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8 Best Activities in Xian City

1.Tang Dynasty Dinner Show

In the evening, you can enjoy the Tang Dynasty Dinner Show. The dinner show is performed in the Shaanxi Grand Opera House. It is the most traditional dumpling banquet and Tang dynasty show. The dumpling banquet contains 16 courses of different shaped dumplings with different fillings inside. Some dumplings look like chickens indicating the fillings inside are chicken meat. Some look like ducks with duck filling. It is an interesting cultural eating experience. The Tang dynasty, the golden age, was the most prosperous and glorious society in Chinese history . The dinner show brings to life the prosperity of the Tang imperial life, art, religion, and music through graceful dancing and singing. From this show, you will see beautiful and colorful costumes and the elegance of their dances.

Tang Dynasty Show and Dumpling Banquet

2. Food Tour

Xian is a food city with many foods to try. There are Chinese-style burgers (Roujiamo), belt-wide noodles, Ice Peak (a kind of local soft drink), small cakes, Liang Pi, fried jelly , rinsed tripe, barbecue, roast fish, and more You will ride a tuktuk (a kind of transportation used in small alleys) and hunt for all kinds of food. The Muslim quarter is just one of the places you will visit. There are other small areas famous for food awaiting you.

Xian Local Food

3.Noodle and Dumpling Making

You will have opportunity to not only try these foods, but also make them. We can take you to locals’ homes to learn to make your own dumplings or noodles. You will learn how to make the dough, the dumpling wrappers, the dumpling fillings and then stuff and shape the dumpling yourself. After the experience, you can eat your own product. If you are interested, you can also learn how to make noodles, which is similar to the dumpling making process except after you make the dough, you need to roll the dough to be paper-thin and then cut it- wide or thin - whichever you prefer.

Biang Biang Noodles Cooking

4.Shadow Play

Shaanxi is one of the origins of the Shadow Play in China. It is uniquely shown at specific theaters and demonstrates the depth of Xian history. Wandering in stores, you can still see the figures of Shadow Play for sale.

Shadow Play

5. Chinese Calligraphy and Traditional Painting

There are many places where we can take you to experience how to practice Chinese Calligraphy and Traditional Painting.

Chinese Calligraphy Practice

6. Biking Tour from Qujiang Pool Park to Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Imagine yourself riding a bike on the picturesque park when breeze gently touches your face, lake water sparkles and glitters under intoxicating sunset with lotus flowering blossoming, willows sway back and forth while bird chirping cheerfully, children run hither and thither, couples slowly stroll along the path, elders practicing social dance nearby, beautiful fountains erupt to the sky accompanied with music, and the elegant pavilions afar silently telling the past story of this ancient park. Taking this short trip will reward you with all the scenes describe before and much more.

Xian Qujiang Pool Park

7.Xian Night View Tour to Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Xian has recently become an online celebrity city in China, one of the major reasons being its splendid night views that draw many tourists. Taking this three hour trip will enable you to enjoy the most glamorous part of Xian at night. The City Wall may seem old during the day time, but it is very modern at night under the shower of colorful lights. Going south, you will be deeply attracted by the majestic view of another must-see sight - the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Surrounded by crowds moving around, elders practicing Chinese calligraphy on the ground with big brush, middle-aged folks dancing and singing, you will have a mixed feeling of being in the old times. Following the lead of your guide, you will go to the Tang Dynasty Sleepless City to be further astonished by the great night view.

Muscial Fountain in North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda

8. Morning Tour to Wet Market and Tai Chi Practicing

Join in the local people's daily lives and get a taste of traditional Chinese culture, folk religion and Tai Chi while visiting the local communities, morning markets, parks and the temple hidden in a corner of the city! You will meet curious locals who would like to say “Nihao” to you, you will be welcomed to join them in their activities and you will be showered with enthusiastic hospitality. Not to mention the highlight of learning Tai Chi (Shadow Boxing) in its home with an old master and the opportunity to dress up like a Kung Fu master. In addition there is the option of a vegetarian lunch in the temple.

Xian Local Wet Market