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Why Do Office Workers Suffer from Back Pain and How to Relieve It?

Why do office workers suffer from back pain?

There are two main reasons for back pains in office workers. The most common cause is the incorrect sitting posture, while the other reason is the computer's position. If the keyboard is high, long time typewriting will sore the muscles of your arms. If the screen is too low, you will have to lower your head to watch it, giving your neck and back too much pressure and making them sore over a long time.

How do office workers give themselves a massage to relieve back pain?

There are 12 specific movements you can do to relieve back pain.
1.Fengchi acupoints are recessed on the two sides of the hairline behind the neck, between the two muscles. Rubbing the Fengchi acupoints for one minute can relieve symptoms such as dizziness caused by cervical vertebra pressure.
2.Place the first cross striation of one the thumb on the Hukou of the other hand, and then press the thumb flexion; you will find the Hegu acupoint. Squeezing it can relieve headaches and eye pain often seen in sedentary offices.
3.Zusanli is located three inches below the knee, outside of the calf. Pressing the Zusanli acupoint can ease the stiffness and aches in the waist and even relieve the stomach discomfort caused by long-time sitting.
4.Stretch forward to sit, bend your knees, sit up, pinch, and lift the waist muscles 15-20 times with both hands.
5.Clench both your hands, roll and massage your waist bottom to top or top to bottom repeatedly. You may also tilt your head forward and backward.
6.Take the sitting position, use your middle fingertips of both hands to press the middle point on the legs (behind the knee joint) for 1-2 minutes, until the pressed part feels sore, numb, and swollen.
7.Rub both your hands until they are warm, then place them in the middle of your lumbar vertebrae, and rub for 30-50 times from top to bottom, producing fever on that part.
8.Put the back part of your palms on your lumbar eyes and shake the palm up and down 15-20 times inward.
9.Put both hands on your waist and make sure your thumbs are on the lumbar eyes respectively, then squeeze firmly, and rotate and knead, first clockwise, then counter-clockwise for 36 times each.
10.Take the sitting position and rub the middle point of the person with your left or right middle fingertips for 1-2 minutes.
11.Make fists with both hands and make sure their palms are facing outwards, then press the waist gently enough to avoid pain.
12.Arms akimbo, thumbs in front, and press on both sides of the waist without moving, then scratch the skin outward with the remaining four fingertips from the waist to the lumbar eyes on both sides of the lumbar spine, each for 36 times.

How to avoid back pain at the office?

1.Keep a good sitting posture

It is best to keep your spine straight. Any incorrect position like lie on the table or slouch down in the chair will displace your spine and put too much pressure on your back muscle. Please keep a good sitting posture.

2.Stretch your back

For people sitting all day to work, stretching back is a great way to relieve back pain. You may keep stretching your back every 15 mins and make sure the movement is slow and stable.

3.Support your back

Put a small pillow or cushion to support your back and relief the pressure on the muscles.

4.Move constantly

During your long-time sitting work, you need to stand up and move once every hour. If you can’t get out of the office, you may try to keep your things like folders in places that can only be reached when standing, receiving phone calls in a standing manner, or taking a short walk after lunch.

5.Watch your weight

Another way to prevent back pain is to keep an ideal weight. If you are a little overweight, the muscles will not be healthy. It’s suggested you take 20-30 minutes’ aerobics exercises four times every week and be careful about your diet.

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