quarter, with vendors of all descriptions shouting and hawking along the serpentine lanes and the roaring roads a bit further out.

5.The glittering Bell Tower and Drum Tower reflect each beauty at night with spectacular light.

Terracotta ArmyXian City Wall

6.Possibly Xi’an’s most underrated highlight - Han Yangling Mausoleum is waiting for you to explore.

7.Huaqing Hot Springs is famous for its exquisite scenery and therapeutic hot springs.

8.Outside of the town, Mt.Hua is towering and waiting for you to conquer.

9.The dainty and exquisitely designed Small Wild Goose Pagoda and Xian Museum are two great places to learn Xian history and have a leisure time.

10.The grand Shaanxi History Museum with over 113,000 pieces of relics to depict the history ranging from 1.15 million years ago to the eve of the Opium War in 1840.

Mount.HuaGreat Monsque

Sights Off the Beaten Path

1.Shuyuanmen Cultural Street, a cultural scared place where you will admire all kinds of calligraphy and painting works, and also a great place to get souvenirs.

2.Cave Dwellings, experience the traditional dwelling form of northwest Chinese people in old times.

3.Gao’s Courtyard - a hidden gem inside the hustling and bustling Muslim Quarter.

4.Beilin Steles Museum, a great place to appreciate the traditional Chinese calligraphy painting and learn the technique of rubbing.

5.Guanzhong Folk Custom Park where you will explore all kinds of tools, folk customs, furniture, and much more about Shaanxi people.

Guanzhong Folk MuseumGao‘s Compound

6.Famen Temple, one of the most prominent Buddhist temples in China.

7.Qianling Mausoleum, a great place to pay respect to the only Empress Wu Zetian.

8.Yuanjiacun Village, both a tourist sight and a local food paradise. Prepare to be stuffed.

9.Banpo Neolithic Museum, a place where you can travel back 6000 years ago to see the living conditions of Banpo Matriclan Society.

Famen TempleQianling Mausoleum

Shopping in Xian

Modern Large-scale Shopping Malls

1.SAGA Shopping Mall 西安赛格国际购物中心SAGA

Features: fast fashion, comprehensive shopping mall with restaurants, shopping, and entertainment

Add.: 123 Chang’an Nan Ru, Yanta District, Xian

Tel: 86 29 86300000

Business Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 (Monday - Thursday); 10:00 - 22:30 (Friday - Sunday)

How to get there: Xiaozhai Station, Metro Line 2

2.Kai Yuan Shopping Mall 开元商城

Kai Yuan Shopping Mall

Highlight: high-end shopping mall

Add.: East of Bell Tower, East Avenue, Xian

Tel: 86 29 87235382

Business Hours: 10:00 - 21:30

How to get there:Bell Tower Station, Metro Line 2

3.Minsheng Department Store 民生百货Minsheng

Highlight: Mid-range commodities

Add.: No.103 Jiefang Road, Xian

Tel: 950711

Business Hours: 10:00 - 21:30

How to get there: Wulukou Station, Metro Line 1

4.Century Ginwa Shopping Mall  世纪金花购物中心

Highlight: high-end shopping center, luxury goodsCentury Ginwa

Add.: No.27, West Avenue, Bell and Drum Tower Square, Xian

Tel: 86 29 -87284688

Business Hours: 9:30-22:00 (Summer time),9:30-21:00(Winter time)

How to get there: Bell Tower Station, Metro Line 2

5.Parkson Shopping Center 百盛购物中心Baisheng

Highlight: mid-range shopping center

Add.: No. 238 East Avenue, Xian

Tel: 86 29 87447778

Business Hours: 9:30 - 22:00

How to get there: take Bus 610/ 15/ 201/ 205/ 215/ K215/ 218 / 221/ 222/ 229/ 23/ 252/ 251/ 286/ 300/ 31/ 32/ 43/ k45/ 4/ 604/ 611/ 612/ 618/ K618/ 622 and get off at the Guangji Street.

6.Luomashi Commercial Pedestrian Street 骡马市步行街Luomashi

Features: fair-price goods, young people’s love, fast fashion, food street

Add.: Luomashi Commercial Street, Beilin District

Tel: 86 29 87656890

Business Hours: 24/7

How to get there: Bell Tower Station, Metro Line 2

7.Datang West City 大唐西市

Features: Tang Dynasty architectures, silk road culture, antiques, modern commoditiesDatang Xishi

Add.: No.1, Laodong South Road, Lianhu District

Tel: 86 29 88361111

Business Hours: 24/7

How to get there: take Bus 106/ 107/ 156/ 184/ 201/ 24/ 322/ 43/ K43/ 503/ 734 and get off at the Datang Xishi Station.

8.Datang Ever Bright City 大唐不夜城

Tang Sleepless Town

Features: Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Dynasty architectures, high-end shopping malls and entertainment facilities, great night views

Add.: No.6, East Section of Huanta South Road, Yanta District

Business Hours: 24/7

How to get there: Dayanta Station, Metro Line 3

9.City On 熙地港购物中心


Features: fast-fashion, mid-range commodities

Add.: No.170, Weiyang Road, Weisheng District

Tel: 86 29 89609999

Business Hours: 10:00 - 22:00

How to get there: Xingzheng Zhongxin Station, Metro Line 2

10.Golden Eagle 西安金鹰国际购物中心高新店

Features: comprehensive shopping mall with electronics, clothes, entertainment, and restaurantsGolden Eagle Shopping Mall

Add.: No.37, Keji Road, Xian

Tel: 86 29 88153388

Business Hours: 10:00 - 22:00

How to get there: Keji Station, Metro Line 3

Antique Markets and Streets

1.Shuyuanmen Cultural Street

Speciality: folk art, calligraphy and painting works, traditional Chinese architectures

Add.: East of South Street, Beilin District

How to get there: Yongningmen Station, Metro Line 2

Shuyuanmen Cultural Street

2.Tang West Market Antique City

Speciality: bronze, pottery, gold and silver, exquisite silk remains, and jade piece

Add.: Tang West Market Museum, Laodong Nanlu, Lianhu District

How to get there: take Bus 106/ 107/ 156/ 184/ 201/ 24/ 322/ 43/ K43/ 503/ 734 and get off at the Datang Xishi Station.

