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A Complete Guide to Xian Food and Snacks

Xian is one of the food paradises in China. In the past thousands of years, Xianese invented many food and snacks. Here is a list of must-taste food for you!

1.Rou Jia Mo

Rou Jia Mo is one of the very popular snacks in the Xi'an area. It means "bread with meat stuffed in it." The meat put inside is most commonly pork belly, stewed for a few hours in the soup with lots of spices and seasonings, which will eventually make the meat quite flavorful. The hours-stewed meat and fat will be minced and chopped and then stuffed in those fresh-made plain taste bread together with small amount soup, and chili sources will present people a perfect combination. It is a remarkable equivalent to the Western hamburger and meat sandwiches.

Rou Jia Mo

2.Guan Tang Bao (Soup Dumplings)

While talking about soup dumplings, the one in Shanghai will come to mind for most people. However, Xi'an locals would like to tell you that their lamb or beef dumplings are much better.  The soup dumplings in Xi'an are made of paper-thin wrappers with beef or lamb and minced vegetables and mixed with various kinds of spices, giving the dumpling an unusual texture and creating a unique taste. Take the soup out and drink it, then swallow the whole dumpling into the mouth will be an immensely enjoyable thing for locals.

Guan Tang Bao

3.Biang Biang Noodles

Locals always call it " wrest best noodle" or the " seat belt noodle" due to its thickness of 0.1cm and length of nearly 1m. Whenever the noodle is being made, it touches and slaps the table, making the sound like "Biang Biang," hence the name. Trying this special fresh hand-made noodle and eating raw garlic at the same time will be pure joy for people and will make you conclude that China is the hometown of noodles.

Biang Biang Noodles


Guotie is a kind of fried rectangular dumpling stuffed with minced pork and other vegetables. The bottom of the Guotie is often deep-fried, making it very crispy. The wrapper is soft, and the filling is delicious.

Guo Tie

5.Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup

If there is one food that could represent Xi'an, it'd be without doubt Yangrou Paomo -- an aromatic, tasty, and spicy bowl of shredded flatbread soaked in mutton broth. As a local specialty that is widely eaten in the Xi'an area, locals always say, "If you have never tried Pao Mo, you can never say that you've been to Xi'an." Eating Pao Mo is a uniquely fun and relaxing exercise and experience. Here is the right way to do it.

Pita Bread Soaked in Mutton Soup

6.Hotpot (Huǒ-guō)

Huǒ-guō is the most popular way of eating around China. You could put various food materials and vegetables in the hot pot, and you'll enjoy them with special sauce. Is it amazing!


7.Sour and Spicy Dumplings

Sour and Spicy Dumpling is a kind of dumpling that is soaked in sour soup. It's similar to other dumplings, except that the fillings are mostly beef and mutton. The soup is specially made of dried small shrimps, sesame seed, chopped coriander, leek, vinegar, and soy sauce.

Sour and Spicy Dumplings

8.Shao Kao

Shāo-kǎo (Grilled meat) can be seen in any street and alleyway. You'll realize that Xian locals are obsessed with grilled meat. They always eat them with local pickled vegetables and a cold beer.

Shao Kao

9.Persimmon Cake

Persimmon Cake is a kind of food made from persimmon and flour that is only available in autumn. It's golden in appearance and sweet in taste, making it a great snack on a banquet.

Persimmon Cake

10.Jìng Gāo

It's a characteristic snack in Xian that made from glutinous rice flour and red beans. As the Jing Gao is shaped in a circle like a small mirror. Therefore, people regard it as the Jing Gao (cake looks like a mirror).

Jing Gao

11.Sour Plum Juice

Sour Plum Juice is a traditional Chinese beverage made from plums, sugar, and other ingredients. It’s a great beverage for hot summer.

Sour Plum Juice

12.Ice Peak

Ice Peak is a local orange soda in Xian. It’s sweet, a little sour, and very cold in summer. Xian people love Ice Peak. They drink it while having the cold noodles and Rou Jia Mo. It is highly recommended!

13.Pomegranate Juice

It’s a kind of juice made of pomegranate. You can find it everywhere in the Muslim Quarter.

Pomegranate Juice

14.Liangpi (Cold Noodles)

Liangpi is a kind of Chinese noodles originated in Xian. It can be made from wheat or rice flour. The wheat flour Liangpi is chewy, and the rice flour Liangpi is soft.


15.Spicy Soup with Meatballs

It''s a famous local food for breakfast in Xian. Unlike spicy soup in Henan, the Spicy Soup with Meatballs contains ingredients like beef, potatoes, cabbage, and carrots. The soup must be brewed for a long time and then put all the materials in it. Before eating, a spoonful of hot chili oil is poured on the top. Therefore, most people sweat a little eating soup.

Spicy Soup with Meatball

16.Xian Pancake Wrapped with Vegetables

It's a popular food made from wheat and eggs. The fillings are mostly shredded potatoes. Many white-collar workers like to buy a pancake with vegetables and a cup of soybean milk on their way to work.

Xian Pancake with Vegetables

17.Fried Bean Jelly

Fried Bean Jelly is very common in the Muslim Quarter. Its primary ingredient is the bean jelly that is made from starch and water. In summer, locals have the bean jelly with chili oil and other seasonings to keep cool. In contrast, the fried bean jelly is a winter treat. It has the taste of soft and porous jelly and flavored vegetables.

Fried Bean Jelly

18.Fen Zheng Rou

Many cities in China have the food called Fen Zheng Rou (a kind of steamed meat with flour). However, Xian Fen Zheng Rou is very different. It’s made of beef and wheat flour. The beef is hand-picked and stewed for a long time, and the proportion between beef and flour is significant. Besides, the Xian Fen Zheng Rou must be consumed while it’s hot. Locals like to eat it together with raw garlic and hot tea.

Fen Zheng Rou

19.Spinach Noodle

It’s a kind of local noodle made of spinach juice, sliced potato, pork, chili oil, and other seasonings. Squeeze the spinach first and then mixed it with the wheat flour to make a dough. Then, slice the dough into thin strips and boil them. Now, prepare the sauce with sliced potatoes, pork, and other ingredients and fry them. Lastly, put the fried sauce in the cooked noodles. A bowl of spinach noodles is ready!

Spinach Noodle

20.Dumpling Banquet

If you like dumplings very much, Xian Dumpling Banquet is for you! It’s a feast of dumplings in different shapes and fillings like duck meat, shrimp, eggs, vegetables, etc.. The dumplings here are not only tasty but pleasing to see.

Dumpling Banquet

21.Qixian Noodles with Diced Pork

It's a kind of chewy noodles soaked in spicy soup with diced meat and other vegetables added. As the soup has a large quantity of vinegar and chili, Qishan Noodles with Diced Pork is quite strong in taste.

Qixian Noodles with Dicked Pork

22.Buckwheat Noodle

Buckwheat Noodle is a special noodle made from coarse grain. Like other noodles, buckwheat flour is made into a dough first and then put into a machine that is set on top of a boiling pot. Noodles are squeezed from the device into the pot directly and boiled. Then, they can be either put into hot soup, or served with soy sauce. The noodle tastes very chewy, like the cold noodles.

Buckwheat Noodle

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