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Chinese Food Menu

Staple Food in China


牛肉面 Beef Noodles in SoupBeef Noodles in Soup

炸酱面Cold Noodles with Beef Cubes and Cucumber in Brown Sauce

裤带面Biang Biang Noodles

兰州拉面Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles

炒面Stir-fried Noodles

馄饨面Wonton & Noodles

刀削面Sliced Noodles

臊子面Diced Meat Noodles

油泼面Oil Sprinkled Noodles

担担面Noodles in Spicy Sauce (very hot)Fried Noodles

麻辣面Spicy Hot Noodles

麻酱面Sesame Paste Noodles

鳝鱼面Eel Noodles

乌龙面Seafood Noodles

牡蛎细面Oyster Thin Noodles

榨菜肉丝面Noodles with Shredded Pork and Vegetable

板条Flat Noodles

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Other Staple Food Made of FlourBraised Shaanxi Pasta

羊肉泡馍Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup

饺子Boiled Dumplings

锅贴Pan-fried Dumplings

馒头Steamed Buns

包子 Steamed Buns with Meat or Vegetable Fillings

麻食 Braised Shaanxi Pasta

烧麦 Steamed Dumplings Filled with Crab and Pork Meat

叉烧包 Steamed Buns Filled with BBQ Pork

小笼包 Shanghai Steamed Dumpling Filled with Pork MeatBraised Pork Rice

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Other Staple Food Made of Rice

炒米粉Fried Rice Noodles米粉 Rice Noodles

冬粉 Green Bean Noodles

什锦炒饭 Fried Rice with Shrimps, Mushrooms and Chicken

鸡蛋炒饭 Fried Rice with Eggs

素菜炒饭 Fried Rice with Vegetables

神仙铂饭 Steamed Rice in Clay PotDoufu with Scallions

油饭 Glutinous Oil Rice

糯米饭Glutinous Rice

卤肉饭 Braised Pork Rice

Chinese Cold Dishes

凉拌黄瓜 Shredded Cucumber with Sauce

松花蛋 Preserved Duck Eggs

煮花生米 Boiled PeanutsSweet and Sour Pork

凉拌豆腐 Doufu with Scallions

四川泡菜 Sichuan Pickles( hot)

Chinese Hot Dishes

咕噜肉 Sweet and Sour Pork

菠菜鸡蛋炒粉丝 Stir-fried Spinach with Egg and Glass NoodlesSpicy Chicken

烤鸭 Beijing Duck

宫爆鸡丁 Spicy Diced Chicken with Peanuts

松鼠鲑鱼 Fried Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish

家常豆腐 Spicy Toufu with Pork Meat

醋溜白菜 Cabbage with Sweet and Sour Sauce

京酱肉丝Sauteed Meat Shreds with Soy Bean Paste

葱爆羊肉Quick-fried Mutton Slices with Scallions

涮羊肉 Mongolian Hotpot

红烧鲑鱼 Braised Mandarin Fish

辣子鸡 Spicy Chicken (very hot)West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy

麻婆豆腐 Stewed Beancurd with Minced Pork in Pepper Sauce

鱼香肉丝 Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce

水煮牛肉 Boiled Beef (very hot)

干煸四季豆 Dry Fried String Beans

叉烧咕噜豆腐 Cantonese Sweet and Sour Beancurd with BBQ Pork

蟹肉虾子烧茄子 Braised Crud Meat with Eggplant

清炒芥兰 Stir-fried Cabbage Mustard

豆豉鲮鱼蒸鱼腩 Steamed Fish with Soya Beans

桂花鲜粟羹 Chestnut Soup with Osmanthus清蒸鲥鱼 Steamed ShadStir-fried Broccoli

西湖醋鱼 West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy

叫花子鸡 Beggar’s Roast Chicken

灌蟹鱼圆 Crab and Fish Meat Ball

东安子鸡 Dong’an Vinegar Chicken

潇湘煲子鸡 Hunan Casserole Chicken

酸豆角炒肉末 Fried Pickled Beans with Minced Meat

剁椒蒸鱼头 Steamed Fish Head with Peppers

红烧肉 Braised Pork四季豆炒红辣椒Fried Green Beans with Red Pepper

红烧武昌鱼 Braised Wuchang FishWonton Soup

啤酒三杯鸭 Stewed Duck in Beer

清炒豆苗Stir-fried Pea Greens

西红柿炒鸡蛋 Pan-fried Tomato and Eggs

清炒西兰花 Stir-fried Broccoli

红烧茄子 Braised Eggplant

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Chinese Soups

贡丸汤 Meat Ball Soup鱼丸汤 Fish Ball SoupSpicy Soup

蛤蜊汤 Clams Soup

牡蛎汤Oyster Soup

紫菜汤 Seaweed Soup

酸辣汤 Sweet & Sour Soup

馄饨汤Wonton Soup

鱿鱼汤 Squid Soup

肉羹汤 Pork Thick Soup

蛋花汤 Egg & Vegetable Soup花枝羹 Squid Thick Soup

Chinese Teas/Beverages/SpiritsJasmine Tea

茶 Tea

茉莉花茶 Jasmine Tea

菊花茶 Chrysanthemum Tea

绿茶 Green Tea

乌龙茶 Olong Tea

龙井茶Longjing Tea

开水 Boiled WaterPancake Rolled with Crisp Fritter

矿泉水 Mineral Water

雪碧 Sprite

白葡萄酒White Wine

白酒 Chinese Spirit

二锅头 Beijing Spirit

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Chinese Style Breakfasts

肉夹馍Chinese HamburgerSteamed Dumplings

煎饼果子 Pancake Rolled with Crisp Fritter

烧饼 Chinese Style Baked Roll

油条Fried Bread Stick

蒸饺 Steamed Dumplings

馒头 Steamed Buns

饭团Rice and Vegetable Roll

蛋饼 Egg Cakes

咸鸭蛋 Salted Duck EggTomatoes on Sticks

豆浆Soybean Milk

Chinese Desserts

糖葫芦 Tomatoes on Sticks

双胞胎 Horse Hooves

芝麻球 Glutinous Rice Sesame Balls

麻花 Hemp Flowers

牡蛎煎Oyster Omelet

臭豆腐 Stinky TofuShrimp Balls

虾片Prawn Cracker

油豆腐 Oily Bean Curd

麻辣豆腐 Spicy Hot Bean Curd

虾球Shrimp Balls

春卷 Spring Rolls

蛋卷 Chicken Rolls

碗糕 Salty Rice Pudding

筒仔米糕 Rice Tube PuddingChicken Rolls

红豆糕 Red Bean Cake

绿豆糕 Bean Paste Cake

糯米糕Glutinous Rice Cake

萝卜糕 Fried white radish patty

芋头糕 Taro Cake

香芋椰子糕 Coconut Pudding with Taro

肉圆 Taiwanese Meatballs

水晶饺Pyramid Dumplings

肉丸Rice-meat Dumplings

豆干 Dried TofuRed Bean with Milk Ice

槟榔 Betel Nut

Ice Gaza

绵绵冰 Mein Mein Ice

麦角冰Oatmeal Ice

地瓜冰 Sweet Potato Ice

红豆牛奶冰 Red Bean with Milk Ice

Plum Juice


甘蔗汁 Sugar Cane Juice

酸梅汁 Plum Juice

杨桃汁 Star Fruit Juice

青草茶 Herb Juice