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Li River

Brief Introduction of Li River

Located in Guilin City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Li River is a pearl China's tourist and essential soul of Guilin. With 83-km-long waterway winding and meandering from Guilin to Yangshuo, visitors are presented with the natural masterpiece of Li River. Li RiverIn accordance with different style of scenes, Li River can be divided into 3 parts, namely, Guilin to Ox Gorge, Ox Gorge to Water-Dropping Village, and Water-Dropping Village to Yangshuo. At the same time, Li River is also the biggest and the most beautiful Karst landscape in China.

With sprawling karstic hills and mountains standing on the both sides, ancient caves and little streams telling the historical stories, boundless rice paddies lying on the earth, vast bamboo groves and forests forming green shadows on the river, strong water buffaloes strolling around, fishermen and their cormorants floating on the water, and ancient villages creating an atmosphere of tranquility, Li River is a fairyland on earth. Here one can actually enjoy what the ancient Chinese poet felt “the best landscape under heaven”.

Li River Cruise

The best way to enjoy the picturesque view along the Li River is to take a cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. There are two classes of cruise currently.

3-star Cruise Boat

The 3-star cruise boat is the most common kind, which many people prefer. 3-star Cruise BoatIt’s comfortable, inexpensive. There are two storeys with upper deck as VIP seats.

4-star Cruise Boat

The 4-star cruise boat is much more comfortable and spacious than the 3-star one. It’s by far the best boat available and decorated more elegantly. Unlike the packed meal on 3-star cruise boat, a buffet with both Chinese and Western foods are served for your choice. There are also mini bars available.

5-star Cruise Boat

The Li River Scenic administrators are striving to provide the luxury 5-star business cruise boat for you. It’s under development and are expected to avail in the next few years.

4-star Cruise Schedule & Route

1.The cruise boat starts around 9:30 a.m, meaning that 4-star Cruise Boatyou have to start from your hotel around 7:30.

2.The cruise lasts about 4-5 hours without stop, depending on the weather. You will arrive at West Street around 13:30.

3.From December to February, the cruise will last about 2 hours starting from Yangdi to Xingping. Still, you will enjoy all the highlights of Li River.

4.It is a one-way cruise, there is no boat from Yangshuo to Guilin.

5.Four Highlights Along Cruise

  • Immortals Pushing Millstone

The sight of Immortal Pushing Millstone is located in the eastern bank of the Li River. The name is derived of the shapes of two giant stones on the adjacent mountain that assembles a 3-meter-high figure pushing an oval millstone. There is a legend that the tenants in these area worked very hard all year long, still they were starving. The immortal saw the scene and was very empathetic. He helped to produce rice by pushing the millstone, which lifted the tenants out of poverty. The news broke to the landlord, who was very jealous and tried to appropriate the magic millstone. Suddenly, a gust of whirlwind came and the millstone disappeared.

  • Yangdi

Yangdi Scenic area is one of the highlights during this cruise. Li RiverYou will see rice fields extending miles and miles away and green plants waving here and there; vast piece of bamboos luxuriantly prevailing in the village and light smokes rising slowly from the chimneys; fishing rafts floating leisurely on the river with cormorants staying alert for fish; in the mountain stream, buffaloes quietly eating grass and goats are leaping here and there joyously. If the weather turns rainy, don’t despair, you are about to witness a grand landscape in the misty rain.

  • Nine Horse Fresco Hill

Nine Horse Fresco Hill is another highlights about this cruise. You will observe a series of colorful mountains like nine horses in different postures, some standing, some crouching, some running, some leaping, some dipping in the water, some neighing hoarsely.

  • Reflection of Yellow Cloth

Located in the Xingping old town, the sight of Reflection of Yellow Cloth is the essence of the trip. Passing the Nine Horse Fresco Hill, the river becomes wider and the reflections of the by-standing mountains are just magnificent. People say that the beauty of the Li River lies in the reflections, while the Reflections of Huangbu Beach is the best of all. The water here is extremely crystal and green. From above, you will see a large beige plate tiled under the river like a piece of cloth, hereby the name of Reflection of Yellow Cloth.

Li River Cruise Route

Travel Tips

1.How to choose the correct route?

“Big” Li River Cruise Vs “Small” Li River CruiseLi River

“Big” Li River Cruise refers to the travel route from Guilin to Yang with a total distance of 83km, costing about 4 hours. Travelers need to get aboard from Mopanshan port or Zhujiang port and get off the boat in Yangshuo.

“Small” Li River Cruise refers to the travel route confined in partial Li River of Guilin city. It lasts about an hour. Visitors will get on the boat from Xingping port and pass the Xingping Fishing Village.

2.What kind of cruise boat will you take?

Overseas travelers are only allowed to book the 4-star cruise boats, which is more comfortable and safe.

3.Which port to get aboard and which port to get off?

You will get aboard from the Zhujiang port and get off at the West Street port, where you can walk to the famous West Street.

4.Is private guide necessary on the boat?

There is an English-speaking guide arranged on the 4-star boat, meaning that a private guide is not that necessary. However, if you want a guide dedicated to introduce for you, you need to cover the cruise ticket for the guide.

5.What happens to your luggage?

In most of the cases, people will stay overnight at a Yangshuo hotel after the cruise. Our private driver will transfer your luggage to your Yangshuo hotel directly. We guarantee that all our drivers are trustworthy, your luggage will be dropped off at your hotel safely.

6.How long do you stay at Guilin and Yangshuo?

Lilysun China Tours recommend you plan at least 2 days for Guilin and Yangshuo. You will have one day for the Li River Cruise and another day in Yangshuo countryside.

If you have three days, we recommend you travel to Longji Rice Terraces.

If you have four days, we will take you to Longji Rice Terraces and the Reed Flute Cave.

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