Tang Dynasty Dinner Show


Tang Dynasty Dinner Show


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Shaanxi Grand Opera House Xi’an China


Xian is one the four important ancient capital cities in China. It was particularly prosperous in the Tang Dynasty. In this show, you will enjoy a comprehensive performance of Tang Dynasty dance and music, from which the affluence of the Tang Dynasty society is fully unveiled before your eyes. Meanwhile, Xian is a food paradise where various local specialties are revered and savoured. On this tour, you will be able to taste the Dumpling Banquet. Unlike usual homemade dumplings, you will enjoy a real imperial banquet filled with all kinds of stuffed dumplings in different shapes.

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Your guide will take care of booking your tickets beforehand and there only be the driver who transfer you and help you to collect the paper tickets.
As the ancient capital city which hosted 13 dynasties in Chinese history, Xian boasts a rich culture, of which the Tang Dynasty (618AD-907AD) music and dance is revered as the most graceful and splendid form to show the prosperous civilization at that time. It is one of the Top Ten Xian Activities which most visitors should not miss.
The Tang Dynasty Music & Dance Show combines the music and dance of the past dynasties, absorbing the essence of the minority groups and foreign cultures, creating a show that fully depicts the prosperous Tang Dynasty folk customs. During the one hour show, beautiful girls wearing long sleeved,colorful Tang Dynasty dresses sing merrily and dance gracefully, accompanied by the classic national orchestra with ancient musical instruments such as the bell, drum, lyra and zither, and poets in Tang Dynasty costumes read the ancient verses and songs.
Three of the most representative music stanzas are the "Spring Outing", "The Feather Dress Dance" and "The Warriors Triumphal Dance ".  The "Spring Outing" depicts a group of young girls returning from a spring outing, dancing and singing. Their beautiful green dresses, long sleeves and graceful gestures make them look like the spring fairies. "The Feather Dress Dance" was created by Lady Yang, the favorite concubine of Emperor Xuan Zong in the Tang Dynasty. According to the legend, Xuan Zong dreamed that he traveled to the palace of the moon, where he met some celestial women dressed in feathers like rosy clouds dancing in the sky. After he awoke, he told the story to Lady Yang, who then created and performed this dance according to the Emperor's recollection. The "Warrior Triumphal Dance”, which was about Li Shimin, the second Tang Emperor who claimed himself Prince of Qin during the war before the founding of the dynasty, vividly shows the morale of his powerful commanding troops.
In local theaters, dinner usually accompanies a show. For dinner, you may choose between local dishes or the Dumpling Banquet. While enjoying the show, you will feel like you have been transported back to the Tang Dynasty experiencing the Tang court life and social customs. More importantly, you will have a thorough understanding of the history of traditional Chinese music and dance. All this is will give you great insight into the age-old Chinese culture.

After the show, your driver will transfer you back to your hotel.

Tang Dynasty Show Tang Dynasty Music and Dance

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Show tickets and dinner cost.
Private transfer service
Bottled water.

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Guide service
Personal expenses or private entertainment items at sights.
Tips or gratuities for guide if he/she did a good job (recommended)

What to take:  smile and a relaxed, enthusiastic attitude.

Good to know
1.You can only get full refund prior to 16:00  of the day you booked.
2. All reservations need to be made at least 2 days in advance.
3. All the tickets are valid only for the day you booked.
4. Children under 1m attend the show for free but have to pay for dinner. Those between 1m-1.2m  require a child ticket. Kids over 1.2m will be charged the same price as an adult for both the show and dinner.
5. There is no discount for the disabled or elderly.
6. You are usually advised to enjoy this show after a day tour. In case you want to watch it on a separate day, we will assign a guide to help you collect the paper tickets in advance and will also provide a free private transfer service for you.
7. Our guides will leave you to enjoy this performance on your own after making sure you all get into the theater. Their working time is 8-9 hours per day, extra time will incur extra service fee charged.


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