Antique of Datang Xishi

3.Xi’an Ba Xian Gong Antiques Market

Speciality: older crafts, contemporary souvenirs

Add..: No.23, Beihuo Alley, Jishiguai, Beilin District

How to get there: Kangfulu Station, Metro Line 1

Ba Xian Gong Antique Market

Tea Markets

Northwest International Tea Market

Business Hours: 09:00 - 21:00

Location: 100m from the crossing between Jinkang Road and Jinhua North Road, Xincheng District

How to get there: Tonghuamen Station, Metro Line 3

Eating in Xian

1.Muslim Quarter

It’s the most famous food culture and the representative of Xian food culture. There are over 300 kinds of Xian local food and halal food here.

Add.: Muslim Quarter area, behind the Bell & Drum Tower, Beilin District

Muslim Quarter


It’s a food street where you can taste all the special delicacies from different parts of Shaanxi. Besides, the food you taste here is either listed into intangible cultural heritages or very famous regionally. It’s also where you can experience the “Smashing Bowls."

Add.: No.1, Dongxin Street, Beilin District


3.Furong Street

It’s a old-fashioned food street in Xian. Lobster is very famous here.

Add.: Crossing between Yanta West Road and Hongzhuan South Road, Yanta District

Furong Street

4.Shuncheng Alley

It’s a street for young people who loves art and culture. Many young people come here to enjoy food and experience the romantic atmosphere.

Add.: Shuncheng Alley, Beilin District

Shuncheng Alley

5.Dongxin Street

As one of the largest night markets, Dongxin Street hosts a lot of restaurant. If you happen to stay at Sofitel Hotel or Hilton Xian, it’s a great place for you to explore.

Add.: Dongxin Street, Xincheng District

Dongxin Street


Located nearby the Bell Tower, Fenxiang has simple and plain teahouses, beautiful shops, all kinds of local snacks, and fancy restaurants.

Location: South Street, Beilin District


7.Laodong Road Food Street

It’s a place hosting mass food and drink on one side and high-end restaurants on the other side.

Location:Laodong Road, Lianhu District

Laodong Road

8.Datang Tongyifang

Located in the west side of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Datang Tongyifang has gathered delicacies from all over the world. You can find both Japanese, Korean, Indian, German, and other exotic food, and Chinese food like Shaanxi cuisine, Sichuan food, Xinjiang dishes and many more. In addition, all the blocks and building here are resembled from Tang dynasty building, which will make you feel like being a Tang person.

Add.: East to the Crossing of Cuihua Road and Yanta West Road, Yanta District

Datang Tongyifang

Accommodating in Xian

Most of the renowned sights in Xian are situated in downtown city, which makes the Bell & Drum Tower area the ideal place to stay. Here are four reasons why you should choose a hotel or Airbnb house near the Bell & Drum Tower.
1.Near many sights like Bell Tower, Drum Tower, City Wall, Beilin Steles Museum, Shuyuanmen Cultural Street, Muslim Quarter, Gao’s Courtyard, Great Mosque, and more.
2.Near many famous food streets like Muslim Quarter, Fenxiang, Luomashi.
3.Extremely convenient. Nearly all the sights in Xian are accessible from downtown Xian.
4.With many choices of hotels and Airbnb houses available.

W Hotel

If you prefer somewhere quiet, but still convenient enough to get around. Yanta District is an option as well, especially in the areas of Datang Ever Bright City and Qujiang.
1.A lot of tourist sights are located here, including the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, City Wall, Shaanxi History Museum, Tang Paradise, Qujiang Pool Ruins Site.
2.Great location for splendid night views in Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Music Foundation.
3.Many hotel choices, especially some of the finest 5-star hotels.

Unlike other metropolises in China, Xian has a comparatively low consumption level. Many star-level hotels in Xian are not as expensive as in other cities like Shanghai and Beijing, except for some of the international brands. You can get a decent room at a budget of 500-800 RMB, a clean and comfortable room for 200-400 RMB. If you are looking for someplace luxury, W Hotel, Sofitel Legend, Hilton Xian, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jinjiang International Hotel, and many similar ones are great choices for you.

Xian at Night

Travelling in Xian

We all know that Xian is a city bearing much history and it deserves quite some time to get a deep sense of its charm. However, if you are running a tight schedule, you can still have a great time knowing Xian city without feeling rushed. For half a day’s schedule, we suggest you focus solely on the Terracotta Army and Horses, which is the single most significant sight in Xian. For a whole day tour, we suggest you consider adding downtown places like Bell & Drum Tower, Muslim Quarter, and City Wall. For 2 days or even more, you explore Xian more and experience the deeper Xianese culture. Perhaps, you might want to go a little further to suburbs of Xian to discover other parts of Shaanxi.

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