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Shaolin Martial Arts

1.What is Chinese Martial Arts called?

Chinese Martial Arts usually refers to the Shaolin Martial Arts, a traditional Chinese cultural system that stems from the specific Buddhism environment of Shaolin Temple of Mount Songshan. Based on the belief of the godly power of Buddhism religion, the Shaolin martial arts has a complete system both in techniques and theories to perform the Kungfu art and manifest the wisdom of Zen Buddhism.

2.How many types of martial arts are there in China?

Shaolin Martial Arts is not a boxing school in general sense, instead, it’s a huge system with many schools. There are several schools unparalleled in China, like the Shaolin Boxing in Central China (Henan province, the birth place of Shaolin martial arts), the Southern Style Boxing in Southeastern China (Fujian province, the hometown of Southern Shaolin temple), Beitui (Northern Legs, referring to the Kungfu school that stresses the force of legs) in Beijing and Tianjin area, and the Yongchun Boxing popular in Guangdong area. According to the records in Shaolin Temple, there were 780 tricks in Shaolin martial arts, including 552 tricks involving boxing and tools, 72 unique skills, and 156 kinds of other methods like grappling, wrestling, acupoint-pressing , Qigong and more. Unfortunately, there are only 200 kinds of skills in existence, covering 100 kinds of boxing, 80 skills engaging weapons and a couple of other methods.

3.What is Kungfu Fight Skill?

The specific performance of Shaolin Kung Fu is the human action of attack and defense and the basic unit of routine skills. The ancient Chinese philosophy of harmony between man and nature believes that the one that is most in harmony with the laws of nature is the most reasonable, so the ancient masters of Shaolin martial arts created a series of routine skills following such rules to better exert the potentials of human body.

A routine skill is a combination of a set of actions that based on the medical knowledge of ancient human body, which conforms to the laws of human movement. Those actions mainly follows four big principles, namely, the combination of motion and stillness, the balancing of Yin and Yang, the mixed usage of hardness and softness, and the equal stress of form and verve. There are six specific combination principles: hands and feet, elbows and knees, shoulders and hips, heart and mind, consciousness and breath, as well as breath and force

After 1500 years of development, Shaolin Kung Fu has become the most optimized form of human movement.

4.Who is the founder of Shaolin Kungfu?

There is no final conclusion who created the Shaolin Kungfu art in China, but the latest historical records show that it ‘s mostly like to be Chan Master Chou (稠禅师).

It's believed that Shaolin Kung Fu originated in Anyang of Northern Dynasty when Buddhism prevailed and over 40,000 monasteries were built and nearly 2 million monks and nuns existed in China.

Before Buddhism was introduced into the Central China, Chinese martial arts had already flourished among the people. In the thousands of temples in ancient China, Jixia Temple is the earliest temple with many monks practicing the martial arts and Chan Master Chou (480 AD ~ 560 AD) was one of the most famous Magebanes. He became the first Magebane in the Shaolin Temple when the Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty built the temple and he performed as the abbot. In fact, he also held the post of the master for both the Yunmen Temple in Longshan and Grotto Temple (now Lingquan Temple) in Baoshan, which is very rare in history. Nowadays, we can find his statue in the Beiqi Grottoes of Xiaonanhai, Anyang.