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Baggage Allowance of Eight Most Popular Airlines

It's common that overweight luggage is overcharged, which makes people nervous about what they can pack and what they can’t. Here is a general guide for the baggage allowance and the excess baggage charges of the eight most popular international airlines, including Air China, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air France, and more.

Definition of Luggage

Luggage refers to the items carried by passengers for wearing and using during their trips. If there is no other regulation, it also includes the checked baggage and carry-on bags.

1.Air China

Duty Free Luggage

Duty-Free Luggage
1) Size of ordinary checked baggage for domestic flights: 100cm (40 in) * 60 * 40cm
2)Weight of ordinary checked baggage for domestic flights:
I.For travelers with adult or child tickets: 40kg (88lb) for first-class; 30kg (66lb) for business class; 20kg (44lb) for economy class.
II.For travelers with infancy tickets: 10kg (22lb) and a pushchair or cradle free of duty.

Checked Baggage
The rate for excess baggage on domestic flights is calculated at 1.5% of the adult ticket price of the economy class singly and directly. If there is no specific price for the ticket price, the rate will be calculated by adding the rates of all segments. Please pay the rate according to the excess baggage charging standard of the airport.

2.Air Canada

All the international travelers are allowed to have at least one checked baggage, and the highest rate for the second baggage is 100 - 118 CAD (71 - 84 USD).
Baggage weighing 50 - 70 pounds (23-32kg) are considered excess baggage. Baggage with a size of 63 - 115 in (160 - 292cm) is considered oversized baggage. Both the excess baggage and the oversized baggage are charged 100USD/piece.
For extra luggage, the rate is 225USD/piece. However, if you have already paid the excessive luggage fee, you won’t need to pay for overweight or oversized baggage.

3.American Airlines

All international travelers are allowed to have one checked baggage, and in some special cases, three checked baggage are exempted.
1)Checked luggage limit:
Size: 62in/158cm (length+width+height);
Weight: 50pl/23kg
For first class/business class travelers: 70pl/32kg

2)Rate for oversized or overweight baggage
For travelers to Asian countries: 200 USD is charged for baggage of 158cm (62in) - 320cm(126in); 100USD is charged for baggage of 50 (23kg) - 70lb (32kg); 450USD is charged for baggage weighing 70 lb(32kg) - 100 lb(45kg).
Any baggage exceeding 320cm in size or 100lb in weight will not be checked.

4.Delta Airlines

The size of the baggage can’t exceed 157cm (length+height+width).


Economy Class

First Class

Asian Countries

First Baggage

Second Baggage

Two Baggage Free of Duty

23kg for free

23kg for free

32kg for free

32kg for free

For travelers who have 3-10 pieces of baggage: 200USD/ extra piece.

5.Cathy Pacific

Economy Class

Special Economy Class

Business Class

First Class

Weight Limit


(2 pieces of baggage at most)


(2 pieces of baggage at most)


(2 pieces of baggage at most)


(2 pieces of baggage at most)

Excess baggage rate: 13 USD/kg for overweight baggage on flights bound to or from Hong Kong;
15 USD/kg for overweight baggage on flights bound to or from Asian countries except for Hong Kong and southern countries.
30 USD/piece if the number of your baggage exceeds the limit of 2 pieces but the total weight of your baggage is within the weight limit (flights bound to or from Asian countries like China, Japan, and Korea).

Note: Passengers carrying baggage exceeding 32kg (70pl) or 203cm (80in) must acquire approval to enter in advance.

6.Hongkong Airlines

Zone 1

Hong Kong, China Mainland, China Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines

Zone 2

Japan, South Korea, Maldives

Baggage Limit
Size: 158cm/62in (length+width+height)
Flights bound to/from countries and regions of Zone 1:
In terms of weight: 20kg for the economy class; 40kg for business class; two pieces of baggage tops.
In terms of baggage amount: 2 pieces of luggage at most for all flights; for economy class, the weight for each baggage should be less than 23kg (50lb); for business class, the eight for each baggage should be less than 32kg (70lb).

Rate for Excess Baggage
Baggage with size of 158cm - 203cm: 150USD/piece;
Overweight baggage weighing 23 (50lb) - 32kg (32lb): 150 USD/piece
Overweight baggage (over 32kg): 13USD/kg for baggage bound for Zone 1 areas; 20USD/kg for baggage bound for Zone 2 regions;
Oversized baggage (weight within the limit): 30USD/kg;
Extra baggage (more than two pieces): 200USD/piece.

7.British Airways

Traveler Type

Luggage Limit


1 piece of handbag/Laptop bag (weight: 23kg/51lb; size: 40*30*15cm/16*12*6in


1 extra personal luggage (weight: 23kg/51lb; size: 56*45*25cm/22 x 18 x 10in)

Babies (under 2)

1 carry-on luggage for necessities during the flight (weight: 23kg/51lb; size: 56*45*25cm/22 x 18 x 10in)

Checked Luggage Limit
Size: 90*75*43cm (35.5 x 29.5 x 16in), including the size of all the projecting parts like the handle, pocket and wheels.
For excess baggage with a weight of 23-32kg (51-71lb), 65GBP/75 EUR/100USD/100CAD will be a charge for each piece.
For baggage weighing more than 32kg, your baggage can’t be checked.

8.Air France

Checked Baggage Limit
Weight: 23kg for Premium Economy and Economy Classes; 32kg for Business Class and First Class.
Size: 158cm (length+width+height), including the size of pocket, wheels, and handles.
For baggage of 23-32kg, passengers need to pay extra in the airport, and the rate depends on where you head.
The international travelers will have to pay an extra 100 USD for checked baggage.

Different airlines have different policies on the size, weight, and charges of checked baggage, but most of the airlines require the baggage to be less than 160cm in size and 50kg in weight. For detailed luggage limitations, please refer to the official website of the airlines you take.

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